Today's British Pound Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy GBP Forex Card 89.2973
Sell GBP Forex Card 88.5603
Buy GBP Wire Transfer 89.5273
Buy GBP Currency Notes 90.2737
Sell GBP Traveler Cheques 87.8295
Sell GBP Currency Notes 88.8618
Buy GBP Traveler Cheques 89.6112
Buy GBP Demand Draft 89.5273

British Pound Rates in Gurgaon

Our website provides you with real-time British Pound exchange rates today in Gurgaon any time of the day 365 days a year. BookMyForex makes it possible to not only view the live forex rates but to even book a British Pound buy or sell order or GBP international money transfer. Our service offerings are available across Gurgaon and we even offer doorstep service throughout Gurgaon. We stock every British Pound currency exchange product in the market including GBP traveler’s cheques, GBP forex cards and GBP currency notes along with overseas remittance products such as GBP demand drafts and GBP wire transfers. The British Pound exchange rate today in Gurgaon is updated in real-time on this page whenever the forex markets are open. Our nationwide tie-up with ING Vysya bank and Axis Bank allows us to fulfill customer orders directly from our partner bank branches across Gurgaon at the best GBP exchange rates today in Gurgaon.

To offer the best today’s GBP rate in Gurgaon we use cutting edge forex data services that provide the most accurate currency quotes with minimal lag. It so happens that the concept of a constant “today’s GBP rate in Gurgaon” is anyways false. Traded electronically like any other commodity, forex prices are driven by international demand and supply and they vary several times in a single second. While a constant forex market rate maybe easy to work with, it inherently causes the customer a loss. This is because a static “today’s GBP rate in Gurgaon” necessarily needs to have a large margin added to it in order to protect the bank or the money changer from the mid-day price fluctuations.

Armed with an experienced team, a solid IT platform and customer focus, we hope to disrupt the foreign exchange space in India and to break age-old myths such as the one mentioned above. To get started with your forex order, use our interactive order entry form below.