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Comparison: BookMyForex.com vs Others

MONEY TRANSFER ABROAD BookMyForex. com Other Forex providers*
Service Charges ZERO ₹200
Bank Charges ₹ 225 ZERO ₹ 1000
* Other Forex providers include Online and offline companies. BookMyForex.com charges a Bank Fee of Rs. 225 which is paid back to the customer as cash back post order completion (use promo code: ZEROBANKFEE). Beneficiary's bank or intermediatory banks overseas may apply additional charges to customers as per local arrangement or inter-bank arrangements

Do Money Transfer for following purpose

A Close Relative Abroad
Your Account Abroad
A Foreign Institute
Medical Institution/ Hospital
For Immigration
Booking Your Tour

The BookMyForex Advantage

Book At Live Market Rates

Live and transparent transfer rates displayed 24x7. Options to lock-in your rate for as much as 3 days. Rate alerts to notify you when your desired rates are available.

Fastest Transfer Processing Times

All transfers are processed within 24 working hours after receipt of the funds & documents. Funds received by the beneficiary abroad within 24 hours at no extra cost.

Doorstep Document Pick Up

Book your order online and schedule a document pick up. We will pick up the documents from your home/ office at absolutely zero cost. Alternatively you can visit a bank branch to submit your documents.

Zero Transfer Charges

BookMyForex waives off all sending charges associated with processing wire transfers. While banks typically charge between Rs. 500 - Rs. 2,500, with BookMyForex you pay absolutely ZERO.


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Send Money to UAE From - The Details

UAE, or more specifically, Dubai is fast turning into the world's business capital. It is the Middle-East's answer to New York and from the looks of it, it is succeeding in that. Most of the major brands of the world have moved their bases to Dubai or have an office in Dubai. And some of the major ivy league and non-ivy league American, European and Indian universities have set up their campuses in Dubai. All this means a lot of money is flowing between UAE and India. Most of the people who transfer money to UAE from India do it for educational purposes. Others send money to UAE from India for emigration or visa fees as well. There are other reasons for people to Send Dirhams to UAE, whatever there reasons to Send money To UAE, this UAE-India corridor is getting popular among the money transfer community.

You use the orthodox methods to transfer money to UAE from India like banks, money changers or Western Union. They don't give value for money because the rates to Send Dirham are unfavourable, it is time-consuming and there are too many charges. But now you can transfer money to UAE from India through the likes of BookMyForex at best rates in India. Not only that you don't have to pay a penny in charges or hidden fees when you send money online to UAE from India through BookMyForex. Our international wire transfer to UAE is fastest in India. It takes up to 4-48 working for the funds to reflect in the beneficiary account. So choose a faster, cost-effective way to transfer money to UAE.

Modes to Sending Money to UAE from India:

You have two ways to transfer money to UAE from India:

1: Wire Transfer Online to UAE (Swift Transfers)
2: Demand Drafts (money orders)

What is a Wire Transfer?

Wire-transfer is the easiest and best way to Send Money Online to UAE. Though wire transfers are actually done by banks, it is cheaper to use the services of companies since like BookMyForex. These online marketplaces will get you a better rate to send AEDs than banks. However, wire-transfer to UAE can be expensive. As Banks in India charge anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 to process it. Moreover, most foreign banks that receive the money also charge a foreign correspondent fee ranging from AED 10 to AED 40. But when you do an online wire transfer from India to UAE through BookMyForex, you don't have to pay these charges. 

What is a Foreign Currency Demand Draft?

You can send money to UAE through foreign currency demand drafts. Demand Drafts are physical paper drafts, issued in a specific foreign currency instead of a sending to a specific recipient. Demand draft is much cheaper than a wire-transfer from India to UAE. You have to pay just the demand draft fee to your bank or service provider. There is no need to pay any fee to the foreign bank receiving the money. This helps you save a lot of money.

However, the problem with demand drafts is that the process takes much longer to transfer money to UAE. It can take longer for the recipient to receive the money because you have to mail the demand draft physically. Once they receive it, it takes few days to en-cash the demand draft. The total number of days combined creates a large gap (maximum up to 10 days) in actually receiving the funds. So demand drafts work out better if there is no emergency. If you need to transfer money to UAE from India on a planned basis with sufficient notice, use demand drafts.

How much money can be sent to UAE from India?

According to RBI’s LRS policy, Indians can send up to $2,50,000 or its equivalent per year per person abroad to UAE.

What are the purposes under which you can Transfer money to UAE from India?

