Live US Dollar Exchange Rate (USD/INR) Today in India

1 USD = 83.525 INR Interbank/ mid-market Rate at: 19-04-2024 13:25:33

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US Dollar Rates Today - Live

Buy USD Forex Card ₹83.685
Sell USD Forex Card ₹82.8469
Buy USD Wire Transfer ₹84.025
Buy USD Currency Notes ₹84.3531
Sell USD Currency Notes ₹83.8785

Getting the best available USD Rate Today with BookMyForex

As per today’s exchange rate i.e. Friday 19/04/2024 , 1 US Dollar is equals to 83.525 Indian Rupees. Change in USD rate from previous day is +0.02%.

In case you are looking to get the best US Dollar rates in your area, try BookMyForex. You can buy as well sell USD at the best exchange rates with BookMyForex which provides foreign exchange at live and transparent rates. Since the currency exchange market is highly volatile, US Dollar rates keep on changing throughout the day. You can check live US Dollar rates online at and place an order to buy or sell US Dollar online at the live rates.

USD Profile

US dollar is the official currency of the United States of America (USA), the largest economy of the world. Given the economic strength of the USA, there is no wonder that USD is considered one of the strongest currencies in the world. The US dollar is considered as the benchmark currency and is the most used currency for making transactions across the world. As per a recent survey conducted by the Bank of International Settlements the US dollar accounted for 88% all foreign exchange related transactions. 

The US dollar is also represented as USD and symbolically $ in the international currency exchange markets. One USD is further subdivided into 100 cents. If you are planning to travel to the USA in the near future, you would certainly require US Dollars to transact there. You can now buy or sell USD at the best US dollar exchange rate in your city online with BookMyForex which is India's first and largest online currency exchange marketplace.

Why Should You Buy/Sell USD from BookMyForex?

An international trip opens your eyes to new cultures, exotic cuisine, and global history. However, before you travel abroad, it is crucial for you to find out where you can get the most favourable rates to exchange foreign currency. There is no doubt that the US Dollar is the most popular currency in the world. You can buy/sell US dollars through several channels, for example, at your local bank, through a forex broker, through a travel agent, or online via reputed forex websites. In any case, If you plan to buy or sell US dollars, make sure you don't get caught converting it at a high exchange rate with high currency exchange fees.

You don't want to run to the bank or money exchanger every time you need USD. Online forex platforms like BookMyForex allow you to buy & sell USD at live and transparent exchange rates at your convenience. There's no long queue, no haggling over rates, no hidden charges, and no lengthy process when you order online via our website/app. If you want to exchange foreign currency, BookMyForex is your best choice because it offers the following advantages:

1) With BookMyForex, you get the best exchange rate for US dollars, and there are no hidden fees.
2) With live and real-time exchange rates displayed 24*7, you can order whenever it is convenient for you.
3) We compare the rates across hundreds of money changers in your area in order to provide you with the best deal.
4) You can get genuine currency notes delivered to your doorstep on the same day in 185 cities across the country. 
5) By paying a refundable deposit of 2%, you can freeze the rates for up to 3 days.
6) Customers can expect the best customer service support from BookMyForex.

How does BookMyForex provide the best USD rates in comparison to banks and local money changers?

At BookMyForex, you get the advantage of real-time or live rates, compared across hundreds of foreign exchange vendors registered with BookMyForex in your area. We offer the best rates due to our exclusive tie-ups with banks and money changers throughout India. This is why our US dollar rates are far better than those of local currency exchangers or banks in your area, so you can rest assured while booking an order with us. The 'Freeze Live Forex Rates' feature is available exclusively with BookMyForex when purchasing US dollars. By paying 2% upfront, you can freeze the rate of the transaction, and you can make a payment anytime within three days, regardless of currency market fluctuations. 

With BookMyForex’s 'Rate Alert' feature, you will receive an alert if the US dollar rate you desire becomes available. With this feature, you can thus transact at the US dollars rate of your choice. BookMyForex was one of the first to introduce live or real-time rates. Live and transparent exchange rates are displayed 24x7 on the BookMyForex website/app. Unlike other money exchangers or banks who usually offer the worst exchange rates with added margins, you can rest assured as we provide the best and most transparent exchange rates. 

How can you buy/sell USD at the best rates with BookMyForex?

At BookMyForex, we offer live foreign currency exchange rates for US dollars without any hidden fees. Here’s how you can buy/sell USD at the best rates with BookMyForex:

Step 1: In order to buy or sell currency notes, you must select your city first. 

Step 2: After selecting the currency, enter the forex amount and click on "book this order."

Step 3: Enter your mobile number, your email ID, your name, and the OTP sent to your mobile or email ID to continue your order.

Step 4: You will be able to see the details of your order. To proceed to the next section, click “Continue”.

