cheapest flight tickets
November 6, 2017
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7 Secrets That Will Help You Get The Cheapest Flight Tickets

cheapest flight tickets


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How To Get The Cheapest Flight Tickets?

Travelling is very expensive and for this very reason, we see so many blogs, newspaper articles, books and social media updates on how to save money while travelling. Most of these articles list things like stay in hostels rather than hotels, exchange your currency prior to your departure or places you can eat cheap and travel on public transport etc. And all these are very valid points but what is the major expense when travelling? It is not hotel bookings or food but Airline tickets. Airline tickets are on an average of 60-75% of our total expenses. And this is the trick every blogger or travel guru misses. We need cheap flights, don’t we?. Where and how can we find these cheapest flights?

We are going to help you out today. Whether you’re the frequent traveller or a newbie, here are tried and tested tips to help you to get the best deal on your flight tickets. Or in short the guide to cheapest flight tickets.

7 Secrets That Will Help You Get The Cheapest Flight Tickets:

  1. Compare Ticket Prices

Compare prices of everything online whether you’re buying just a pair of jeans or an expensive electronic gadget. You will find plenty of websites which will do this comparison or you can visit individual airline sites for price comparison. And be flexible with your travel dates. Always base your itinerary on the ticket price. Fly on the day when the prices are lowest.

  1. Book your flights on Tuesday

Airlines, a majority of them, release their weekly prices on Tuesdays around 3:00 PM Eastern Standard time. So the best day for you to book your ticket and get a good deal is Tuesday. All the seats are yet to be booked and the best deals are up for grabs. So go ahead and grab these deals.

  1. Book in Advance

Always book your ticket well in advance. If you want to get the cheapest flight tickets, book at least 5 months prior to your traveling day. At times that’s not possible then book at least 45 days prior to your departure. If you leave it to the last minute, be prepared to pay exorbitant prices. And all the window & best seats are probably booked.

  1. Cheapest Day to Fly

“Book your tickets midweek and travel on a weekend” should be a motto for all travelers. Flying on a weekend is much cheaper than flying on weekdays. However, international travel is usually cheaper on weekdays. Book your flight at a time which is inconvenient for others to fly. Like early morning flights or overnight flights. Even the flights at lunch hour are cheaper.

  1. Cheapest routes to fly on

Some routes are expensive than others because of the frequency of travelers. Avoid popular destination routes because a lot of people frequent these routes and airlines want to maximise their profits.

You will always get cheapest flight tickets on connecting flights rather than direct. Sometimes you can save up to 50% traveling on a connecting flight than a direct flight.

  1. Buy a travel package

Travel agents offer good deals as well if you book a travel package with them. If they’re offering exciting discounts on flights just take it. And yes round-trip costs less.

  1. Sign up for newsletters

We all hate spam and promotional emails in our inboxes. But if you check them regularly especially ones from Airlines, you will never regret it. There are plenty of offers like coupons, deals, and discount. So check your spam mailbox, you will find some cheap tickets there.

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