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February 2, 2019 Travel
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7 Secrets That Will Help You Get The Cheapest Flight Tickets


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Present times have witnessed that Travelling is an expensive matter to deal with. Whether you think of a small trip or a long one…without any proper planning, going for a trip is like digging a hole in one’s pocket. For this very reason, social media and internet work like an angel today. Through their help, one can surely plan on a trip which can be cheap, full of fun and adventures while saving some big bucks in one’s wallet.

Since the times have changed, the digitization of the world has made Travelling a matter of a few touch steps. But what’s that one thing that could be the most expensive for one? One answer that echoes is –FLIGHT TICKETS. While travelling to any country the massive digging in your pockets happens when you buy air tickets.

Airline tickets on an average of over 60-75% of our total expenses. However, we always ignore them while planning out our trips. The biggest savings that we need during our trips can be achieved by having cheap flights.

Wondering How? Worry not! We at BookMyForex are here with 7 Secret tips that will help you to get the Cheapest Flight Tickets. Here’s what you need to do:


Yes, you read it! Comparing prices is an old and traditional way of finding out the best price for yourself. With the Internet in place, you can go online and browse for places where you can buy flight tickets for every destination that you wish to go. You’ll find plenty of websites which offer a comparison for you or simply visit individual websites of the respective Airlines and get an update about the price (s) they offer.

Pro Tip: Always be flexible with your travel dates, plan before. Base your itinerary on the availability of favourable ticket price. Fly on the day when the prices are lowest.


It is found that most Airlines follow a pattern of releasing their weekly prices every week on Tuesday around 3:00 PM Eastern Standard time (EST). Thus, the best way to book cheap flights is to have your flights booked on Tuesday and save hefty on the prices. Forget about the hassle of finding all booked pop-up flashing on your screen, as the date of the weekly fair is Tuesday, you get the privilege of booking seats on your preferable dates at much lower prices.

Still waiting? Hurry Now!


Yes, always make sure that you book your tickets in advance. Why do you ask? Well, booking in advance saves you from paying extra on the tickets. Refer Secret Tip No. 2. Having an advance booking saves you from many things such as PAYING MORE, KEEP AWAY FROM TICKET SOLD OUT, and at last, it helps you in planning your trip’s other booking requirements too accordingly.

Pro Tip: Plan your travels 5 months before or at least keeping a gap of 5 months duration. This saves you from exorbitant charges and cutting off your other requisite expenses.


Yes, you heard it right!? There exists the cheapest day for you to travel. It is suggested that booking your tickets in midweek or probably Tuesday and travelling on a weekend should be the process that every traveller should follow. As the research suggests, flying on weekend is cheaper for domestic trips and flying on weekdays is cheaper for International trips.

Pro Tip: Make bookings usually at the time or in the season when it is inconvenient for others to fly or to plan to do so. Usually, Morning Flights, Evening Flights or the Flights during Lunch Hour are said to be cheaper than others.


Flying away is not as easy as it may sound. It has its nuances and ways to get the best rates, seats, and even cheap fair routes. In the Airline Industry there are dates and days set to make your travels cheap, however, you may not be aware of them but yes, they do exist. Another pro tip is that some routes are expensive than others. These routes are expensive because the frequency of travellers on these routes is higher in comparison to others.

Pro Tip: Get cheap flight tickets on connecting flights rather than direct and save up to 50% on your travels.

#6. Get A Travel Package

There are quite many deals for people who are interested to travel. One can get these either through Travel agents or even websites that offer good deals. You can save enough if you book a travel package with them. These respective agents and websites offer exciting discounts on flights, hotels and others. Don’t wait, just take it.

Pro Tip: Round-trip costs less.

#7. Sign-up for Newsletters


Always remember, there are websites that offer you to sign up for their newsletters. It can be from the airlines you keep travelling with or the websites through which you keep booking and many others. Make a note that you sign up for their Newsletters. These newsletters inform you about Discounts, Offers and maybe a Cashback sort of offers that will result in benefits you by saving a lot on your other bookings.

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