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US Dollar - USD

US Dollar (USD) is the currency of United States of America (USA). The US Dollar is the most standard and most widely used currency in the world. US Dollars are exchangeable in pretty much every coutry in the world. As a result of it's popularity and widespread use, US Dollars are the currency of choice when traveling to exotic countries. In India only a handful of currencies are traded on a regular basis and therefore only a few currencies are available easily in the market. If you cannot find the local currency of the country you're traveling to, taking USD would make the most sense. Upon reaching your destination, you can exchange your US Dollars for the local currency. Indian Rupees and most other currencies would most probably not be accepted for exchange in most exotic foreign countries. In some cases, it is indeed cheaper to carry US Dollars even if the local currency of the country you're traveling to is available. This is because currency rates, especially of products such as cash currency and traveler's cheques are priced based off a demand supply relationship. There is always a sufficient supply of US Dollars in India and therefore, USD is always available at affordable rates. This, however, is not true for many other currencies.

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