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The Influence of Fintech Platforms on Cross-Border Money Transfers
December 6, 2023 Transfer Money Abroad
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The Impact of Fintech Platforms on Cross-Border Money Transfers

The Influence of Fintech Platforms on Cross-Border Money Transfers


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Summary: Whether you’re sending funds to family living abroad, paying your university fees, or investing in foreign markets, the method you choose can impact the overall cost, convenience, and reliability of the transaction. Discover how fintech is revolutionizing cross-border money transfers.

The impact of fintech platforms on cross-border money transfers is undeniable. These platforms have revolutionized the way we send and receive money across borders, thereby expanding the global reach. As fintech continues to advance, we can expect greater convenience and efficiency in cross-border financial transactions.

Fintech and Beyond: Cross-Border Money Transfers in the Digital Era

With the rise of fintech platforms, the process of sending money across borders has become faster, cheaper, and more convenient than ever before. Let’s understand the role of fintech companies in shaping this evolving landscape.

Transparency in Exchange Rates

One of the defining factors in cross-border transactions is the exchange rate. Unlike conventional options like banks, FinTech platforms provide transparent and live exchange rates, often closely aligned with base rates. This transparency ensures that users get the best value for their money, as opposed to banks, which may offer less favorable rates with hidden margins.

Reduced Transaction Costs

FinTech companies have disrupted the banking industry in India by adopting a budget-friendly approach. While traditional money transfer services impose exorbitant transfer fees ranging from 1000 to 1500 INR per transfer, FinTech platforms often offer minimal or zero transfer charges thus making it more cost-effective for individuals to send money abroad. 

Redefined Convenience 

The convenience of the process is a key differentiator between banks and FinTech platforms. While few banks may require in-person visits, extensive paperwork, and a time-consuming initiation process, FinTech platforms offer a 24×7 online booking option for international money transfers. This shift from physical branches to online platforms has redefined convenience, allowing users to initiate and complete transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Faster Transfer Speed

Waiting for days or sometimes even weeks for cross-border transfers can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, Fintech platforms have significantly reduced transfer speed, enabling individuals to transfer funds overseas much faster i.e. within 12-48 business hours. This faster transfer speed is especially useful in time-sensitive situations, such as medical emergencies or urgent funds needs abroad.

Expert Assistance

Navigating the complexities of international money transfers often requires expert assistance. FinTech platforms excel in this aspect, with dedicated remittance specialists providing seamless support to customers. This stands in contrast to traditional options, where finding staff well-versed in international remittances can be a challenge. The customer-centric approach of FinTech platforms ensures a smoother and more efficient experience for the end users.

Enhanced Security and Regulation

Financial security is of utmost importance when dealing with cross-border money transfers. While traditional banks boast a long-standing history, FinTech platforms have rapidly built trust through the implementation of robust security measures and strategic partnerships with banks. These partnerships ensure that users’ funds are held and transferred through reputable financial institutions, ensuring that transactions are conducted in a secure and compliant manner.

Rate Lock Feature

A notable feature exclusive to many FinTech platforms is the rate lock option. For instance, the “Book Now & Pay Later” feature available on the BookMyForex platform allows users to freeze desired exchange rates for up to 3 days, providing flexibility and control over their transactions. This feature is absent in traditional banks, where users often have to make immediate payments at prevailing exchange rates.


Fintech Platforms like BookMyForex

Banks/Offline Money Changers

Exchange Rates1. Provides Transparent and Live Exchange Rates
2. Rates Get Updated Every Few Seconds
1. Provides “Fixed Exchange Rates of the Day” to Counter Rate Fluctuations
2. No Transparency in Rates
Transaction Costs
1. Service Charges: Zero,
2. Bank Charges: Zero,
3. Nostro Charges: 1200-1500 INR depending on the currency & amount
1. Service Charges: INR 250-500,
2. Bank Charges: INR 1000-1500,
3. Nostro charges: INR 1500 depending on the currency & amount
Convenient Booking Option

1. 24*7 Online Booking Option Available
2. Book Online in Just a Few Minutes
3. Simple Documentation Process
1. Mandatory In-Branch Visit
2. Inconvenient & Time-consuming Process
3. Lengthy Documentation Process
Faster Transfer Speed

12- 48 Business HoursUp to 24-72 Business Hours
Expert Assistance1. Remittance Specialists to Assist Customers
2. Both On-Call and Online Customer Support Available
1. Limited Forex-specialized Branches
2. Lack of Dedicated Staff to Assist Customers
Enhanced Security and Regulation
1. Trusted Fintech Platform
2. Compliant with Financial Regulations
3. Employs State-Of-The-Art Encryption Technology
1. A Reputed Financial Institution
2. KYC and AML Procedures Followed
3. Multi-Factor Authentication
Rate Lock Feature1. Book Now & Pay Later Option Available
2. Lock-in Desired Rates for up to 3 Days
1. Book Now & Pay Later Option Not Available
2. Lesser Flexibility and Control over Rates

Wrapping Up:

To sum it up, fintech platforms like BookMyForex have emerged as game-changing solutions in the world of banking, revolutionizing the way individuals conduct cross-border money transfers. These platforms offer numerous advantages over traditional banking methods, revolutionizing the way money is sent and received across borders.

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