July 21, 2014
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Wire transfers made quick and easy with

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Those who want to remit money from India to Australia for maintenance purpose may consider the following options for the same:

  • Demand Draft
  • Prepaid Travel Card
  • Traveler’s Cheque
  • Wire   Transfer (swift transfer)

Among all the options available wire transfer is regarded as one of the easiest method of making payments. It is also the most secure way to transfer money abroad from India. It involves a bank-to bank fund transfer from an account in India to an account abroad.

Wire Transfer (Swift Transfer)

If you wish to do a wire transfer to Australia from India for maintenance purpose, it is best to avoid going directly to the Bank and opt for a third party like BookMyForex that gets preferential rates from banks and hence can pass on the benefit of better rates to you. You should also have details of the bank account in Australia where the money needs to be transferred. Banks charge between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 for each transaction to remit money from India to Australia. Additionally a foreign correspondent fee ranging from USD 10 to USD 40 is also charged by the foreign banks receiving the money for wire transfer to Australia from India for maintenance purpose, making it a costly affair.

You can also use the services of BookMyForex to remit money from India to Australia in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

The benefits of using the services of

  • Online Service: We are the firsy and only online portal in India offering online booking facility for forex transactions, which includes money remittance to other countries. You therefore have the convenience of placing an order anytime as per your convenience and from anywhere you like! All it takes is with 5-7 minutes to book your order on our interactive website. We even arrange for a free of cost document pick-up right from your doorstep.
  • Best Exchange Rates: With BookMyForex, you will always get the guaranteed best rates to remit money from India to Australia or any other country. You can either remit money with us at live rates or “Freeze the Rate” of your choice for your transaction. Our rates are 2%-5% better than those offered by banks & other money changers.
  • Lowest Processing Charges: The processing charges of BookMyForex for a wire-transfer are a standard Rs. 200 across India as compared to Rs. 500-1500 charged by others, making it your best bet.
  • Transfer time: The fund transfer is completed within 24 hours, so you can always count on us in case of an emergency.

For any further queries on wire transfer to Australia from India for maintenance, feel free to contact our team of experts at 8130191134



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