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British Pound Rates Today - Live

Buy GBP Forex Card ₹93.2369
Sell GBP Forex Card ₹92.1847
Buy GBP Wire Transfer ₹93.4224
Buy GBP Currency Notes ₹92.045
Sell GBP Traveler Cheques N/A
Sell GBP Currency Notes ₹92.0708
Buy GBP Traveler Cheques ₹93.5224
Buy GBP Demand Draft ₹93.4224

Live British Pound Rates Today

At BookMyForex, we go to every length possible in order to provide the best British Pound Exchange Rates to our customers. Our rates are always live and are derived from the most accurate real-time forex data feeds. Unlike other websites that show you indicative rates, BookMyForex shows you actual currency exchange rates at which you can buy GBP, sell GBP or transfer British Pound from India. Through the fixed-rate order booking option, you can even block the rates that you see on our site whenever the markets are open. You can also choose to set up a rate alert and we’ll notify you when the GBP rate that you want is actually available.

Most other currency exchangers in India that deal in GBP work on what’s called “today’s GBP rate” or “GBP rate today”, which is a static rate that doesn’t change throughout the duration of the day. There, however, exists no such thing such as a “British Pound Exchange Rate Today”. British Pound rates, just like the rate of any other financial security vary every second. Money changers necessarily need to protect themselves from currency fluctuations that occur in the live market and in order to do that they create a large margin on these so-called “today’s GBP rates”. With our strong technology infrastructure and our excellent tie-ups, we’re able to provide our customers with perfectly live and transparent exchange rates.

By breaking this notion of a static “British Pound Exchange Rate Today”, we’re hoping to improve the transparency in the foreign exchange markets in India. We offer a comprehensive suite of British Pound products through our website. You can buy GBP forex cards, currency notes, traveller’s cheques and demand drafts. You can also sell your GBP currency notes or make a wire transfer in GBP.

Use our intuitive order booking form below to get started with your British Pound exchange order today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. In which countries can I use British Pounds?

Ans. The official currency of the United Kingdom is the British Pound (GBP), which is used in Great Britain, British Overseas Territories, Isle of Man, Jersey, the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia and the British Antarctic Territory, as well as Tristan da Cunha.

Q2. Can I sell GBP online?

Ans. You can both buy and sell British Pounds online from a trusted currency exchange marketplace such as BookMyForex. You just need to visit and select your city, currency (GBP in this case) and the amount that you want to sell online. You need to upload your Passport copy which you can do online. Once your GBP to INR conversion order placed, a representative of BookMyForex would visit your place and give you equivalent INR and take GBP from you. 

Q3. What are the benefits of selling GBPs online?

Ans. Here are a few major reasons to sell GBP online: 

  • Convenience: You don't need to make in-person visits, you can just buy or sell British pounds with the comfort of your home within a few clicks on your mobile. That easy!
  • Better Rates: Unlike Banks which provide foreign exchange at a fixed rate for the day, you would get British Pounds at the live rates which would cost you lower.
  • Data Protection: A well known and trusted currency exchange marketplace would ensure your KYC data is not misused. For example, BookMyForex provides document watermarking facility which makes sure that your document is used for the defined purpose only.
  • Home Delivery: With BookMyForex, you not only get the online order facility of foreign exchange but also get it delivered directly to your home. So no need to step out from your home to buy or sell British Pounds in your city. 

Q4. Is GBP the same as Euro?

Ans. No, GBP is the currency abbreviation of Great Britain Pound which is the official currency of Great Britain and its territories. While the Euro is the official currency of the European Union. The EU consists of 28 member states out of which Britain is also a member country. But out of the 28 states, only 19 countries of the European Union called Eurozonehave a common currency Euro. Since Britain is not a part of the Eurozone, it has its own currency, British Pound or GBP.

Q5. How will Brexit affect GBP to INR exchange rates?

Ans. If Britain successfully opts to step out of the European Union i.e in case of Brexit, the Indian rupee is expected to depreciate against the British Pound in the short to medium term after Brexit. As per the GBP to INR currency forecast 2020, the exchange rate can reach the level of 1.35 to 1.40 in the case of Brexit while can sharply fall to 1.20/25 level in the case of no-Brexit.

Best British Pound Exchnage places Near You 

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GBP Rates Chart

Common British Pound Denominations:

British Pound (GBP) Indian Rupee (INR)
1 GBP 93.1224
5 GBP 465.612
10 GBP 931.224
20 GBP 1862.448
25 GBP 2328.06
50 GBP 4656.12
100 GBP 9312.24
200 GBP 18624.48
250 GBP 23280.6
300 GBP 27936.72
British Pound (GBP) Indian Rupee (INR)
500 GBP 46561.2
1000 GBP 93122.4
1500 GBP 139683.6
2000 GBP 186244.8
3000 GBP 279367.2
5000 GBP 465612
10,000 GBP 931224
50,000 GBP 4656120
100,000 GBP 9312240
1 Million GBP 93122400

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