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1 MOP = 9.5955 INR Interbank/ mid-market Rate at: 2022-05-28 13:52:30

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Macau Pataca or Macanese Pataca, which is counted as one of the exotic currency of the world, is the official currency of Macau. In case you are planning to visit Macau and looking out to buy/sell Macau Pataca or to convert MOP to INR (Macanese Pataca to Indian Rupee), BookMyForex can be your go-to place. Here is how!


Places to Buy/sell Macau Currency or Convert MOP to INR in India

Foreign currency exchange market in India is highly regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and very much opaque in nature. Though you can buy Macanese Pataca from banks, local money changers or at the airport itself, that can turn out to be a tiresome process.

Buying Macau Pataca from banks and money changers may involve making multiple branch visits, comparing currency conversion rates of multiple places and still no assured of getting the best deal.

On the other hand, if you place your foreign exchange order at a currency marketplace such as, you would not only get the best exchange rates to convert MOP to INR near to your location but also ensure a hassle-free experience.


How to Convert MOP to INR or INR to MOP at

In order to buy/sell Macau Pataca or convert INR to MOP at BookMyForex, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit BookMyForex website and enter the currency and the amount that you want to exchange. In this case, you can select INR and MOP as the currencies. 

Step 2:  Share your basic travel details like travel destinations, the number of people travelling, purpose of travel, etc. and upload the RBI mandated KYC documents.

Step 3: Make an online payment of the amount to be converted and get confirmation on completion of your order. 

Step 4: Once you get the confirmation, you are eligible to get the foreign exchange currency. The next step is to either opt for a door delivery or visit the nearest store to collect the currency. 


What Are the Benefits to Exchange MOP to INR with BookMyForex?

BookMyForex can be your one-stop solution for your entire foreign exchange requirement. Now get away with all your worries about currency requirement with the doorstep delivery facility of foreign exchange with BookMyForex.

1.BookMyForex provides you with the facility to book your foreign exchange order at live rates. Banks and other money changers provide foreign exchange at a fixed rate for the day in the name of “Today’s Macanese Pataca (MOP) Exchange Rate”. Since, currency exchange rate market is highly volatile in nature, fixing the rate for the whole day forces them to fix forex rate at a higher margin. 
While BookMyForex allows its customers to book the foreign exchange at live rates which are very close to the interbank rates and passes the benefit of lower margins to its customers in the form of lower exchange rates.  You can book your currency order at any favourable point of the day in terms of currency exchange rate reflected on our live currency rate card.


2.Lock Rates for 3 Days: In case you are not sure about the movement in the exchange rate, you can lock your rates when you think it has hit the lowest level or touched the level you want to buy on. You can hold this rate till 3 (T+2) working days! 
To avail this service, you just have to pay 2% of the transaction value in advance, which will be refunded once you complete the transaction. If the currency rate turns highly unfavourable to you in T+2 working days, you can cancel the order by just paying the 2% advance.

3.Get Continuous Rate Alerts: Keep a track on the rates with our rate alert services. BookMyForex rate alert feature will notify you when the rates reach the preferred level as set by you. Use this feature to your advantage and save yourself from constantly checking the exchange rates.


4.Special Discount for Students: BookMyForex encourages students who are travelling abroad to complete their higher studies by offering special discounts on the education-related remittance or purchase of travel card. We know finances matter, so this is our little way of showing concerns. 


5Lowest Exchange Rates: To beat the stiff competition in the market and serve the customers well, BookMyForex is providing the lowest MOP exchange rate in the currency exchange market. Now buy/sell Macau currency transparently without paying any hidden charges.


6.Offers and Discounts: Our customers are an integral part of our business so we keep working to enlighten them with great deals and offers. One such example of our unique concept is Zero-Margin Campaign.


What is the difference between BookMyForex and other Money Changers?




Banks/Money Changers

Exchange Rate

At Live Rates (Dynamic)

At Fixed Rates

Exchange Rate Margin



Online Order Facility



Doorstep Delivery



Rate Alert Feature



Branch Visit




Q1. Why should you buy your forex online?

Though you can buy the foreign currency from multiple places such as from the nearest bank, local foreign exchange vendor or even airports. However, it may cost you higher because of inherent fixed costs involved with these foreign exchange avenues.

On the other hand, if you buy or sell your foreign exchange online through a trusted source such as BookMyForex, it not only saves you money but also provides you with the benefit of executing your transaction from the comfort of your home. Further, you can check the live currency exchange rate online and lock your transaction at a particular exchange rate. 


Q2. What does Pay on Delivery mean?

Ans. Pay On Delivery means that you can choose to pay for your forex product when you receive it at your home. For example, while placing an order to convert MOP to INR, you don’t have to pay anything until you get your Macau Pataca directly to your home.  



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Live Macau Pataca Exchange Rates

MOP Interbank Rate 9.5955
MOP Forex Card Buy Rate N/A
MOP Currency Buy Rate 10.75
MOP TC Buy Rate N/A
MOP Forex Card Sell Rate N/A
MOP Currency Sell Rate 7.9943
MOP TC Sell Rate N/A
MOP DD Remit Rate N/A
MOP TT Remit Rate N/A

MOP to INR Chart/ Historical MOP to INR Rates

1 MOP = 9.5955 INR Interbank/ mid-market Rate at: 2022-05-28 13:52:30

Popular MOP to INR Conversion Rates:

Macau Pataca (MOP) Indian Rupee (INR)
1 MOP 9.5955 INR
5 MOP 47.9775 INR
10 MOP 95.955 INR
20 MOP 191.91 INR
25 MOP 239.8875 INR
50 MOP 479.775 INR
100 MOP 959.55 INR
200 MOP 1919.1 INR
250 MOP 2398.875 INR
300 MOP 2878.65 INR
Macau Pataca (MOP) Indian Rupee (INR)
500 MOP 4797.75 INR
1000 MOP 9595.5 INR
1500 MOP 14393.25 INR
2000 MOP 19191 INR
3000 MOP 28786.5 INR
5000 MOP 47977.5 INR
10,000 MOP 95955 INR
50,000 MOP 479775 INR
100,000 MOP 959550 INR
1 Million MOP 9595500 INR

1 Macau Pataca To Indian Rupee Stats

  Last 30 Days Last 90 Days
High 0 0
Low 0 0
Average 0 0
Change NAN% NAN%

Currency information

MOP - Macau Pataca

The Macau Pataca is the currency of the . The currency code for Macau Pataca is "MOP". Click below to get more details and facts about Macau Pataca, its ranking & rates.

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MOP - INR Forecast

MOP to INR forecast derived from the thorough analysis of MOP to INR exchange rate via moving averages, buy/sell signals & expert chart indicators. Click below to get a detailed MOP to INR forecast.

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Live Macau Pataca Exchange Rates

MOP Interbank Rate 9.5955
MOP Forex Card Buy Rate N/A
MOP Currency Buy Rate 10.75
MOP TC Buy Rate N/A
MOP Forex Card Sell Rate N/A
MOP Currency Sell Rate 7.9943
MOP TC Sell Rate N/A
MOP DD Remit Rate N/A
MOP TT Remit Rate N/A

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