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Passport with Money
September 2, 2021 Travel
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Get Citizenship Easily: Countries Selling Citizenship to Indians for Money

Passport with Money


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Last Updated: Thur, 2nd Sep’21

Indians are more keen than ever to obtain the citizenship of foreign countries where they have always dream of settling. In fact, selling citizenship to people has emerged as a profitable business for countries over the last few years. The main reason why countries sell citizenship is to boost investment inflows and bring in top talents from different parts of the world.

Based on a report of the Ministry of External Affairs, there are about 32 million Indians residing abroad, whom we call NRIs. People usually immigrate in search of a better lifestyle, lucrative job opportunities etc. The good news is that anyone can buy a residency permit or overseas citizenship in return for a specified sum or investment.

While offering citizenship to foreigners can attract substantial investments, it has been argued that over dependence on citizenship programs can negatively affect economies in the long run. If you have been wondering which country is easy to get citizenship for Indian, you have luckily landed on the right blog.

Here are the top 23 countries where Indians can easily obtain citizenship given that they meet all the requirements.


CountryInception YearMinimum InvestmentResidency RequirementsQualification Period
Antigua & Barbuda2013USD 100,0005 days within a 5-year periodImmediate
Cyprus2011€2.5 millionNo(under revision)Immediate
Dominica1993USD 100,000NoImmediate
Grenada2014USD 350,000NoImmediate
Malta2014USD 1.1 million6 Months1 Year
St. Kitts & Nevis1984USD 200,000NoImmediate
Bulgaria2009512000No5 Years
CanadaMid-1990sCAD 800,000730 days within a 5-year period3 Years
AustriaN.AUSD 3.5 millionNA10 Years
Vanuatu2015USD 130,000NoImmediate
France2013€10 millionNA5 Years
Greece2013200000No7 Years
Hungary2013300000No8 Years
Ireland2012€1 millionNoN.A
Latvia2010250000No10 years
New ZealandN.AUSD 2 million146 Days/year5 years
Portugal20123500007 Days/year6 years
SingaporeN.ASGD 2.5 millionNo2 years
Spain2013500000No10 years
United Kingdom1994£2 million185 Days/year6 years
United States1990USD 1.8 million180 days/year7 years

1. Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Baruda is a twin-island nation known for its beautiful landscapes and stunning sand beaches. A substantial real estate investment along with a donation worth USD 100,000 to the development fund of the country can easily get you citizenship. What’s noteworthy is that the passport of this island nation will allow you to travel to 151 countries without Visa.

2. Cyprus

Cyprus is nothing less than a wonderland for people seeking natural beauty. You can become a citizen of Cyprus, however, its investment program is somewhat expensive. You will have to shell out around $2.5 million in investments. As of now, the program has been temporarily suspended.

 3. Dominica

Deemed the Caribbean’s nature island, Dominica offers instant citizenship to people with a minimum donation of $100,000 to the government fund. There is no special residency requirement or language test for obtaining citizenship. Once you become a citizen, your passport will have a 10-year validity.

 4. Grenada

With an investment of $350,000 in real estate holdings, you can obtain the citizenship of Grenada. Another qualifying investment you can make to get citizenship is by donating an amount of $150,000 to Grenada Government fund.

5. Malta

Malta is one of the best countries selling citizenship to Indians as it offers Visa-free access to 183 countries in the world. Maltese citizenship will cost you roughly $1.1 million which you will have to invest in real estate and donations simultaneously.

6. St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis is a dual-island country in the Caribbean that boasts unmatched natural scenery. A one-time investment of $200,000 in real estate can entitle you to lifetime citizenship in St. Kitts & Nevis. The citizenship application process will complete without requiring a single visit.

7. Bulgaria

When it comes to taking the citizenship of Bulgaria, the process is quite flexible and there is no need to reside in the country. An investment worth €512,000 in various investment funds for 5 years is all that is required for obtaining citizenship.

8. Canada

Canada has long been known for its clean air and excellent health care facilities. People looking to immigrate to Canada must have a minimum net worth of CAD 2 million. For acquiring citizenship, you will have to make an investment of CAD 800,000 in qualified programs. You will also have to undergo a medical evaluation.

9. Austria

Famous for its architectural beauty, Austria is another country where Indians can opt for citizenship with an investment of USD 3.5 million. Austria’s passport will make you eligible for living in all EU (European Union) member countries. You will also get Visa-free access to 187 places.

 10. Vanuatu

Boasting pristine waters and scenic landscapes, Vanuatu is a world famous destination. Indian citizens can gain Vanuatu citizenship in 1 month simply by making a one-time contribution of $130,000. What makes this country stand out is the fact that it gives its inhabitants the freedom to enjoy dual citizenship.

