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This is the rate that will apply when you sell New Zealand Dollar on The amount of INR (Indian Rupees) you'll recieve will be as shown below

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This is the rate that will apply when you buy NewZealand Dollar on The amount of INR (Indian Rupees) you'll recieve will be as shown below

INR NZD Current Rate:

Conversion is calculated using the highest NZD-INR Buying rate across India. To see the most accurate rate select the city in the drop down above

Which is the Best Way to Convert Newzealand Dollar (NZD) to Indian Rupees (INR)? is India's first and the largest fully-featured e-commerce portal for currency exchange and international remittance. We are World's first online marketplace for currency exchange and international remittances. BookMyForex compares conversion rate NZD to INR quotes across hundreds of banks and money changers in your area and shows you the best forex rates in real time. BookMyForex has simplified the process of exchanging currency online. You can visit our website or call us on 09212219191 to convert INR to NZD or Exchange NZD to INR online. All this can be done online from the comfort of your home and you will even get the converted currency delivered to your home or office. You can check how much 1 NZD to INR is worth on this page by using our Newzealand Dollar calculator. Once you know the rates, you will see an Newzealand Dollar converter on this page. You can convert Newzealand Dollar here and the whole process won't take more than 5 minutes. 

Currency Conversion of NZD to INR

The New Zealand Dollar also known as Kiwi dollar is the official currency of New Zealand. Currency notes of New Zealand Dollars are available in the following denominations- 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

In India, New Zealand Dollars can be purchased in the form of currency notes. It is also easy to send money from India to New Zealand by either purchasing a NZD demand drafts or by doing a NZD wire transfer. You can exchange NZD to INR from the best online NZD to INR converter in India— 

How can I Send Money From India to New Zealand?

Whatever your purpose of travelling to New Zealand is, whether you want to settle there or just visit for a while, you can now transfer money from India to New Zealand at Guaranteed Best rates with Not only that, our Wire Transfer process is simple, charge free and fast. New Zealand is a popular tourist destination. The snow-capped mountains, the diversity of its flora and fauna, sweeping beaches and a peaceful landscape offered by New Zealand make it one of the Bucket List countries to visit.

New Zealand Tourism offers very affordable packages too. New Zealand is also a rising study abroad destination for Indian Students. Once you have booked your ticket and got the visa, you can convert NZD to INR or Convert INR to NZD online with in few simple steps. Once your NZD exchange with INR order is completed online, you can pick up your New Zealand Dollars (or Indian Rupees) at one of the many locations or participating bank locations in India. And you can do this online NZD to INR conversion from the comforts of your home or office or even while travelling. You buy NZD to INR at best NZD to INR rates when you convert NZD to INR online from the best NZD converter

Why NZD to INR Forecasting is Important?

NZD to INR is a number which denotes the value of 1 NZD in terms of the Indian rupees. As the currency exchange market is highly volatile in nature based on the net demand and supply conditions, the NZD to INR exchange value is never static.

Exchange rate forecasts are necessary to gauge the foreign denominated cash flows involved in international transactions. Thus, NZD to INR exchange rate forecasting is extremely important to gauge the advantages and risks involved in foreign currency exchange. Click here to get detailed NZD to INR forecast.

Convert NZD to INR and Lock in the Live Rates

New Zealand Dollar comes in the denomination of 10 cents, 20 cent, 50 cent, $1, $2, $5, 10$, 20$, 50$, 100$.'s New Zealand Dollar to INR rates are live to the last second and extremely competitive (up to 5% better than the bank rates). And, for the first time, gives you the option to 'Freeze the Rates' you see on the site and get your New Zealand Dollars or Indian Rupees at the exact rates shown. We also offer a No Obligation order wherein you can complete a booking without paying anything online. If you choose to complete your New Zealand Dollar to INR order, you would still be able to convert New Zealand Dollars to Indian Rupees at best rates that no one in the market can give you apart from

Convert NZD TO INR & Get it in a Range of Products provides you with a complete array of New Zealand Dollar products. Our travel related products for NZD to INR conversion include New Zealand Dollar Cash Currency, New Zealand Dollar Traveller's Cheques,  and New Zealand Dollar Prepaid Forex Cards. Prepaid forex cards are safer to carry and offer several additional benefits. We also provide NZD money transfer and remittance services using either NZD demand drafts (DD) or NZD bank Wire Transfers (TT) that are sent directly from an Indian bank to a bank in New Zealand.