You can send money to UAE from India for the following 8 reasons:

1: Studies abroad
2: Business Trip
3: Medical Treatment Abroad
4: Maintenance of close relatives abroad
5: Emigration
6: Going Abroad on Employment
7: Gift or Donation
8: Private Visits abroad

What Beneficiary details do you need to transfer money to UAE from India?

—Beneficiary Bank Name, Swift Code, Routing number & Correspondent Account No.
- Beneficiary Name, Address (as given in bank)
- Remitter Name, Account Number and Purpose of Transaction with KYC.
- Filled A2 Form cum declaration with signature

What is the Documentation Required to Transfer Money From India to UAE?

You need following documents to Send Money Online to UAE: 

— Original and valid passport
- A valid visa for the country of travel (except where VISA on arrival applies)
- Confirmed ticket-showing travel within 60 days of taking foreign exchange
- PAN (Form 60/61 in case PAN missing)
- Apart from this KYC of sponsoring company would be required as per RBI guidelines

Note: When you send Dirhams through Demand drafts or offline methods, you need the same documents as mentioned above.

What are the Benefits of making a Wire Transfer via Bookmyforex.com?

— Smarter, Faster & Most Trusted Way to Transfer Money to UAE from India.

— Send Money to UAE at the lowest possible rates.
- Best Rate Guarantee – Find us a BETTER RATE & we’ll beat it.
- Fastest Transfers – Book your order online and have your transfer processed in the next 12 – 48 business hours.
- Best customer support, available 24×7 on every medium (FB/Twitter/Call/Email)
- There are no foreign transaction fees or hidden charges.  


All foreign currency transactions are subject to Service Tax.

Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer services are available though Tied-up Reserve Bank of India approved Authorized Dealers only. All foreign exchange transactions are subjected to AML/CFT/KYC & FEMA policies instructed by Reserve Bank of India.

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Money Transfer FAQs

An Outward Remittance is a transfer of money in foreign exchange, by a resident in India or an NRI to a beneficiary account outside of India (except for Nepal and Bhutan) for a purpose as approved under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act). You may send money abroad to a beneficiary for various purposes including education, employment abroad, emigration, maintenance of close relatives, foreign travel, gifts, medical treatment, donations, etc
"Person resident in India" is defined in Section 2(v) of FEMA, 1999 as: A person residing in India for more than one hundred and eighty-two days during the course of the preceding financial year but does not include: 1. A person who has gone out of India or who stays outside India, in either case - *For taking up employment outside India *For carrying on outside India a business or vocation *For any other purpose, in such circumstances as would indicate his intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period
You can remit to the below mentioned persons: (a) Members of your Hindu undivided family. (b) Your spouse. (c) You are related to the beneficiary in any of the manners indicated below: 1. Father (including step-father). 2. Mother (including step-mother). 3. Son (including step-son). 4. Son's wife. 5. Daughter. 6. Daughter's husband. 7. Brother (including step-brother). 8. Sister (including step-sister).
Money can be sent abroad through the following modes: 1. Wire Transfer. 2. Foreign Currency Demand Draft.
The permissible purposes for transferring funds through BookMyForex.com are as follows: 1.Maintenance of Close relatives abroad 2.Education Abroad 3.Medical Treatment Abroad 4.Immigration Abroad 5.Employment abroad 6.Fees for examinations like GRE/GMAT/TOEFEL 7.Other Travel Including Holiday Trips 8.Travel for education 9.Travel for Medical Treatment
US$ 2,50,000/ equivalent per annum (as long as the limit is not consumed/ part consumed in any other purpose stated under LRS) towards tuition fees, maintenance expenses books, etc.
Up to US$ 250,000/ equivalent for the patient going abroad for medical treatment or check-up abroad. Up to US$ 25,000/ equivalent for attendant accompanying the patient going abroad for medical treatment/check-up within overall limit of USD 250,000.
Gifts up to USD 2000 per financial year can be sent on the basis of self-declaration, Gifts/Donations can also be sent under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) upto USD 2,50,000 in a financial year. Investment by an Indian resident individual in overseas companies would be sub-summed under the Scheme of USD 2,50,000.

View All Money Transfer FAQs

How to Transfer Money in 4 easy steps

  • Step One Book your order online
  • Step Two Transfer your funds directly to one of our partnering banks
  • Step Three Customer carries all required documents in original & visits the bank branch/pickup arranged
  • Step Four Our partnering bank processes your transfer and provides a SWIFT acknowledgement shortly afterwards

Introducing Zero Fee Money Transfers

We’ve dropped all fees associated with Money Transfers Abroad during COVID-19 Outbreak.

*Offer applicable for remittance through RBL Bank and amount above INR 3 lakhs. Offer available only for USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, SGD currencies.


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