 11. France

While France does not have a direct investment program for citizenship, it offers a 10-year long residency permit to foreign entrepreneurs who can make non-speculative investments. The investment must be long-term with a minimum amount of €10 million.

12. Greece

People who are short on budget are bound to fall in love with Greece owing to its low cost of living. To become a citizen of Greece, you will have to stay in the country for 7 years. Also, keep in mind that an investment worth €200,000 in real estate will also be required.

 13. Hungary

Hungary is a culturally rich, booming hub of opportunities located in central Europe. The country offers citizenship to people who can purchase government bonds worth €300,000 for a period of 5 years.

 14. Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful and expensive country to live in. Indians looking to get Ireland citizenship must have a net worth of €2 million. On top of this, they should be able to invest €1 million in an approved investment fund.

15. Latvia

Latvia offers the easiest citizenship for Indian citizens and doesn’t require the individual’s presence for the renewal of residence permit. All you need to do is to purchase real estate worth €250,000 and contribute 5% of this amount to the state budget.

16. New Zealand

Living in New Zealand has indeed been a lifelong dream of many Indians. This island nation boasts breathtaking landscapes and remarkable hiking trails for adventurers. Indians can easily get citizenship in New Zealand by investing a minimum sum of USD 2 million over a period of 4 years.

 17. Portugal

Portugal is one of most sought after destinations among retirees. The country grants citizenship to Indians who can invest in property worth €350,000. Take note that you will be made to undergo a Portuguese history test before the country’s citizenship is granted to you.

 18. Singapore

The beauty and excellent infrastructure of Singapore attracts investors from around the world. An investment of SGD 2.5 million into a business or fund can make you eligible for the country’s citizenship.

 19. Spain

Spain’s citizenship process takes 10 years to complete. You need to invest an amount of €500,000 which is renewable after 2 years. Staying in Spain can give you the opportunity to feast on delicious dishes and relish jaw-dropping beaches.

20. Montenegro

Popular for its fantastic scenery, Montenegro has come up with a newly launched citizenship program. People seeking citizenship have to invest €250,000 in government-approved development projects. A contribution of €100,000 to the government will also be required.

21. United Kingdom

An investment of £2 million is needed to gain the residency of the United Kingdom. Initially, you will be allowed to stay in the UK as a temporary resident. After 6 years, you can apply for British citizenship.

 22. United States

Given the country’s thriving economy and high living standards, the United States is a big favorite among Indians. The USA immigrant investor program requires citizenship seekers to show their legal income source and invest $1.8 million in a newly established commercial enterprise.

23. Saint Lucia

If you are looking to enjoy Visa-free trips to 146 countries, applying for Saint Lucia’s citizenship would prove beneficial. A one-time payment of $100,000 to Saint Lucia’s government fund will qualify you for citizenship. Alternatively, you can invest USD 250,000 in Covid government bonds which are refundable after a 5-year period.


Now that you know which countries sell citizenship to Indians, take a quick look at these frequently asked questions.

Q1. Which country’s citizenship is easiest to get for an Indian?

While there are a plethora of countries that offer citizenship to Indian citizens, a majority of them have long procedures. Some foreign countries where Indians can easily get citizenship are Ireland, Dominican Republic and Singapore.

Q2. Which country is hardest to get citizenship for an Indian?

There are numerous countries in the world that have strict citizenship laws which make it difficult for people to immigrate. Bhutan, Qatar, Vatican City are some of those where Indian people are bound to have a hard time seeking citizenship.

Q3. Which country’s citizenship is best?

Thanks to citizenship programs, Indian citizens can now fulfill their dream of living in the country of their choice. Since different countries boast different benefits, the best one can only be determined based on what you are looking for.

Q4. Which country is cheapest for citizenship?

Many people believe that a person has to be super rich to get another country’s citizenship. However, this is not true. Dominica and Antigua & Barbuda are the two of the cheapest countries in the world for Indians looking to immigrate with a limited budget.

Final Words

Gone are the days when rich people used to invest their hard-earned money on private jets and luxury villas. Buying the citizenship of foreign countries has become the new trend among affluent Indians. Living in a foreign country and experiencing new sights is a sure shot way to pave the way for a rewarding experience. Renowned immigration firms like Astons, Arton Capital and Henley & Partners can simplify your citizenship acquiring journey to a great extent. Before you apply for citizenship, make sure you familiarize yourself with the official language of the country and its customs to blend in with the locals seamlessly.



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