November 23, 2018
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1 EUR to INR in 1990 to 2018 | EUR INR Historical Exchange Rates



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A look at the EUR to INR historical exchange rates


Euro is the official currency of the 19 members of the European Union. Euro is the second most traded currency in the world after US Dollar. As of 2018, 343 million Europeans approximately use Euro daily. Euro has the highest currency circulation value in the world with an estimated €1.2 trillion in circulation. Euro was established in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty with the name Euro officially adopted in December of 1995. Euro exchange rates are determined by the Council of the European Union. The rates were set so that one European Currency Unit equals 1 Euro. In January 1999 Euro replaced the European Currency Unit. Unlike ECU which was not a real currency, Euro is. The notes and coins for the old currencies, however, continued to be used as legal tender until new euro notes and coins were introduced on 1 January 2002.

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EUR to INR Exchange

Euro to INR is a very popular exchange rate although not of the same levels as Euro to USD or INR to USD. Europeans travel to India for holidays during their winter and Indians travel to Europe for holidays and honeymoon during India’s summer. The winter months are very harsh and cold in Europe and it is natural to escape towards warmer regions. Similarly, the summer months in India are unbearably hot and humid, so Indians who can afford to, travel to Europe to escape the heat. And European countries are very famous honeymoon destinations for people all across the globe and not just Indians. Because of this flow of people between Europe and India, we see a lot of Eur to INR or INR to EUR currency exchange.

1 EUR to INR Historical Exchange Rates

Year   1 EUR to INR     Year    1 EUR to INR    
  1990 24.93    2005 54.81
1991 34.48 2006 56.84
1992 43.73 2007 56.42
1993 38.71 2008 63.61
1994 39.78 2009 67.36
1995 44.93 2010 60.59
1996 45.38 2011 64.89
1997 43.57 2012 68.6
1998 50.37 2013 77.93
1999 50.73 2014 81.04
2000 45.32 2015 71.02
2001 42.25 2016 74.37
2002 45.92 2017 73.53
2003 52.61 2018 85.80
2004 56.3
  • Source:
  • Note: ECU was the common currency of Euroe before EURO but the rates were similar as 1 Euro was equal to 1 ECU when Euro came into existence.

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Euro is one of the most traded and popular currencies in the world. And is a quite a hassle to get the best euro exchange ratesIt is important that once you fly out to any European country, you need to ensure that you have changed money to Euros. And you will find plenty of money exchange dealers in India who can change INR to Euros. But the question is whether they get you the best euro exchange rates. Often, they claim they have the best rates and use display boards to display the daily money euro rate or other currencies.

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