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travel solo
October 12, 2017 Travel
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These Tips Will Help You When You Decide to Travel Solo!

travel solo


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Go, Travel Solo, & Find “You”

“My spirit gets nourished in faraway places. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a biological need, perhaps a biological flaw, that compels me to seek the excitement and challenge that comes of being in a place where nobody knows me.

Other times I think that my compulsion to settle into communities that are different from the ones I know is related to my passion for experiential learning. I learn best and most happily by doing, touching, sharing, tasting. When I’m somewhere I’ve never been before, learning goes on all day, every day.”
― Rita Golden GelmanTales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World

Why do we decide to Travel Solo?

What is it that compels people to leave everything behind, temporarily, and travel solo? Perhaps, to be completely ourselves and calm our mad hearts. Or, the chance to discover yourself or distinguish us from others.  Perchance, the reason why people travel solo is to be far away from the maddening crowd. Far from their judgments, observations, and presumptions.

Some journeys in life can be traveled alone. People around us observe us people which restricts us from being who we actually are. When you travel solo, there are no inhibitions, no restrictions. No companion observing us, or asking us to adjust to their questions and remarks, or feel the need to make ourselves seem more normal than is good for our curiosity. The world is our oyster and we need to peel off the layers to see what is hidden underneath. Perhaps traveling is peeling off those layers one by one and seeing for ourselves what is beneath.

You will only know the road until you have traveled on it. So before you decide to travel solo, Here is what you need to be sure of:

1: Be Independent: Always be independent & self-reliant, so that you don’t need to ask for strangers for their help

2: Carry a Map, a guide or download offline maps on Google Maps. Mark the important locations on the map like where you’re staying, where you’re going etc.

3: If you’re carrying your phone with you, always put it in airplane mode when not using the internet to save your phone’s battery. Additionally, carry a portable charger.

4: Learn the local language. You don’t have to master it but learn basic words and phrases in the local language. It will help you in tricky situations.

5: Be careful of what you eat when you travel solo. The street food may look very appealing but can cause food poisoning.

6: Stay in homestays or apartment rentals as this brings you closer to the locals. What is the fun of being in a country and not interacting with any local?

7: Start your day early and eat a good breakfast. This gives you more time in a day and a good breakfast keeps your stomach full so that you don’t munch on junk food.

8: Don’t read a lot of books when you travel solo. Don’t bury your head in a book when you can interact with locals in the public transport.

9: Stay safe and alert. Travelling solo can be rewarding but be aware of safety concerns just like you would be when traveling with a group. Be aware of any local scams, watch your drinks and keep a close eye on your things.

10: Don’t carry expensive jewelry or watches when you travel solo. Carry as much cash as required.

11: Opt for a travel insurance plan. Medical care can be very expensive and you don’t want to return with big hospital bills.

Follow these tips when you travel solo and you will remain safe & secure.

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