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August 20, 2020 Study Abroad
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Tips On Making The Most Of Your Time While Studying Abroad


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Studying abroad is one of those life-changing experiences that also provides you a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow in the right direction. It is one of the biggest highlights of any student’s life. Studying overseas particularly tastes even sweeter after all the hard work and sacrifice you’ve made in order to reach there. You find yourself overwhelmed by the adrenaline rush in your system, and all could dream of is this new life. However, once you get there, you might find yourself lost in the middle of a whole new nation. And before you even realize, the sand might have slipped through your fingers. But worry not. Why? Because we’re here to help you to cease the sand and make the most of your time abroad.

1. Socialize and connect

Don’t miss out on your freshers, attend it, and make yourself acquainted with as many people as you can. Get your membership in different clubs of your interest. E.g., Sports, Drama, Art. Etc. Get in touch with the international student council/network; this way, you can make friends with students in conditions similar to yours.

But most importantly, don’t forget to befriend a localite. Being in contact with even one local can end up opening several doors for you- leading invitations for dinner, festivals, and cultural events. It’ll also help you to grow your connections and improve your relations within the city.

2. Choose your accommodation before arrival

Choosing a suitable student accommodation might not sound like a big deal, but it is variably substantial to your stay abroad. Your accommodation will be the place where you’ll spend the maximum part of your day beside the university. It’ll be where you eat, sleep, bathe, and live for

the remainder of your college years. (You might argue that you can change anytime you want. But that’d be too much hassle and might affect your pocket as well). Evaluate your options and choose the accommodation that fits your expectations in the best possible way. If you’re unsure about what you want, you can take guidance from experts and choose the best.

3. Absorb the culture shock

The moment your flight lands on the runway, you might feel the change in air, language, and culture. But, you don’t have to worry because change is the only constant. Learning a new language can come in handy while making new friends and also while looking for a part-time job. It’ll also boost your chances of impressing and making connections with a future employer. Find relevant works of literature, cuisine, artworks, and films. Immerse yourself in the local culture. Read about famous artists, sportsmen, musicians, poets, and actors originating from that city. By doing this, you’ll feel more connected to the place and wouldn’t feel left out in an exuberant conversation about the local heroes and prominent figures and events.

4. Make a budget
Inhabiting and getting an education in a foreign land can often turn out to be expensive. You can use Forex while exchanging your money overseas; it’ll be faster, cheaper, and safer than the usual ways. Do not spend blindly- it might lead you into a financial crisis in the midst of your time there. Create a list and see where you can avoid unnecessary spending, and where you want or need to spend your money. Be smart- get a global sim and spend less money on international calls and messages. This way, you can also keep in touch with your family and friends without the fear of being logged with large phone bills. Figure out about the cost of food, cabs, and other such facilities in your city. And spend only on what’s necessary. Look out for sales in your nearby supermarket. Get a grip of your wallet before you run amok. At the end of your semester, if your budget remains under the line, you can buy souvenirs on your way home.

5. Explore the city

Voyaging through your city to explore new places can be thrilling and gratifying. You can discover amazing restaurants that serve your favorite dish, book stores and libraries full of your favorite books and many more for you to read, shops that sell unique local or international items, art galleries and theaters that can help you understand their culture in a more sophisticated way, and many more such amazing places. You can take a tour with your roommates or local friends from the university. Smile and click a lot of pictures, and make memories that you’ll cherish forever.

6. Keep a regular track of your days

Life in another country can bring drastic changes and experiences. If nothing else, your stay is guaranteed to be a memorable one. Keeping notes about your day in the form of a diary or videos can help you stomach the unique experiences and situations unfolding before you. If you haven’t kept a journal before, what better timing than this to get started? To make it more fun, you can write it in the language you’re learning there.

Years after your course ends, the notes or videos will serve as a souvenir of your days in a foreign land.

7. Focus on your course

While trying to blend in with a new city, people, and culture and in an attempt to enjoy your life abroad, do not stray away from the path you are supposed to walk. Do not lose sight of your goal. The main reason you came overseas is to study. While sometimes you may be overwhelmed with homesickness or you’re too bored to study at all, don’t give up. Take a breather and start again. Dig yourself down in the books and continue to do so because studying abroad is a rare opportunity that not everybody gets. Make the most out of it. Because a few years of undeterred dedication and hard work in your student years will reap you the benefits in your future.

After admitting to the University, first and the foremost thing to do is to find an accommodation which you’ll call home for the next few years. So make sure you set your priorities right and choose your accommodation wisely. If you find it daunting, worry not, AmberStudent is there to help. It is one of the leading Student Accommodation platforms providing accommodation services to university students all over the globe. It helps you in finding the perfect accommodation with 24/4 assistance and COVID-19 cancellation policies.

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