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Canadian Dollar Rates in Delhi

Have you exchanged foreign currency before in Delhi or going to exchange currency for the first time? If you are a frequent currency buyer and have bumped into this page in hope of getting better rate than your old forex vendor, you have hit the bull?s eye. In case you are a first time buyer, we will help you out not only with best rates but also recommendation on which forex product to buy for your holiday/ business trip/payments /transfers or any forex related query. BookMyForex is your best forex partner which helps you save considerable amount of money on your forex transactions along with complete convenience.

BookMyForex Products :

Our website provides you with real-time Canadian Dollar exchange rates today in Delhi any time of the day 365 days a year. With BookMyForex, you can book the live rates that you see on our site for any Canadian Dollar product be it CAD currency purchase or sale or a CAD remittance. We offer our services throughout Delhi and we even offer door delivery across all parts of Delhi. We stock every Canadian Dollar currency exchange product in the market including CAD traveler?s cheques, CAD forex cards and CAD currency notes along with overseas remittance products such as CAD demand drafts and CAD wire transfers. You will notice the live Canadian Dollar exchange rate today in Delhi changing right here on this page whenever the forex markets are open. Our banking tie-ups with some of the largest banks in India, allows us to service customers in every part of Delhi while providing the best CAD exchange rates today in Delhi.

How much is the saving over bank/forex companies

The foreign exchange rates in India depend upon several factors such as incoming foreign investments and the amount of export in the country. These factors keep on changing constantly and therefore foreign exchange just like stock market keeps on changing each second during the market hours. There is no possibility of the foreign exchange rates to be fixed for an entire day but most of the banks and money changers sell/buy forex applying this practice. They keep a large margin to protect themselves from fluctuations so that they do not lose even if the market goes against them, but at BookMyForex we display and transact at live market rates thus allowing you to choose, decide and then opt for the best time and rate to process your foreign exchange transaction and therefore you end up saving 2.5% - 6.5% over bank/forex companies.

How much is the saving over international credit/ debit cards

Credit and debit cards claim to provide you better service and good forex rates abroad but do you know that they are one of the most expensive mode to exchange money. It is very lucrative to use your international credit or debit card abroad for shopping or eating out in place of foreign currency but take some time to see your statement and you will realize how expensive it is. We had surveyed a sample size in Delhi and to our surprise many people were not aware that they are losing their hard earned money by using their credit/debit cards abroad. You should be aware that you will save 3.5% - 6% over international credit/debit cards if you buy a foreign exchange travel card which is the most convenient way to carry forex abroad.

How much is the saving over airport exchange counters

There are many busy bees that leave foreign exchange to airport exchange counter but do you know that it is the worst thing to do. Maintaining a sale point at airport is very expensive and all that cost is added on your forex. Purchasing currency at BookMyForex will help you save 6.5% - 13% over airport exchange counters. If you are extremely busy to visit any store and get your currency exchanged, BookMyForex App on your mobile phone or just visit our site and book your order in few steps and which will be delivered at your doorstep.

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