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Why BookMyForex is the Best Platform for International Money Transfer
September 20, 2023 Transfer Money Abroad
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Why bookmyforex is the best platform for international money transfer

Why BookMyForex is the Best Platform for International Money Transfer


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In today’s highly interconnected world, the demand for seamless international money transfer services has become paramount. For years, the traditional banking model has been trusted and relied upon for money transfers abroad, but FinTech platforms like BookMyForex are revolutionizing forex products and resulting in more cost-effective and innovative banking services for customers.

This blog explores the various factors that establish BookMyForex as the undisputed leader in the international money transfer space.

Decoding why BookMyForex is the Ultimate Choice For International Money Transfer

When it comes to sending money abroad for various purposes such as tuition fees for university, medical expenses for close relatives, the living expenses of a family member, or sending money to friends overseas, BookMyForex has emerged as the ultimate solution in providing a seamless and reliable platform for transferring funds across borders. 

With the best exchange rates and a host of other benefits, it has cemented its position as a reputed platform for international money transfers. Let us delve into the reasons why BookMyForex has become the preferred choice for Indians sending money abroad.

1. Best Exchange Rates

When it comes to exchange rates, BookMyForex isn’t just in the race; it’s actually taking the lead. The platform prides itself on providing the best exchange rates. No more hidden fees, no more unexpected surprises. What you see is what you get. While traditional banks can have markups as high as 2.5%, BookMyForex offers live and transparent forex rates, thereby offering substantial savings in your transactions. 

2. Zero Transfer Fees 

Imagine, for a moment, initiating an international money transfer without worrying about the transfer fees. Yes, it’s possible! With BookMyForex, your transfer fees are exactly what you expect them to be – Zero. By using the promo code “ZEROBANKFEE,” you can enjoy the convenience of transferring money overseas without the burden of any additional charges. So don’t settle for less when you can save up to 5% with BookMyForex in comparison to traditional options.

3. Convenient Online Booking Option

The platform enables customers to initiate money transfers 24*7, from the comfort of their homes or offices. With a user-friendly interface, the entire process is simplified, making it easy for you to navigate and complete the transactions seamlessly. Just upload a few documents along with some relevant details and that’s it. The online platform also eliminates the need for physical visits to banks or money transfer agencies, saving customers valuable time and effort. 

4. Safe & Reliable Process

When it comes to money transfers, ensuring the safety of your funds is of utmost importance. With large sums of money involved, it is crucial to avoid unreliable service providers. To guarantee the security of money transfers, BookMyForex exclusively processes transactions through reputed partner banks. It also adheres to stringent regulatory guidelines and employs state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that transactions are secure. 

5. Quick & Express Service

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional money transfers that take days or even weeks to reach their destination. BookMyForex platform has redefined the concept of quick money transfers, where distance no longer dictates delay and you can swiftly send money abroad to 150+ countries. With a transfer speed of just 12-48 hours, you can securely and quickly send money to your loved ones overseas. 

6. Book Now & Pay Later

“Book Now & Pay Later” is a great feature offered by BookMyForex that allows you to lock in your desired rates for up to 3 days. By paying a refundable deposit of just 2%, you can freeze the rates and avoid any potential fluctuations in the exchange rates. By locking in the rates, you can rest assured that you will be able to transact at the same favorable rate even if the forex market experiences a sudden change.

7. Transparency and trustworthiness

BookMyForex takes pride in its commitment to transparency and trustworthiness. Unlike traditional banks or other money transfer platforms, BookMyForex provides real-time or live exchange rates, that get updated every 3 seconds. This means that customers can access the most up-to-date rates available in the market. The platform also ensures complete visibility, with no hidden charges or surprises. 

8. Excellent Customer Support

BookMyForex recognizes that every customer has unique needs, and it is committed to providing personalized assistance throughout the money transfer process. Customer support is available both on-call and online, ensuring that customers can access assistance in a way that suits them best. The support team is well-equipped to handle any queries, concerns, or problems that customers may encounter during the money transfer order booking process. 

9. Reputed Bank Partners

BookMyForex ensures an exceptionally smooth money transfer process through partnerships with reputed banks in India such as Yes Bank, RBL Bank, and Axis Bank. These esteemed financial institutions not only enhance the reliability and security of your transactions with BookMyForex but also ensure that your funds are transferred as swiftly as possible.

10. Highest Rated Platform

BookMyForex stands as the highest-rated platform across all online platforms, illustrating its commitment to excellence. For instance, the platform has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5, based on a remarkable 783 reviews. This exceptional rating is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch service and ensuring that customers have a trustworthy and secure platform for their money transfer needs.

Choose the Best, Choose BookMyForex


✅Best Forex RatesJust 0.3% minimal markup over base rates
✅Zero Transfer ChargesUse promo code: ZEROBANKFEE
✅Convenient & Hassle-Free Process24x7 Online Booking Option
✅Safe & Secure TransferFunds Transferred via Reputed Banks
✅Quick Remittance ServiceTransfer Speed: 12 - 48 Hours
✅Book Now & Pay LaterFreeze rates for up to 3 days
✅Transparency and TrustworthinessLive & transparent rates, no hidden fees
✅Excellent Customer SupportOn-call and online customer assist service

Step-by-Step Guide for Booking Money Transfer Orders on the BookMyForex Platform

Using the BookMyForex platform for international money transfers is a convenient and secure way to send money abroad. By following these steps, you can easily book your order online and ensure a smooth transfer experience:

Step 1: Order Details: Choose your city and the country to which you are sending money, then enter the amount. To continue, click on “Book this Order”

Step 2:  Customer Details: Verify the remitter’s details via Aadhar card and PAN card

Step 3: Eligibility Check: Specify the purpose of your remittance & check your eligibility. Upload documents such as PAN card, Remitter’s photo cum address proof, etc

Step 4: Order Processing: Enter beneficiary details such as name, address, bank name, routing number, bank address, account number, & Swift code. Make sure to check & verify beneficiary swift code before sending money abroad.

Step 5: Review Order: Check your order details & then make payment via Net Banking, NEFT/RTGS or UPI

Wrapping Up

BookMyForex isn’t just another option; it’s the best solution for hassle-free international money transfers. So, when you think of seamless, cost-effective, reliable, and efficient international money transfers, think of BookMyForex – a MakeMyTrip group company and India’s most trusted forex platform.

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