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Visa Process for Canada
June 25, 2018 Study Abroad
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Some Frequently Asked Questions on Visa Process for Canada

Visa Process for Canada


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Student Visa Process for Canada is easy and simpler now. Take advantage of these Visa Changes and be part of 124000 Indian Students already studying in Canada

Student Visa Process for Canada – News Update

Canadian government reacting to the sharp rise in the number of Indian students opting to study in Canada has introduced a new visa processing mechanism for Indian students as well as for three other countries. In the last few years ever since the USA and UK introduced new visa laws for students from across the globe, there has been a decline in student applications to these countries. And Canada has been the biggest beneficiary of these tough visa laws and the number of students especially Indian students opting to study in the country is on the rise. The introduction of this faster and simpler visa processing for Indian students is a good step in the right direction. This new visa program ensures that the visa processing time for student visas is 45 days instead of the earlier 60 days. The other three countries benefiting from this are China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Canada- A world-class destination for Indian Students.

Canada offers world-class education and has always attracted students from all across the globe. The number may not be same as the likes of the USA, UK or even Australia but it is not a small one either. The pathway to permanent residency and citizenship have always been big attractions for students wanting a career after studies. Indian students obtained 83,410 study permits in 2017, a rise of 58% over the previous year. Chinese students topped the charts in 2015 and 2016 but with 26% share in Study Visa Permits, Indian Students form the largest group of international students in Canada with Chinese Students following closely behind. During the period January to April 2018, 29,000 odd Indian students obtaining the study permits as opposed to 16,925 from China. These statistics are based on an analysis done on the open data available on the Canadian government’s website (see table).

Visa Process for Canada

The number of Indian students opting for studies in Canada is on the rise

The top three source countries for international students studying in Canada are

There are currently 4.95 lac international students studying in Canada according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, a non-profit agency in the educational domain, and there was an increase of 20% from last year. 

—China (with 1.40 lakh students),

— India (with 1.24 lakh students)

—The Republic of Korea (with 23,050 students).

Here are some frequently asked questions on Visa Process for Canada:

How long does it take to process a student visa for Canada?

Student Visa Process for Canada has seen a recent change. It takes 45 days now for an Indian student to get a Student Visa Processed for Canada. If you have an unconditional letter from an institution in Canada, you can apply for your VISA minimum of 3 months before your intended travel date. It generally takes a maximum of 15- 25 days to take the decision on your application for a study permit in Canada. Sometimes, it takes longer than that as well. But now with the introduction of faster and simpler Visa Process for Canada, it will take a maximum of 45 days.

How many years student visa does Canada give?

The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program offers you a work permit for a period of time equal to the duration of your course, for a maximum of three years. For instance, if you complete a one year course in Canada, you will be granted a one-year Post-Graduation Work Permit. Student Visa is generally valid for the duration of your course.  

What documents are required for a student visa process in Canada?

1: Passport

2: Passport-size photographs

3: Unconditional letter of acceptance

4: Fees receipt (recommended)

5: Scholarship letter (if applicable)

6: Any relevant correspondence with the institution

7: Financial documents

8: Academic documents

9: Test scores

10: Work experience certificates (if applicable)

11: Medical report (if already undertaken).  

How do I get a Student Visa for Canada?

The process for obtaining a Canadian student visa is as follows:

Visa Process for Canada

1. Get an LOA (letter of acceptance) from a recognized Canadian University of College. Students studying in Quebec must also apply for a certificate of acceptance, known as a CAQ, from the government of Quebec. You must acquire this before you are receive permission to apply for a study permit. You can get this online, by printing out a form, or by requesting a paper form from your university, which will also provide advice on this subject.

Visa Process for Canada

2. The next stage is to get a Canadian student visa application package. You can get it either from the CIC website or by contacting your local visa office. This is also available at your Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country. You may also need to obtain a temporary residence permit if you are from a designated country, but this will not complicate matters too much as it’ll be processed at the same time as your study permit application.

Visa Process For Canada

3. In order to get your application package, you’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself on the CIC website. These questions will determine whether you are eligible to apply online for a Canadian student permit, and what documents you’ll need to provide.

Checklist Continues below…

4. If you are eligible, you will receive a personal checklist code. This is valid for 60 days, which you will need in order to submit your application online. Make sure to print out the page containing your code for future reference. The page will also include an application guide, an estimated tuition fees amount, a list of documents you will need to submit with your application, and guidelines for your next steps.

5. When you are ready to apply, create a MyCIC account, where you will enter your personal checklist code. You will then receive your personal document checklist which allows you to upload and send your documents to CIC. You’ll need a printer or a scanner to do this.

Visa Process for Canada

6. Once you have your documents and application form ready and have paid your fees, you can submit your completed application to CIC.

Visa Process for Canada

7. Some applicants may have to attend an interview at their local visa office.

(Source: Government of Canada)

How much is Canada student visa fee?

The Canada Student Visa Fee currently is 150 CAD. And if you need to restore your status as a student you have to pay 350 CAD (Source: Canadian Government)


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