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March 7, 2019 Travel
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How To Make Most Of Your Solo Travel Trip To An International Destination?


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A very famous quote says ‘what if I fall…Oh, my darling What if you fly.’

As a liberated woman of the 21st century, you aren’t dependent on anyone financially or emotionally. So why be dependent on anyone for your traveling needs? Fuel that wanderlust spirit and travel around the world with freedom.

Taking a solo woman trip is fun as it helps to connect and find the meaning of life. A solo woman’s trip will give you a sense of responsibility, freedom, and motivation. After all, you only live once (YOLO). That one should make you happy and content.

To commemorate the gutsy spirit of solo woman travelers, we have a candid narration from a woman solo traveler herself. It’s a tale of courage that finds a new meaning and direction

Shilpi has always been independent, fulfilling her dreams. But when it came to traveling, she was dependent on her family and friends. She asked them to accompany her at various places.

One day she decided to embrace complete freedom, she decided to travel solo to the Gold Coast of Australia. It was a liberating experience as she took charge of what she’ll eat, where she’ll go, where she’ll stay and all such travel stuff. Australia was her dream destination so she took charge of her dream holiday.

She wanted a chilled out vacation in a beautiful city where there was no stress of hopping multiple destinations. After reaching the Gold coast, she explored surfer’s paradise, visited the beach and had delectable food.

A walk around the place was so refreshing. She enjoyed multiple street musicians. She grabbed a beer soaking in sun castles. Her next stop was O Reilly rainforest, which was 2 hours away from Gold coast.

She spent the day on hiking trails and exploring wildlife views. She also got an insight into the life of Australian author late Bernard O Reilly. The next two days were all about shopping and exploring sunset views and valleys.

She would Google, reach the place and enjoy the fun. She also visited casinos, local pubs, and bars. Shilpi had the time of her life doing things she only wished for alone. She also visited Byron Bay, from Brisbane to new south whales in Australia.

She had heard a lot about the place but got an on account view of longboard surfers, lighthouse and jetty by the house. It truly felt like a paradise. Overall, her experience was far more liberating as she thought it would be. After her trip, she just wants to inspire other women to take this plunge.

Some quick tips from Shilpi’s solo travel trip:

  • Always pack light, only the things that you essentially need.

  • Properly research the place for weather, dress code, Hotel proximity, and tourist attractions.

  • Face your fear of traveling alone. Get out of that comfort zone and self-set boundaries. Your own company is the best. Shine on and explore every adventure activity on the trip.

  • Reset your sleep schedule and stay healthy before and during your trip.

  • Stay safe, stay confident, positive and street smart. Always keep important things in your sling bag while on a solo trip.


Are you inspired enough? Planning on traveling solo this year? Let us help you with these pointers:-

Focus on planning your trip

Experience freedom but start with planning your trip in a proper way. After you choose your ideal destination, choose your itinerary options. Solo traveling requires planning in detail as you are traveling alone.

Pack along all the things that you think are important. Keep a copy of all travel related documents with you in case of an emergency. A foreign exchange card by Bookmyforex.com is a great solution for your foreign currency requirements since it’s a safe, easy, and cashless way of carrying money abroad. You can use a forex card just like a credit or debit card to pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad.

Make a checklist of things and decide according to that. Check for hotel booking and accommodation facility if it is your first time. You can cross check for all the arrangements online as it’s quick and easy. If your planning is in place, your trip will be exciting and engaging.

Travel safe and without stress

You need to have that confidence to travel alone. Stay safe and stay alert while traveling and you would enjoy your own company. When traveling alone, the biggest stress is to have food without any company.

You need to be adaptive to situations when you would have to eat alone. Well, if you make new friends while traveling solo, it’s a good thing for you. Always have a backup with you.

Carry a local map of a place you are visiting in case you don’t get the place in Google map. You’ll feel a sense of independence when you prepare yourself for unanticipated things, but that’ll also give you a great high. Don’t talk randomly to strangers as you are alone. Trust your instinct while making new friends and you are sorted.

Top destinations for solo women travelers


  • New Zealand – A different kind of adventure awaits you with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking glaciers. New Zealand is a dream destination for solo woman travelers, so plan your next trip and have an amazing time.
  • CanadaExplore the wonders of lush greenery with great landscapes. Canadians are friendliest people in the world, so your traveling trip will be super fun.
  • SwitzerlandEnchanting meadows, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful backdrops, it is a dream location for avid travelers. It’s also the safest place to travel if you are going on a solo trip.
  • AmsterdamSuper chilled nightlife and liberal holiday vibe are what you’ll feel at this place. Discover its unique culture or simply indulge in shopping, Amsterdam is so much fun for woman solo travels.

  • AustraliaFrom sun-soaked beaches to diverse wildlife adventure activities, Australia is a place that truly mesmerizes you. If you are planning your first trip, then start with Australia, as you would have a time of your life.

Networks For Solo Woman Travelers


  • Big Bang Trip – It offers customized solo travel trips with other women on board. The network also has two people from the company so that you feel completely secure and safe. It offers the best accommodations and complete travel packages for solo travelers. You can discover and explore many places by connecting and collaborating with them. The trip accommodates 12 to 15 people at a time.
  • The Wander Girls – As the name of the group, it helps you to get the feel of your wanderlust spirit. It’s the cheapest travel networking group that offers great itinerary to solo woman travelers. It offers an extraordinary travel experience that you’ll cherish.
  • Women on Clouds ClubIt’s a networking group started on Facebook for solo woman travelers. They plan your trip across the globe and give you customized packages according to your budget and preference. The group helps to curate perfect holiday packages for women to give them beautiful memories for life.
  • LetusgotoIt’s another company that focuses on solo traveling for women. From road trips to handpicked destinations, the company offers many packages. The concept is to send six women in one package so that they travel solo but also have fun being with each other.
  • ByondFor long-lasting memories and life-changing journeys, you can choose Byond for your solo trip. They specialize in women’s only trips. They offer international travel packages according to your preference and budget. The customized journey to your preferred destination will surely leave a lasting impact on you.

Final thoughts,

Many tourism boards and countries offer special discounts to solo woman travelers. You can also check out for online deals and special occasions like women’s day or Christmas.

Break the shackles of your thoughts that you can’t travel alone. Everyone can do that, you just need that confidence and perseverance. A solo trip can change the way you look at life and help you connect better with people.

The independence that a solo trip gives is much needed in all the difficulties of life. With mindful thinking, safety, and exuberant freedom, you can travel solo. It’ll definitely be a life-changing experience for you.

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