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What is a SWIFT/BIC code?

The SWIFT code, also known as a BIC number, is a standardized format for Business Identifier Codes (BICs). It serves as a means of identifying banks and financial institutions around the world. To put it simply, it is a type of international code or ID that specifies the name and location of the bank/institution.

The codes are used to transfer money between banks, particularly when sending international wire transfers or making SEPA payments. These codes are also used by banks to exchange messages between themselves.

Understanding Format of a SWIFT/BIC code

A SWIFT/BIC code consists of eight to eleven characters that represent the country, city, bank, and branch

  • A bank's name is represented by 4 letters. In most cases, it looks like the shortened name of that bank.
  • The country in which the bank is located is represented by two letters.
  • 2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It says where that bank's head office is.
  • A branch is identified by three digits. A bank's head office is represented by 'XXX'.

Why is Swift Code Required for International Money Transfer?

Swift Code is essential for international money transfer facilities. There is a network of banks globally that work according to Swift Codes. It gives the bank a unique identity, so the transfer process is easier.

With Swift Codes, the process of transfer takes less time. You’ll be able to send to more than 150 destinations in the world. Without the use of a Swift Code, your bank transfer may not get to the right destination.

How do I Find a SWIFT code?

Bank Passbook/Account Statement

The swift code is usually available on the first page of your passbook. The paper statements that you get often have the SWIFT code as well. However, if you haven’t subscribed for a hard copy of the bank statement, or get it in your email as a soft copy, then you can log into online banking and view the SWIFT code on the account statement given there.

Bank’s Website

Most banks list SWIFT codes on their website for easy accessibility. It can probably be seen under the FAQs section about international transactions or separately under a dedicated segment for finding bank’s various codes.

Making a Call

You can call and inquire about your bank’s swift code through customer care or directly via bank tellers and employees.

Third-Party Websites

There are many third-party website’s which have SWIFT code listed for various banks. You can make a query on them to find it

FAQs on Swift/BIC Code

Sort Code is used for domestic bank transfers in England and Ireland only, whereas Swift Code is used for international bank transfers worldwide. Sort Code can be used as a transfer for location within the country or city. Swift Code is for the safety of money and transactions internationally.

Sort Code has six unique characters, and Swift Code is anywhere between 8 to 11 characters depending on the location or country. Swift Code has both numbers and alphabets, but Sort Code has only numbers that differentiate both codes.

In Swift Code, the characters are divided into four different divisions, but this is not the case with Sort Code.

No, Swift Code and IBAN are both different. A Swift code gives a unique identification to a bank during international money transfers. An IBAN or International Bank Account Number helps to identify the individual account in the money transfer.

The IBAN is specifically used in many countries globally and can be up to 34 characters or more. The number includes letters and numbers both. Both Swift Code and IBAN are imperative for a smooth transfer of money and online remittances globally.

Yes, there is no difference between BIC Code and Swift Code. Both are made up of letters and numbers used to identify location, city, bank, or country.

The number helps to identify the branch and bank where the account is registered. Both the codes have to provide information when there is the transfer of money from one bank to another bank

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