August 1, 2013
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Convert Dirhams to Rupees at best and live rates

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We have seen a lot of people giving final touches to their plans of a foreign trip to United Arab Emirates. They have made every arrangement required and even packed their bags, but most of them have conveniently forgotten the most important part of the trip. Foreign currency exchange is one of the most important things about a foreign trip and by using BookMyForex’s exemplary services you can now convert Dirhams to Rupees at the best available rate.

BookMyForex is India’s first e-commerce website that allows you make foreign exchange transactions efficiently and in a way which is hassle-free and not at all cumbersome. BookMyForex’s UAE Dirham to Rupee rates are updated on a second to second basis and the rates are live to the last second. The rates are extremely competitive and up to 5% better than most banks’ rates.

With the constant fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates, people are often confused about choosing the perfect time to make the transaction. For the first time in India, BookMyForex offers a special service to “Freeze the rates”. Under this service you can fix the transaction at the live Dirham rate. You need not complete the transaction but the transaction will be fixed at the said rate once to give 2% advance payment. BookMyForex also provides a Door Delivery service with which you can now convert Dirham to Rupees at your doorstep without leaving the comfort of your house/office.

Simply book your order online, and walk into a nearby Axis bank branch to convert Dirham to Rupees. With our user-friendly and interactive portal, you can complete the entire transaction very easily. BookMyForex’s step by step guidance coupled with superior customer services make them the most convenient way to convert Dirhams to Rupees. Make the most out of your money and get the best foreign exchange transaction with

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