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You can place your order online by visiting the BookMyForex website with the comfort of your home. You just need to select a Forex card, the currency that you want to load on it and the amount that you want to convert Indian Rupees to that foreign currency. You can make payment online and the card would be delivered directly to your home, the same say in all probability.

Otherwise, you can call at +91-9212219191 and our customer service executive would assist you in getting the best Forex card suitable to your needs and also answer your queries.


If you are travelling to USA, you must carry your major part of currency in a forex card. Forex cards are considered the safest way to carry foreign currency. They are just like prepaid VISA/Mastercard cards which can contain a single currency or even multiple currencies in case you are looking to travel to some other country other than the US.

It's advised to carry 70% of your total amount in a forex card and the rest 30% in cash which can be used to pay for small expenses. You should also carry a spare forex card in case you lose one somehow.

BookMyForex also makes sure that the transfers get processed within the fastest time possible. All the international money transfers are processed within 24 working hours after receipt of the funds & documents. The funds will be received by the beneficiary abroad within 24 hours at no extra cost.

It's worth noting sometimes the beneficiary's bank may charge a cross-border fee so the person you are sending money to, it's always a good idea to confirm with the beneficiary's bank. At BookMyForex, we like to keep full transparency at every step so you pay what you see on the screen.

Currency Exchange orders received prior to 1 pm are delivered on the same business day. Any order received after 1 pm may still be delivered on the same business day but even in the worst case scenario, we guarantee delivery on the next business day. In case you have any queries or want to know about the turn-around time before booking the USD order, you can call us or use the live chat feature on our website and our customer executive will give you the full details.    

The right time to buy USD in India would be when it’s sliding downwards and becoming comparatively weaker to Indian Rupee. For example, 1 USD was equivalent to 77.20 in April 2020. That was the highest US Dollar ever reached in history. RBI took proactive steps and now 1 USD = 72.90 INR. If you purchase 1 USD today, you would have to shell out INR 72.90 in comparison to 77.20 in April 2020.

Note: We’d highly recommend you not to time the currency markets if you do not know much knowledge. At BookMyForex, we provide you to lock the currency rates for upto 3 days and you could use that feature if you think US Dollar value will rise in comparison to Indian Rupee.

The lowest ever USD to INR would be 1 USD = 3.30 INR in 1947 at the time of India’s independence. Essentially, history begins from the time the Bretton Woods agreement was passed in 1944. The value of every currency in the world was decided by this contract. During the time that India achieved independence, everyone slowly adapted to it.

The value of INR has steadily dropped since Independence in 1947. The ratio of INR to USD in 1913 should be 0.09 as per the modern metric system, and if we hold the 1 USD = 1 INR claim then the value went to 3.31 in 1948 and 3.67 in 1949, then INR was 7.50 to 1 USD by 1970.

The highest ever USD to INR conversion rate is 77.20 till date. 1 USD equalled 77.20 on 2 April 2020 when there was extreme fear around COVID-19 pandemic. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) then quickly took proactive measures and did not let Indian Rupee slide any further beyond.

If you fly on a regular basis, you're probably already aware that it can be terribly costly to exchange currency at the airport. Most people would know that if you are doing currency conversion at airports, you could end up paying upto 12% in the form of margins.

In other words, if you were to buy Rs. 2 lac (approx. 2740 USD) of foreign currency from an Indian airport, you will have to shell out about somewhere between 5%-12% markup on the exchange. You should rather choose BookMyForex for USD to INR conversion where you’d only have to pay 0.8%-1.5% on your forex conversion.

Some local money changers will quote you exceptionally good rates and shall give your door delivery too, but you should not trust them. The problem happens as the genuineness of currency is compromised and the hidden charges that they might demand later.

There are many fake notes in circulation, and there have been many stances of counterfeit notes being provided to the customers in exchange for USD. The hidden charges might come in the shape of inflated taxes which they shall not tell you while quoting rates or some use the terms like Bank fees or storage charges. At BookMyForex, the tax slabs are transparently displayed on the site.

We are present in more than 650 cities through partner locations and provide door delivery in more than 185 cities. So if you want the best rates and complete convenience in exchanging your USD, book your dollars here and relax.

If you are looking to remit money from India to the USA, you have arrived at the right place. There’s no minimum limit as such set on BookMyForex but you have to adhere to the maximum limit of USD 250,000 which is also the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) annual limit set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Within a financial year, an individual who is an Indian resident cannot cross the set limit.

  • Live Rates Bookings: BookMyForex gives you the luxury of booking USD currency at live rates. In case you visit banks directly, they will not be able to match the rates provided by us as they keep a fixed rate for the day.
  • Rate Hold Facility: This facility can be availed if you think US Dollar (USD) rate will rise. You can block the rates for the next 3 days. 
  • Rate Alert Feature: You will constantly be informed of fluctuations in the US Dollar currency with our rate alert feature. To keep refreshing and reviewing the latest exchange rates does not make logical sense, so that's why we have this function only for you. 
  • Best Exchange Rates: BookMyForex will give you the best US Dollar exchange rates available in India. To ensure you get the most amazing offer, we have a range of ties with banks and other forex dealers. 
  • Better Rate Request: You can demand a better rate or simply call 9212219191 to obtain the best possible US Dollar rate from our customer service executive if you are not pleased with the US Dollar rate quoted by BookMyForex.

You should convert USD TO INR in India because you’d only have to pay a 0.5%-1.5% markup fee if you do it via BookMyForex. This is the best case scenario for you as if you do it via banks, you’d be paying 2.5%-6% markup on USD to INR conversion in India. Converting USD to INR in India and especially via BookMyForex is bound to provide you the best value possible.

Fixed vs Live Rates: Unlike licensed banks providing foreign exchange at fixed rates for the day, BookMyForex allows customers to convert INR to USD at live and direct rates. Live USD rates can only be found on the BookMyForex forex rate page.

Individual vs Aggregator: As a digitally powered currency exchange marketplace, BookMyForex first compares USD rates across 100s of currency exchanges near to your location and provides you with the best USD exchange rates. We have special ties with several banks and other approved vendors that enable us to provide the best possible offer for our customers.

Live US Dollar Exchange Rates

USD Interbank Rate₹83.54
USD Buying Rate₹83.8
USD Selling Rate₹83.7889
USD Remittance Rate₹84.14

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