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Major Support Level ₹70.70
Major Resistance Level ₹72.55

USD Rates are likely to increase over the next few days*

USD to INR Forecast for different time periods
  Range Expected
Today 71.20- 71.55
7 days 70.90 - 71.65
30 days 70.70 - 72.55
1 Year 69.00 - 73.00

USD to INR Forecast Updates

Rupee recovered on grouds of the announcement by FM about corporate rate cuts, stronger Yuan and the revival of US - China trade talks. Watch the video to understand the factors impacting Rupee this week and the likely band in which it will progress.

USD to INR Frequently Asked Questions

To answer the legendary question–How the Indian rupee has devalued since 1947 till date?We’ve come up with a simple clarification. If you believe that exchanging 1 USD to INR in 1947 would have got you 1 Rupee exactly, then, sadly, that’s not true reason being when India got her independence in the year 1947, there were no outstanding credits on the balance sheet of India that kept Indian Rupee at parity with the US Dollar. Also, the Indian Rupee was pegged to Pounds then since India was under British Raj, keeping the value stable at that moment. As reported: from 1927 to 1966, 1 pound valued to 13 INR. Right after Independence however, the Indian rupee continued to peg to the British pound at a rate of 1 rupee = 1 shilling and 6 pence what can be withdrawn from the stated that as 13 1/3 rupees per British pound. However, the sources state that British pound would have worth about 4 USD at that point of time – hence, concluding that the US Dollar would’ve been more than 3Rs then. When India launched its first 5 Year Plan, the Indian Rupee resultingly used to peg with the U.S. dollar at a rate of 7.5 rupees = 1 dollar until 1971.
Indian Rupee has performed well against other major currencies which include currencies of other Emerging Market Economies. Hence, it’s the US Dollar that has gained against the majority of currencies. Indian Rupee however has weakened against the US Dollar, so have almost all major currencies against US Dollars. But when we compare the data of last 5 years then Indian Rupee has appreciated against almost all major currencies. However, despite the appreciation against other currencies, a weak rupee against the dollar will have a significant impact on India’s economy since US Dollar is the main currency for international trade

USD to INR Currency Conversion

The American dollar (USD to INR) is one of the strongest currencies in the world. It is the official currency for the United States of America and its territories. USD is majorly used for international transactions making it the world’s primary reserve currency. The Indian Rupee is highly exchanged with USD because of two primary reasons:

  • Several American corporations have their branches in India. This presence leads to the exchange of both manpower and money.
  • NRI's form 1% of the USA population as around 3.1 million Indians are present in America.

Besides these reasons, USD is accepted in several countries where it is difficult and expensive to exchange the Indian Rupee. Thus, making USD a cheaper option than the local currency of the place someone chooses to travel to.


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BookMyForex was established in 2012 with the mission of bringing total transparency in the currency exchange market and provide a seamless experience to the people looking for currency exchange and forex related services in India. Apart from currency exchange services, BookMyForex also deals with forex card issuance, loading/unloading of the prepaid travel card. Traveller’s cheque and international remittance related services.

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