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BookMyForex compares exchange rate quotes across hundreds of banks and money changers in your area and shows you the best forex rates in real time. The rates for different currencies depend on the product that you want to buy and the city you are located in. Select your city and look for the product that you are interested in. The rates are also separated based on whether you want to buy foreign currency or sell foreign currency. Please ensure you look at the rates in the right column.

Prepaid Forex Card Wire Tranfer's (TT)*** /
Demand Draft (DD)
Cash (CN)* Cash (bought along with card)** Cash(CN) Prepaid Card
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Currency Cash (CN) Prepaid Card
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Currency Wire Tranfer's (TT)*** Demand Draft (DD)
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*Currency and TC's are subject to availability
** Forex card amount must be 80% or more of the order total. Forex card rate will remain the same as shown above. To book a currency + card combo please request a call back
*** Transfers processed under maintenance and GIFT purposes will be subject to additional charges

Today's Live Currency Exchange Rate Card/ Forex Rates

A currency rate card basically reflects buy or sell rates of various currencies in terms of the home currency. So if you want to check Brithish Pound rate in India in terms of Indian Rupee, you can check the live rates by visiting the currency rate card. This article aims to explain concepts related to exchange rates in India along with the currency rate card.

What is the exchange rate or forex rates?

Exchange rates basically represent the value of one currency in terms of some other currency. So if suppose you want to buy a US Dollar, the amount of rupees that you need to pay to buy a US Dollar would be called as USD to INR exchange rate. Currency exchange rates or Forex Rates also represent the relative economic strength of a country in the international markets.

What is the currency rate card?

Currency can be either bought or sold in the forex exchange rate market. However, you can execute the buy/sell transactions through various modes such as cash, forex card, traveller’s cheques or wire transfers. A currency rate card basically shows the buy and sell rates of various currencies in terms of home currency for each mode of transaction. So if you want to buy Canadian dollars by loading your forex card, you can check the buy rates of Canadian dollars in prepaid forex card (CAD-INR) section of the currency rate card which reflects the live exchange rates.

Why should you buy your forex online?

Though you can buy foreign currency from multiple places such as from the nearest bank, local foreign exchange vendor or even airports. However, it may cost you higher because of inherent fixed costs involved with these foreign exchange avenues. On the other hand, if you buy or sell your foreign exchange online through a trusted source such as BookMyForex, it not only saves you money but also provides you with the benefit of executing your transaction from the comfort of your home. Further, you can check the live currency exchange rate online and lock your transaction at a particular exchange rate.

What is the locked-in exchange rate?

Currency exchange rates keep on fluctuating all across the day based on supply and demand factors of the currency. However, you can save yourself from such complexities by locking in your transaction. When you complete your forex rate transaction the prevailing exchange rate gets locked in and your foreign exchange gets delivered to you on that locked-in exchange rate irrespective of how the forex rates move thereafter. So for example, if you have placed an order at BookMyForex to load your forex card by $1000 at a particular exchange rate, your card will be added with the same value at the same cost irrespective of the further fluctuations that may happen on USD to INR exchange rate.

How to check today’s dollar rate live?

You can simply visit BookMyForex Currency Rate Card page and see forex rates of all the major currencies of the world live including the live rates of the US dollar.

How do exchange rates work?

Exchange rates basically represent the value of one currency in terms of some other currency. Currency exchange rates also represent the relative economic strength of a country in the international markets. In simple economic terms, the exchange rate simply works on demand and supply mechanism. If the demand for a currency is higher than its supply, the currency will become costlier and vice versa. However, there can be various economic and political factors that affect the demand and supply mechanism of the currency.

How do I get the best forex rates?

You can purchase foreign exchange from multiple places in India such as from a nearby bank, some local money changer, at the airport or from an online currency exchange marketplace. However, if you are also looking for the best forex rates and great convenience, you can opt for a trusted currency exchange marketplace. Few steps such as buy or sell forex online from a marketplace such as BookMyForex, comparing rates before buying forex, not getting foreign exchange in the last hour or from the airport etc. can ensure that you get the best forex rates.

Why do exchange rate fluctuate?

In a flexible rate system, currency exchange rates fluctuate as per the net demand and supply conditions of the respective currencies. Here, it should be noted that the demand and supply conditions can be affected by a host of factors such as relative inflation rates, interest rate differentials, political stability, current account deficit, fiscal deficit, GDP growth rate etc.

Why should you choose BookMyForex for your transactions related to foreign exchange?

Trust: BookMyForex is the country’s one of the most trusted marketplaces to solve your foreign exchange related requirements. We only deal with RBI authorized banks and other money changers with a regular status update and live tracking facility of your forex order.

Best Value: You get the best forex rates compared to other authorized money changers. You can save up to 6.5% on transacting with BookMyForex as compared to banks and local money changers.

Transparency: You can buy foreign exchange online at the live rates reflected on our currency rate card. In fact, you can buy or reload your forex card at exact inter-bank rates.

Convenience: You can place your forex related orders online at BookMyForex from the comforts of your home.