July 22, 2013
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When to sell foreign currency in India?

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One of the most confusing parts about a foreign exchange transaction is deciding when you want to make the transaction. The selection of the prefect time-frame is extremely important if you want to benefit from the transaction. If you chose the apt time to sell foreign currency in India, you’ll surely be making the most out of the transaction.

Foreign exchange rates are subject to change and may vary up to 10% at different banks, money changers and airport money exchange counters etc. The change in the rates can affect your profit. At, we use our exclusive tie-ups to offer you exceptional rates throughout India. Foreign exchange industry is a highly regulated industry in India. Through BookMyForex’s money changing services, you can sell foreign currency in India at live rates. Selling foreign currency in India was never more convenient. The rates are regularly updated and are provided on a second-second basis by one of the leading financial data companies in India. We have a lot of customers who had no clue about what to do with their foreign currency which were left unused after their foreign trip. They sold the foreign currency bills at our supreme rates and benefited from our superior service. Sell currency in India which are left unused and make the most of the ever-booming forex market.

Are you worried about the large fluctuations in rates? For the first time in India, we offer a service which allows you to freeze a transaction at the live and best rates. This service is absolutely free but requires a 2.0% adjustable advance payment to be paid. Every time you book a transaction with us, you need not pay anything until you get all your desired forex products.

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