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Best Universities for ROI
December 5, 2017 Study Abroad
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10 Best Universities for ROI in USA

Best Universities for ROI


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Best Universities for ROI- A list of 10 universities that are every penny dollar you spend there

Higher Education is expensive. And as an Indian student, the priority always is to get into a good university first and then worry about the expenses later. Unfortunately, the quality of higher education has seen a decline in India. And it is incredibly hard to get into a government-funded university or college. So a lot of students choose to attend a foreign university. But they’re expensive with tuition fees ranging from a minimum of 15 lac per year to even a crore.  So attending college is one of the most expensive investment you will ever make. And where there is an investment, you expect good returns.

We have compiled a list of best universities for ROI in the USA so as to help you weigh the costs and benefits of their educational options. European Universities are not in this list as most educational establishments in Europe are tuition free but most courses/degrees are in native languages than in English.

We have used data collected by Payscale and put together a list of 1o best universities for ROI in the USA. That is these universities offer you the highest return on their tuition dollar. “Return on Investment” or ROI rankings for each school are primarily comprised from two factors — the true cost of attending a school weighed against the median earning power of its graduates over 30 years.

10 Best Universities for ROI in no particular order:

1. SUNY Maritime College-New York

SUNY Maritime College as the name suggests specializes in Maritime Engineering and related courses. It beats out all Ivy League universities when it comes to ‘Return on Investments’. SUNY Maritime College is a maritime college located in the Bronx, New York, United States. Founded in 1874, SUNY Maritime is relatively a small college with a student strength of less than 2000.

Cost: $90,530(₹5,832,836)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,586,000 (₹102,191,574)

% Aid: 43%

Average Aid Amount: $5,567(₹358,701)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,552,000 (₹100,003,606)

2. Georgia Tech-Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology commonly referred as Georga Tech is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia. The institute concentrates mostly on Engineering courses like software, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, project, civil, and senior mechanical. Founded in 1885, Georgia Tech is home to 30,000 students out of which 16000 are undergraduates. Georgia Tech is very reputable for its engineering programs.

Cost: $87,030 (₹5,607,792)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,389,000(₹89,500,451)

% Aid: 78%

Average Aid Amount: $10,946(₹705,249)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,440,000(₹92,779,026)

3. University of California, Berkley

Founded in 1868, Berkeley is one of the ten research universities affiliated with the University of California. It is ranked as one of the world’s most prestigious universities and the top public university in the United States. UC offers courses in liberal arts as well as STEM disciplines. Though most of the high paying jobs are offered to engineering graduates. Currently, there are 41910 students enrolled in the university with nearly 31000 undergraduates.

Cost: $125,000 (₹8,054,381)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,182,000(₹76,161,810)

% Aid: 56%

Average Aid Amount: $15,272 (₹984,057)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,246,000(₹80,286,499)

4. University of California-San Diago

University of California San Diago charges fees lower than other universities affiliated to University of California system. Because of the grants and scholarships this university offers, the Return on Investments is stellar. Founded in 1903, UCSD currently has 35816 students in its rolls. Most of the students studying here prefer a career in lucrative STEM fields like engineering, software development, and biotechnology.

Cost: $115,500 (₹7,440,078)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,042,000 (₹67,120,722)

% Aid: 68%

Average Aid Amount: $15,325 (₹987,164)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,109,000 (₹71,447,447)

2017 Edition: Top Universities in the United States

5. The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

UoL Urbana—Champaign is in the state of Illinois and is one of the prestigious public research universities in the world. University was founded in 1867 and today 47800 students are enrolled here. University offers more than 150 programs through its 17 colleges. Though most students prefer the high-paying fields like engineering and computer science. UoL consistently features high in world university rankings every year.

Cost: $109,000 (₹7,020,618)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,028,000 (₹66,212,516)

% Aid: 46%

Average Aid Amount: $11,274 (₹726,147)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,075,000 (₹69,240,234)

6. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook is in New York and is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. More than 70% students here receive financial grant every year. Like all other universities on this list, the popular courses are the engineering ones but a large number of students study Nursing and Education as well. Established in 1957, Stony Brook today has more than 21000 students on its rolls. One of the best universities in the US from a financial grants point of view.

Cost: $82,620 (₹5,320,851)

30 Year Net ROI: $1,023,000 (₹65,881,222)

% Aid: 68%

Average Aid Amount: $7,473 (₹481,225)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,056,000(₹68,000,066)

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7. Purdue University

Purdue University is a public research university and the main campus is in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was established in 1869 and today has more than 40,000 students on its rolls. Purdue’s engineering courses are highly acclaimed and because of which majority of students prefer an engineering degree. Most popular career paths include mechanical, project, electrical, and software engineering

Cost: $93,210 (₹6,004,372)

30 Year Net ROI: $935,000 (₹60,227,801)

% Aid: 47%

Average Aid Amount: $9,243 (₹595,334)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $976,700 (₹62,908,602)

8. University of Maryland-College Park

The University of Maryland campus is in the city of College Park in Prince George’s County, Maryland. UMD as its locally knows is a public research university. University was established in 1856 and today has nearly 39500 students in its enrolls. UMD is highly reputed for its Business and STEM courses. Most popular courses are software and mechanical engineering, IT project management, and human resources.

Cost: $92,510(₹5,958,850)

30 Year Net ROI: $934,800 (₹60,213,067)

% Aid: 64%

Average Aid Amount: $7,232 (₹465,833)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $965,300 (₹62,180,563)

9. University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas’s most popular courses are Law and Petroleum Engineering. The University of Texas main campus is at Austin, Texas. It was established in 1883 and has more than 50,000 students under its wings. One of the best public universities in the USA.

Cost: $101,500  ( ₹6,536,475)

30 Year Net ROI: $931,100 (₹59,962,032)

% Aid: 54%

Average Aid Amount: $9,097 (₹585,925)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $971,100 (₹62,547,248)

10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Popularly called UMich, the university campus is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most popular courses for UMich graduates are mechanical engineering, software engineering, senior mechanical engineering, management consulting, and legal practice. UMich was established in 1817 and today has more than 44500 students studying here. UMich attracts a large number of students for its MBA course.

Cost: $100,600 (₹6,477,761)

30 Year Net ROI: $901,400 (₹58,042,289)

% Aid: 49%

Average Aid Amount: $12,800 (₹824,271)

30 Years ROI with Aid: $955,400 (₹61,525,238)

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