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BookMyForex Forex Card
December 6, 2023 Forex Card
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Worried about the safety of your funds abroad? Here’s why you need a Forex Card

BookMyForex Forex Card


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Summary: Forex cards offer a secure and convenient way to carry foreign currency. With chip and pin security, complimentary insurance, and advanced mobile app features, a Forex card is your ideal travel companion for stress-free international trips. 

With international travel becoming more accessible, ensuring the safety of your funds while abroad is a top priority. Although carrying physical cash may seem convenient, it comes with inherent risks, ranging from theft to counterfeiting. Fortunately, a solution exists that seamlessly combines convenience with security – A Forex Card. Read below to know why a Forex card stands out as the safest method for carrying foreign currency.

Chip and Pin Secured

One of the main advantages of using a Forex card lies in the robust protection it provides against theft and counterfeiting. Unlike physical cash, Forex cards are equipped with cutting-edge chip and pin technology. This introduces an additional layer of security as only you can access your funds by entering the PIN associated with your card, thereby getting significant protection against unauthorized access or replication of your card details. The advanced encryption technology embedded in the chip also ensures the confidentiality and security of your financial information.

Free Insurance Cover

Accidents and unexpected events can happen while traveling, and having a safety net in place is essential. Another compelling reason to choose a Forex card is the complimentary insurance coverage it offers. Forex card typically comes with free insurance coverage, protecting you against various risks such as lost card liability, skimming, phishing, counterfeiting, and internet banking fraud. The insurance cover acts as a reliable solution, guaranteeing that unforeseen circumstances during your travels won’t have a detrimental financial impact.

Enhance Security With A Mobile App

The evolution of technology has revolutionized financial management, and Forex cards have embraced this transformation. Many forex card providers have dedicated apps to enhance the security features of their cards. For instance, the BookMyForex app provides advanced security options and offers a wide range of features to enhance your convenience and protect your funds. Some of the key functionalities include:

1. Track Expenses: Keep track of your expenses in real-time, ensuring you can budget effectively and keep track of any unauthorized transactions.

2. Reset ATM PINs: Forgot your ATM PIN? No problem! With the app, you can easily reset your ATM PIN and start accessing your funds again.

3. Lock/Unlock Cards: Control when and from where your card can be used. Lock your card to prevent unauthorized transactions, and unlock it when needed.

4. Disable ATM/E-commerce/In-Store Transactions: Disable ATM, e-commerce, or in-store transactions for added security, or when you don’t want certain transactions to go through.

5. Create Free In-App Virtual Cards: If your Forex card is lost or stolen, you can create free in-app virtual cards to continue accessing your funds while you wait for the replacement.

6. Instant & Hassle-free Reloads: Top up your Forex card instantly and securely using the mobile app, ensuring you always have access to your funds when you need them. 

Add-On Forex Card

One of the significant concerns while traveling abroad is the potential loss of your wallet or having your card stolen. Forex cards address this issue by offering the option of an add-on card. When buying a Forex card, you get the option to purchase an add-on card along with it by paying a very small fee. This secondary card serves as a reliable backup, ensuring continuous access to your funds even if your primary Forex card is lost or misplaced. There’s more to the card than just being a backup – it’s got all the same features and benefits as the primary Forex card.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, if you are planning international travel and have concerns about the safety of your funds, a Forex card can be your ideal travel companion. Its chip and pin security, complimentary insurance coverage, advanced app features, etc, collectively make forex cards the safest approach to carrying foreign currency. By opting for a Forex card, you not only guarantee the security of your finances but also attain the convenience and flexibility necessary for a stress-free travel experience.

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