Stop Paying For Foreign Exchange in India

With you don't have to pay any hidden fees or charges to convert New Zealand Dollar to Rupee or vice versa. Exchange your New Zealand Dollars or any other foreign currency back into Indian rupees at exact interbank rates - that's the same rates that you see on online search engines, forex sites and business news channels.

Live New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rates

NZD Interbank Rate 51.1415
NZD Forex Card Buy Rate 51.2765
NZD Currency Buy Rate 52.4344
NZD TC Buy Rate N/A
NZD Forex Card Sell Rate 50.6596
NZD Currency Sell Rate 50.2619
NZD TC Sell Rate N/A
NZD DD Remit Rate 51.5265
NZD TT Remit Rate 51.5765

Frequently Asked Questions

If the New Zealand dollar exchange rate changes significantly unfavourable while placing your order at BookMyForex, you may opt for a Better Rate Request option where our customer service executive will assist you in getting better NZD rates. Also, you can set the desired NZD rate using the Rate Alert feature at BookMyForex where we will immediately notify you as soon as the rates reach the desired levels.

As per the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of the Reserve Bank of India, a person can consume foreign exchange only upto 2.5 lakh US dollars or its equivalent to other currency cumulatively in a financial year. So you can calculate the limit upto which you can carry NZD for your New Zealand dollar trip depending on your earlier consumption of foreign exchange in the current financial year. 

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that as per the RBI norms, you can only carry upto US $ 3000 or equivalent in cash while travelling abroad. If you wish to carry more New Zealand dollars than the cash carry limit, you need to carry it digitally like by loading NZD on your forex card or by a traveller’s cheque. 

You need to provide KYC documents which include a copy of your passport, visa, air-ticket and PAN card for converting INR to NZD or NZD to INR. BookMyForex provides the facility to upload the KYC documents online with the comfort of your home. Also, In order to ensure the protection of your data, BookMyForex watermarks every document that you upload on the website which provides you with the safety that your document would not be misused for any other purpose.

Being a digitally enabled currency exchange marketplace, BookMyForex provides various advantages over the tradition currency exchangers such as a bank or local money changers. Few of them are listed below:

Best Exchange Rates: BookMyForex scans through rates quoted by 100s of money changers in your area and provides you with the best exchange rates in your locality. 

Trust and Security: As per the foreign exchange regulations in India, you are required to provide with multiple documents such as your Passport, Visa, Airticket, PAN card details. In certain cases, you may even be required to furnish your Income Tax Return. 

While thinking about the safety of the data and documents as provided by the customers, BookMyForex has come up with the idea of watermarking the documents, every time the customer uploads it on the website. Watermarking clearly defines the purpose of use of the document and prevents from getting them misused for any other purposes.

Convenience:  With BookMyForex, there is absolutely no need to step out from your home to get forex. You don’t get to make calls to multiple money changers to check for currency availability and so. You can simply stay at home and order foreign exchange from your phone using the BookMyForex app! Not just that, you can also make payment online and also get your foreign exchange delivered directly to your home. It’s that easy!

BookMyForex is a fully authorized money exchanger regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). | License number : FE.DEL.FFMC/ U070/2013 | Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation | IRDAI Registration No. CA0429 | IRDAI | Cheques are subject to realization.

Same day delivery is guaranteed for orders placed before 1 pm (IST) Monday – Friday.

* Zero margin rates/ interbank rates are available only on forex cards on specific currencies, in select cities for orders amounting to Rs. 1 lakh or more

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