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Currency in Thailand
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Best Currency To Use In Thailand: Quick Guide and Tips

Currency in Thailand


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Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There’s so much to love about Thailand, including its amazing wildlife, mesmerizing beaches, beautiful architecture, and overall serenity. The fact that Thailand offers so much diversity to travelers is one of the major reasons why it attracts so many tourists. However, one thing that confuses everyone is what’s the best currency to use in Thailand. Let’s take a closer look at this!

Which currency is the best one to use in Thailand?

Here are 3 scenarios to answer the above question:

1: Carry US dollars to Thailand

2: Carry Thai Baht to Thailand

3: Carry Indian Rupees & convert them in Thailand

1st Scenario: Carry US dollars to Thailand

You can use US dollars in Thailand. Once the INR is converted to USD, you can load it onto a Forex card or take it in the form of currency notes. In fact, it is cheaper to convert INR to USD in India than to convert into Thailand currency. However, this may not be the best way for carrying currency in Thailand. The reason for this is that some places in Thailand might not accept the US Dollar. In that case, you will have to convert the US Dollar into Thailand’s official currency, i.e. Thai Baht. In the process of converting USD to THB, you’ll have to pay currency conversion charges again.

2nd Scenario: Carry Thai Baht to Thailand

You can carry Thai Baht as it is accepted everywhere in Thailand, thus you can exchange INR for THB before leaving for your trip. By doing so, you would not need to convert the currency to any other currency in Thailand before using it. With BookMyForex, India’s largest and leading online forex marketplace, you can now get the best INR to THB exchange rates in your city. Both Forex Card and/or THB currency notes will be delivered to your doorstep the same day in 50+ cities. 

3rd Scenario: Carry Indian Rupees to Thailand

Carrying Indian rupees to Thailand and converting them there is another option but this will cost you a lot. It is common to find small currency exchange stores in Thailand where you can convert INR to THB. These exchange shops are often located in popular tourist areas where tourists are offered unreasonable rates for currency exchange. You will be able to obtain better rates online on a dedicated currency exchange platform like BookMyForex than at these shops.

Which currency one should take to Thailand?

If convenience & ease of currency usage are your top priorities, then it is best to exchange INR to THB here in India via BookMyForex before traveling to Thailand. It is important to know that the Thai Baht is regarded as an exotic currency, which means that it is not easily available in the Indian market and is expensive too as it is thinly traded. 

On the other hand, if saving is your top priority, then you can convert INR to USD at even better rates than INR to THB via BookMyForex and take USD when traveling to Thailand. When you exchange INR for USD, you can save up to 4% compared to when you exchange INR for THB in India. However, the only downside is that USD may not be accepted everywhere in Thailand, so you may have to convert USD to THB again, which is inconvenient and you may have to pay cross-currency charges too. Lastly, if you carry Indian rupees to Thailand, you will end up paying at least 5-7% more as compared to other options, hence it is the least favorable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are US dollars accepted in Thailand?

Yes, you can use US dollars in Thailand. It is actually cheaper to convert INR to USD than INR to THB in India. This is because the Thai Baht has limited availability in the Indian market and is thinly traded since it is considered an exotic currency. It is important to note that US dollars may not be accepted everywhere, but the Thai Baht, being the official currency, will be accepted throughout Thailand.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Thailand?

Yes, it’s better to exchange money before you travel to Thailand as it will be a much cheaper proposition for you. You can book your order on BookMyForex & get the best currency rates. With live and real-time conversion rates displayed 24*7, you can order whenever it is convenient for you.

Is it safe to carry cash in Thailand?

It is never safe to carry large amounts of cash because of obvious reasons like theft & robbery. Hence, It’s advisable to carry a Forex card rather than carrying cash when you are traveling to Thailand. By opting for a BookMyForex card over foreign currency notes, you can save between 0.5% and 2%.

How much cash can I carry to Bangkok?

Indians can carry as much as 3000 USD or its equivalent to Bangkok.

Is Thailand cheaper than India?

Thailand has something to offer everyone, from budget travelers to luxury travelers. Thailand is the cheapest country to visit from India. Traveling around the country, accommodation, food, etc is cost-effective too.  

How can I avoid ATM fees in Thailand?

You shouldn’t use ATMs when you are in Thailand. To avoid ATM fees, you should carry a Forex card before you head off to Thailand. You can buy one at BookMyForex and get the best deal possible in India. You can save anywhere between 3.5% to 6% if you use a BookMyForex card instead of a credit/debit card. 

Can I use a credit card in Thailand? 

Yes, you can use a credit card in Thailand but you would be incurring a staggering amount as charges if you swipe it in Thailand. Instead, You should rather carry a Forex card with you which will help you save anywhere between 3.5% to 6%. 

How much Thai Baht can I carry from India?

You can only carry 3000 USD or equivalent currency per person per travel from India.

What currency do they use in Thailand?

Thai Baht (THB) is the official currency that’s used in Thailand. Besides THB, US dollars are also acceptable in Thailand. If you plan to travel to Thailand in the near future, you can buy THB or USD currency online from BookMyForex. 

Is Thailand currency cheaper than India?

Thailand’s currency is not cheaper than the Indian rupee. Even though Thailand is a much smaller nation than India, its currency is stronger than the Indian Rupee. This is mainly due to Thailand’s exports.

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