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Solo Travel
November 20, 2017 Travel
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7 Solo Trips You Must Take Before Turning 30

Solo Travel


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When you travel with friends or family, YOU TRAVEL. When You do a solo travel, YOU EXPLORE.

Travelling is not only fun but a learning experience. You move from one country to another and pick up the local languages, learn about the different cultures, make friends and all this feels like an enlightenment. Every Country is different from the other, even a city which lies 100 miles east or west of your city is different than your own city. So each new country brings with it new adventures and experiences. And when we are young, we are open to life, adventures, learning and new experiences. From Steve Jobs to Elizabeth Gilbert, to the founders of Red Bull and Starbucks, they all traveled Solo when they are in their 20s and the experiences played a significant part in their future lives. Never leave it too late because when you’re young, you’re open to ideas. You have the hunger to learn new things, to see the world from a perspective that you may not see when you’re older. And traveling can change your life and bring in that perspective. So why not do it now when you’re young so that if it has an impact on you-you can reap the benefits.

Before we go to tell you about the 7 trips that you must do alone or what we call Solo. Let us run through why you should do a solo travel

Why Solo Travel?

—You are never really totally solo. As you will meet a lot of people, especially people who are traveling solo like you. You have more chances to meet locals, or other tourists, than if you were traveling with a friend from your own country.

—As you have no company, you will find that some practical things can get very difficult – e.g. going to a very small toilet where your backpack/luggage doesn’t fit.

— Because you are on your own, you won’t be able to rely on anyone else. As an example, you will have to make sure your valuables are safe at all times.

—You can do everything exactly when you want, and exactly how you want it – you don’t have to take anyone else’s opinion into account. This means that you will have to take a lot of decisions. If you are an indecisive person, this will be a test for you.

7 Solo Travel Trips that You Must Take Before You Turn 30:

1: Thailand

Solo Travel

Thailand and Solo Travel are like wood and fire. If you have never traveled solo before then Thailand is the perfect starting point. There is a consensus among the traveling community about Thailand being the most travel-friendly country. Because of these reasons backpackers and solo travelers throng in hordes to this Island. You will never be alone as whichever route you take you will find fellow travelers. Tourism is one of Thailand’s biggest revenue generators, and traveling here is very easy. Renowned world over for its majestic beaches, party culture and spirituality, Thailand attracts young traveler in abundance. Places that are worth visiting are Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phang, Nga Bay, Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Ayutthaya, and Bangkok. Public transport is cheap so is food and accommodation. Go to Thailand, the very traveler friendly destination.

2: India

Solo Travel

India is a perfect destination for Solo Travel. The vastness of the country may scare you as a solo traveler but India is a must visit the country before you turn 30. The diversity and the culture are what attracts travelers to India. India is a country with such varied demographics. From beaches to deserts to snow clad mountains to temples to mosques and churches to iconic architecture-India has everything. Stay in India for a year and you will witness firsthand the festivities, the passion, life in multicolors and the chaos. Learn survival skills in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkatta. Travel to mountains like Dharamshala, or Banaras and Rishikesh for meditation. And then there is Taj Mahal-The eternal monument of love. Sit in its shades to reminisce the glory of the 17th century India. You won’t get better learning experiences than you will if you travel across India.

3: Latin America

Solo Travel

If you want to know what adventure means-travel solo across Latin America. Latin America much like India offers everything- from ancient ruins of Peru which smell of a nostalgic Mayan era to the Andean peaks which seem like always in conversation with the sky to the jungles of Amazon that seem to run from one end of the world to other. And it is the land of Che, Castro, Maradona, and Messi. Latin Americans love two things more than anything in the world-Football and freedom. Travelling across the Latin America is a liberating experience because of what it presents. Witness yourself the vastness, culture, and love in this chaotic but captivating place. And as a solo traveler, food, accommodation and public transport is cheap, very cheap.

4: Vietnam

Solo Travel

Vietnam is a bit like Thailand and is very safe and easy to travel. Travelling solo to Vietnam is like embarking on a journey that your parents left unfinished. It is one of these alluring destinations that has captivated the hearts of travelers since time immemorial. What attracts people to this place is perhaps what it offers besides the regular run of the mill stuff. Wherever you go in Vietnam, it has something to offer you as a solo traveler. Cheap accommodations, exquisite Vietnamese cuisine, peaceful beaches, ancient architecture and the amazing people is what Vietnam offers. The best part is that you can easily meet experienced travelers going up or down the country. So there is always someone handy with advice and information of accommodations, transport, local sites to see and which to avoid. Travellers often claim that Vietnam was designed for solo travel. Perhaps it is time for you to go and find out that yourself.

5: Australia

Solo Travel

Travelling Solo is so easy in Australia that you may feel like you’re traveling in your own backyard. Europeans especially young ones on their gap year flock like a herd to Australia during Sept-April to backpack across Australia.  Australia is designed for travelers especially ones who want to stay longer Short-term jobs are available in plenty so that you can earn and explore. Because of this Australia is renowned for its traveling culture. Travel along the east coast and you will meet young people from around the world in such abundance you may feel like Australia is one big convention center for global youth. You will find Hostels and hotels scattered all around and everyone here speaks English. Experience the vastness of the majestic Great Barrier Reef. Visit the Magnetic and Fraser Island to see some of most secluded lakes and beaches. Travel to Sydney to see the architecture and party on the city’s beautiful beaches.

6: China

Solo Travel

Just the thought of walking on the Great Wall of China is so alluring and captivating that anyone aspiring to travel the world will visit China. China has history, culture, architecture, Kung Fu, Buddhist Monasteries for meditation and the food. Who wouldn’t want to travel here? Language can be an issue here but with the help of modern technology and smartphone, you have no reasons to worry. Travel to China to see the incredible natural scenery as well as some of the most chaotic and bustling cities. It is a humbling experience. We, humans, get a sense of pride when we achieve something big and unrivaled. Travelling solo to China is one such experience.

7: Iceland

Solo Travel

The perfect place for your first solo travel. Small yet significant. Travelling across Iceland will make you feel like you’re in a gorgeous small town where everyone seems to know everyone else. The Blue Lagoon, the golden circle, the ring road and the abundance of winter activities will make you feel like you have been invited to a birthday party. Very safe to travel although cold climate could play spoilsport but the stunning visual around you will compensate for everything. The English language is everywhere, so communicating with locals is not a problem. The crime rate is so low that the only place that may beat its crime rate would be your own house. Think of Iceland as a road journey. Book a car and you can travel the length and breadth of the country in that car. Island is just a great small place for your one great adventure. Go and unwind yourself in one the best places on earth.

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