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This is the rate that will apply when you sell British Pound currency on The amount of INR (Indian Rupees) you'll recieve will be as shown below

GBP INR Current Rate:

Conversion is calculated using the highest GBP-INR Selling rate across India. To see the most accurate rate select the city in the drop down above


This is the rate that will apply when you buy British Pound currency on The amount of INR (Indian Rupees) you'll recieve will be as shown below

INR GBP Current Rate:

Conversion is calculated using the highest GBP-INR Buying rate across India. To see the most accurate rate select the city in the drop down above

British Pound (GBP) Indian Rupee (INR)
500 GBP to INR 51649.05
1000 GBP to INR 103298.1
1500 GBP to INR 154947.15
2000 GBP to INR 206596.2
3000 GBP to INR 309894.3
5000 GBP to INR 516490.5
10,000 GBP to INR 1032981
50,000 GBP to INR 5164905
100,000 GBP to INR 10329810
1 Million GBP to INR 103298100

About GBP:

Pound Sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom and some other British territories. British Pound is also abbreviated as GBP in the international currency exchange markets and the currency symbol is  £. GBP is one of the top 5 most traded currencies in the world. Being introduced as a silver penny in the year 760, British Pound also remains one of the oldest currency of the world.

Read More to Know About British Pound

GBP to INR Forecast:

GBP to INR is a number which denotes the value of 1 GBP  in terms of the Indian rupees. As the currency exchange market is highly volatile in nature based on the net demand and supply conditions, the GBP to INR exchange value is never static.

Exchange rate forecasts are necessary to gauge the foreign denominated cash flows involved in international transactions. Thus, GBP to INR exchange rate forecasting is extremely important to gauge the advantages and risks involved in foreign currency exchange. Click here to get detailed GBP to INR forecast.

How to convert British Pound (GBP) to Indian Rupees (INR)

Travelling to Great Britain and looking to buy/sell British Pound or convert GBP to INR online in India? Look no further now! BookMyForex is one of the best foreign exchange platforms that solve your currency exchange related woes online and that too at a minimal cost.

Travelling experts always advise that we should exchange GBP to INR 3-7 days in advance of your trip as this allows you enough time to compare rates and get best deals when you convert INR to GBP or convert Pound to Rupee.

In case you are not sure about the best British Pound rates, you can convert Pound to INR at a fixed rate using the Freeze Rate option provided by BookMyForex. You need to pay 2% of the order amount as a refundable rate guarantee deposit to fix the rates. This advance would be refunded to you completely immediately after the order is completed.

Difference Between BookMyForex and Other Money Changers:

Though you can convert British Pound to Indian Rupee (Pound to INR) in India via multiple sources like from your bank or other local money changers, buying foreign currency from these places can be an arduous task in terms of higher forex rate, various currency conversion charges, multiple branch visits and going through a complex documentation process.

On the other hand, a trusted online marketplace for foreign currency exchange such as BookMyForex not only saves you money by providing you better rates but also ensures a hassle-free experience.

Parameter BookMyForex Banks/Money Changers
Exchange Rate At Live Rates (Dynamic) At Fixed Rates
Exchange Rate Margin Low High
Online Order Facility Yes No
Doorstep Delivery Yes No
Rate Alert Feature Yes No
Branch Visit No Required

How does BookMyForex provide better GBP to INR rates than other money changers?

  • Fixed vs Live Rates: Almost all of the currency exchange institution such as banks and local money changers provide British Pound or convert Pound to INR at fixed rates for the day. Since the currency exchange rate market in India is highly volatile, these institutions keep higher margins over the interbank rate to tread against the market volatility.

    Higher margin simply means a higher cost to the consumer. Instead of fixing the exchange rate, BookMyForex allows you to book your forex at live rates and passes the cost-benefit to the customer. For example, if you want to load or reload prepaid forex card to convert INR to GBP or want to transfer money from India to UK, you can do it at exact interbank rates (zero margin rates) at BookMyForex.

  • Individual vs Aggregator: If you want to sell/purchase British Pound from offline stores at best rates, you need to go for stores hopping from one place to other. In order to provide convenience to collects the data from all the nearby money changers compares it and provides you with the best rate available to purchase/sell British Pound or convert GBP to INR. So the customer can save the shoe and leather cost involved with store hoping to get the best British Pound rates in India.
  • Institutional Costs: Most of the money changers in India have an institutional setup at the physical level which involves various kinds of fixed costs such as rent, salaries and other operating costs. The simple rule of economics tells us that all of these costs are ultimately borne by the customer in the form of higher fee and purchase price. Being a digitally enabled platform, BookMyForex saves that cost and passes that benefit to the customers in the form of lower fees and charges. This way BookMyForex ensures that you get the best rates on Pound to INR conversion.

How to buy/sell or convert GBP to INR at BookMyForex?

Steps to Place a Currency Exchange Order at BookMyForex:
  • Step 1: Visit BookMyForex or call at 9212219191
  • Step 2: Select your currency that you want to exchange and enter the amount. Here you can select British Pound to convert INR to GBP
  • Step 3: Upload your travel documents which include your Passport, Visa, Air Ticket and PAN Card details.
  • Step 4: Make your payment and get the British Pounds delivered directly to your home.

Convert GBP to INR Online at Best Rates from

If you want the best GBP to INR rates in India and don't want to pay any extra charges like added margins then the best place to convert GBP to INR online is The currency conversion of GBP to INR attracts a margin because of a lot demand for GBP in India. But an online marketplace for currency exchange like BookMyForex charges 'Zero' when you convert GBP with us. You exchange GBP to INR with us at best rates.

We compare rates across 100s of money changers and banks around you to get you the best rates on Pound to Rupee conversion. You can use our GBP calculator on this page to find out yourself how much 1 GBP to INR is and then compare that rate with other GBP converters around you. You will find out that we have the best rates for GBP to INR conversion. Our rates are live and keep updating every few seconds.

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Live British Pound Exchange Rates

GBP Interbank Rate 103.2981
GBP Forex Card Buy Rate 103.3681
GBP Currency Buy Rate 103.9642
GBP TC Buy Rate N/A
GBP Forex Card Sell Rate 102.3102
GBP Currency Sell Rate 102.9864
GBP TC Sell Rate N/A
GBP DD Remit Rate 103.6927
GBP TT Remit Rate 103.7427

Frequently Asked Questions

Though you can exchange Indian Rupees to British Pounds at the Indian airport also but that would not be an economically prudent decision. Money exchange at the airport can cost you, dear, by anywhere between 5 to 7% which turns out to be a significant amount in absolute terms.

Great Britain Pound is the full form of GBP which is the official currency of the United Kingdom and its territories.

As per the RBI guidelines, your date of travel must not be later than 60 days prior to the date of purchase of foreign exchange. This way, a person travelling abroad can not buy foreign exchange 60 days prior to the travel date. However, Airline staff travelling against the staff ticket may be exempted from the rule.

As per the RBI guidelines, any person who has gone outside of India for a temporary abroad visit can carry Indian currency (INR) up to Rs. 25,000 while coming back to India (except Nepal and Bhutan).

As per the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), a person is entitled to foreign exchange up to 2.5 lakh US dollar or equivalent in a financial year irrespective of the number of visits and the period of stay. Within the US $ 2.5 lakh limit, up to 3,000 US dollars or equivalent per visit are allowed to be carried in the form of currency notes(cash).

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Same day delivery is guaranteed for orders placed before 1 pm (IST) Monday – Friday.

* Zero margin rates/ interbank rates are available only on forex cards on specific currencies, in select cities for orders amounting to Rs. 1 lakh or more

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