Currency in Thailand
March 13, 2018
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What Is The Best Currency To Use In Thailand?

Currency in Thailand


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Update- June 2018

Currency in Thailand is Thai Baht but What Is The Best Currency To Use In Thailand for Foreigners?

It is not secret anymore that Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. And one of the major reasons why Thailand attracts such an enormous amount of tourists is because of the diversity it offers. You have magnificent beaches, amazing architecture, magical wildlife, a hip party scene and overall tranquillity. This amalgamation caters to every tourist or traveller fancy. But what confuses everyone is “What Is The Best Currency To Use In Thailand?” and they keep asking what is the currency in Thailand?. So, we at, spoke to a number of our customers who exchanged currency with us for the Thailand trip and based on their feedback, we finally have an answer.

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What Is The Best Currency To Use In Thailand?

To answer this question in a simple and precise manner, we will take three scenarios.

1: Carrying US Dollars,

2: Carrying Thai Baht and

3: Carrying Indian Rupees and converting them in Thailand.

Tip: So the absolute worst thing that you could do is to convert INR to THB on the airport.

Let us keep the budget for the Thailand trip as ₹50,000.

Can you pay in Dollars in Thailand?

Scenario 1: Carrying US Dollars to Thailand

You have to convert INR to USD and load it in a Forex Card or take it in the form of currency notes. recommends carrying USD in a Forex Card. However, most of the customers we talked to mentioned that not many places accept US Dollar. So you would have to convert Dollar to Thai Bhat. Converting USD to THB means paying double currency conversion charges.

currency in thailand

So based on the above live rate card:

₹50,000= $776 (BookMyForex Exchange Rate)

$776= 24243 THB (Based on Bank of Thailand Rates)

Tips: If you carry a 100 dollar bill, you’ll need to convert all of it and you won’t get any change back

What Currency in Thailand is used by Foreigners?

Scenario 2: Carrying Thai Bhat to Thailand

You have to convert INR to THB. This would mean that you can use the currency right away in Thailand without further exchange.

currency in thailand

So ₹50,000 => 23466 THB (BookMyForex’s exchange rate).

Convert INR to THB in Thailand

Scenario 3: Carrying Indian Rupees to Thailand

From the feedback we received, we found out that you don’t have many options to convert INR to THB in Thailand. And if it is available the conversion charges are going to be high and very unfavourable.

₹50,000 = 21795 THB (Bank of Thailand Rates)

Now compare with first two and see the difference yourself. You lose considerable amount if you convert INR to THB in Thailand.

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Currency in Thailand – FAQs:

What Currency Should You Take to Thailand? or

What money to use in Thailand?

Thai Baht is the currency of Thailand but the best option for you (Indians travelling to Thailand) is to convert INR to USD here in India. It will be cheaper for you. Converting INR to Thai Baht in India, if Baht is available, is very expensive. You can obtain US Dollars at Interbank Rates with a surcharge of 0.5% from BookMyForex. And you will be able to exchange US Dollar to Thai Baht in Thailand at the same margin. You will end up paying just 1% in conversion charges.

Never change currency at an Aiport as they literally rob you. Changing currency at an airport is an expensive proposition.

You will get Thai Baht in India but it will be at Interbank Rate + 5–6% conversion charges. Thai Baht is considered an exotic currency which means it is thinly traded and not available easily in the Indian market.

How much money do you need a day in Thailand?

On an average, you will need USD 25 per day in Thailand. If you want a bit more comfort then you will need 30-35 US Dollars.

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