March 12, 2013
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USD To INR currency conversion – How to avoid a common travel blunder

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US Dollar is the most accepted currency globally and one of the only currencies that can be exchanged for the local currency throughout the world. No matter where you travel across the globe, USD always works. For Indians traveling to exotic countries converting your INR to USD before travelling is of the utmost importance.

We hear of so many sordid stories everyday where travelers end up reaching their destination only to figure out that they can’t pay for any of their expenses as they completely overlooked the process of getting the local currency. If you’re traveling to a country and you can’t seem to find that country’s local currency in India, choose to convert your Rupees to Dollars. It is almost certain that you will be able to convert the USD you take with you for the local currency. The same, however, definitely does not apply to Indian Rupees as INR are not traded or accepted in most countries of the world.

Upon returning from your trip you can easily convert back your USD to INR Converting Dollar To INR is a much simpler process than even converting Rupees To USD as almost no documentation is required. You can leverage the services offered by several money changers and banks for this purpose also offers USD to INR and INR to USD conversion services. BookMyForex offers live Dollar To Rupee exchange rates that are extremely competitive and updated every few seconds. Check out for your currency exchange requirements.

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