Step 5: You will need to enter your personal details such as your name, mobile number, email address, pan, the countries you will be travelling to, and a start and end date in the next section.

Step 6: The next section is the eligibility check, where the purpose of your travel has to be added.

Step 7: Depending on the purpose of your trip, you will have to upload a few documents. PAN card, passport front and back pages, air tickets, and valid visas are the basic documents you need to upload.

Step 8: Next, you'll move on to the order processing section. This is where you will enter the delivery address, including phone number, street address, Pincode, landmark, city and state. 

Step 9: You need to confirm that you will be present at the time of delivery to collect the order.

Step 10: Reviewing the order before making a payment is the last step. Payments can be made via UPI, net banking, debit card, credit card, cash, or NEFT.

Forex Services/Products Offered by BookMyForex

BookMyForex is India's leading online foreign exchange marketplace. You can buy/sell USD online or send money to USA at live and transparent exchange rates.

Products Offered:

1) Foreign Currency Notes

2) Multi-Currency Forex Card

3) International Money Transfer

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USD Rates Chart

Below is the USD to INR rate chart for today, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 1 year

1 USD = 83.525 INR Interbank/ mid-market Rate at: 19-04-2024 13:25:33

Popular USD To INR Conversion Rates:

US Dollar (USD) Indian Rupee (INR)
1 USD 83.525
5 USD 417.625
10 USD 835.25
20 USD 1670.5
25 USD 2088.125
50 USD 4176.25
100 USD 8352.5
200 USD 16705
250 USD 20881.25
300 USD 25057.5
US Dollar (USD) Indian Rupee (INR)
500 USD 41762.5
1000 USD 83525
1500 USD 125287.5
2000 USD 167050
3000 USD 250575
5000 USD 417625
10,000 USD 835250
50,000 USD 4176250
100,000 USD 8352500
1 Million USD 83525000

1 US Dollar To Indian Rupee Stats

  Last 30 Days Last 90 Days
High 83.5525 83.5525
Low 83.15 82.82
Average 83.3513 83.1863
Change 0.1468% 0.7476%
Currency Information

USD - US Dollar

The US Dollar is the currency of the United States. The currency code for US Dollar is "USD". Click below to get more details and facts about US Dollar, its ranking & rates.

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USD - INR Forecast

USD to INR forecast derived from the thorough analysis of USD to INR exchange rate via moving averages, buy/sell signals & expert chart indicators. Click below to get a detailed USD to INR forecast.

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USD - US Dollar

The US Dollar is the currency of the United States. The currency code for US Dollar is "USD". Click below to get more details and facts about US Dollar, its ranking & rates.

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USD - US Dollar

The US Dollar is the currency of the United States. The currency code for US Dollar is "USD". Click below to get more details and facts about US Dollar, its ranking & rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is imperative that you buy or sell USD at favourable rates only. By using an online forex platform like BookMyForex, you can easily lock in favourable currency exchange rates. If the desired rate becomes available, you can freeze it for three consecutive days. It is also possible to set up alerts for your preferred rates. When your preferred rate becomes available, you will be notified. Only after your preferred rate is live should you buy/sell USD.

When travelling internationally, you must know the exchange rate of the foreign currency you are visiting in order to determine how much your money is worth. Moreover, there is a wide variation in the exchange rate to convert foreign currency from place to place, and some businesses take advantage of needy travellers to make a profit. Hence, it is important to check the USD/INR exchange rate before buying/selling forex so that you do not lose your hard-earned money by buying/selling forex at the worst exchange rates.

 Over the years, the USD-INR exchange rate has been influenced by a variety of factors such as:

1) INR-USD exchange rates are affected by the inflation rate in India and USA. 

2) The interest rate is another important factor in determining INR-USD exchange rates. 

3) Exchange rates are influenced by government debt as well. 

4) Terms of trade are the next factor to consider. It is defined by the ratio of the index of a country’s export prices to the index of its import prices. 

5) Last but not least, the INR-USD rate is also affected by the political stability in both India and the United States.

Ans. While the US Dollar is the official currency of the United States of America, it also acts as legal tender in the territories acquired by the USA and even some sovereign nations around the world. Ecuador, Republic of Zimbabwe, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam are few of the names where USD can be used to transact. The U.S. dollar is also widely used throughout the world as a quasi-currency of exchange. Canada and Mexico are the vibrant examples where you can use USD as a quasi-currency for trade-related purposes.

Ans. Given the sheer economic size of the USA, the US Dollar is the strongest currency in the world. As per an IMF report, About 61% of the total foreign exchange reserves of all of the known Central Banks in the world were held only in US dollar which makes USD the most popular and trusted currency of the world. Though you may find currencies such as Euro and British Pounds more expensive than US dollar but that is only in the nominal currency exchange terms which do not reflect relative economic strengths of respective countries.

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