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May 23, 2019 Travel
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Travel Guide: Your Ultimate Europe Trip planner


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If you’re not trapped by the cold breeze and an ecstatic landscape (s) in your dreams this Summer, then surely the season has hit you badly. Since the summers are here, travelling seems to be the only good reason one should think about. In case, you’re looking for a destination, Europe shines as a good option this season.
Profoundly called as the classic education, Europe is said to be the voyage through history. If this is your first visit to Europe our  EuropeTravel Guide is Your Ultimate Europe Trip planner for 2019. It makes sure to guide you through the Europe Map to travel better, longer, and smarter. So, sit back and pan out your plans on the table Now!

Here’s your trip planner for Europe:

  • 1. Organise your time (Best time to Visit)
  • 2. Itinerary (a brief go-around of the plan)
  • 3. Top Events to attend
  • 4. Top Sights to Visit
  • 5. Money and Costs
  • 6. Arriving in Destinations
  • 7. Planning Tips
  • 8. Flights and Getting there Organise your time:
When to go & weather Month & Reason
High Season June to Aug (Season is high and expensive in every term)
Shoulder April- May & September- October (Comfortable temperatures, economical prices, best months travel)
Low Season Nov- March (Cold Days, Hotels and Inns are closed, ghost towns)


  • 1. Begin travelling with London, the city of massive museums, majestic parks, and electrifying life. Take a leap of step and set your next foot in Paris to get tempted by Eiffel Tower while admiring Versailles and Louvre.
  • 2. Continue with the artistic experience in Amsterdam by embracing the works by Van Gogh and Rembrandt.
  • 3. Head towards Berlin in Germany witnessing the remains of the wall. Next, make the best of Central Europe Triangle Pass continue the trip to Prague, the city of intangible medieval magic.
  • 4. Experience the regal form of refined music at Budapest as your next destination while observing the Habsburg History in Vienna through beautiful coffee bars.
  • 5. Explore Southern Europe- Experience the Gondolas and canals of Venice while experiencing time travel to Renaissance with Florence and then proceed to the Vatican and Colosseum in Rome.
  • 6. End the tour by moving towards France and stop by Gaudi Barcelona while concluding at the all-night partying HQ, Madrid.

Top Events to attend:

Month Events Event Brief
May Queima das Fitas, Portugal Coimbra’s annual highlight is this boozy week of fado music and revelry that begins on the first Thursday in May (www.facebook.com/queimadasfitascoimbra), when students celebrate the end of the academic year.
Beer Festival, Czech Republic An event dear to many travellers’ hearts, this Prague beer festival (www.ceskypivnifestival.cz) offers lots of food, music and – most importantly – around 70 beers from around the country from mid- to late May.
Brussels Jazz Weekend, Belgium Around-the-clock jazz performances hit Brussels during the second-last weekend in May (www.brusselsjazzweekend.be). The saxophone is the instrument of choice for this international-flavoured city’s most joyous celebration.
June Karneval der Kulturen, Germany This joyous street carnival (www.karneval-berlin.de) celebrates Berlin’s multicultural tapestry with parties, global nosh and a fun parade of flamboyantly costumed dancers, DJs, artists and musicians.
Festa de São João, Portugal Elaborate processions, live music on Porto’s plazas and merrymaking all across Portugal’s second city. Squeaky plastic hammers (for sale everywhere) come out for the unusual custom of whacking one another. Everyone is fair game – expect no mercy.
White Nights, Russia By mid-June the Baltic sun just sinks behind the horizon at night, leaving the sky a grey-white colour and encouraging locals to forget routines and party hard. The best place to join the fun is St Petersburg, where balls, classical-music concerts and other summer events keep spirits high.

Your Top Sights to Visit according to our Ultimate Europe Trip planner 2019:

Money and Costs

Here’s a pre-assumed daily Cost that one can bear while travelling Europe:

Currency Used: Euro (€), Pound (£), Swiss franc (Sfr), Rouble (R)
Daily Costs Budget
Less than: € 70
Dorm beds:
Museum admission: €5–15
Food: €8–12
Midrange: €70–200
Double room in a small hotel:  €70–120
Short taxi trip: €10–20
Food in Expensive Restaurant €20–40 (per person)
Top end: More than €200
Luxurious Hotels € 150
Car Hire around €35
Theatre Tickets €15–150

(the cost may change depending upon market situations)

But of course, what can one do without money?

Well, while travelling to Europe managing money is an essential part. Although, because of its popularity there aren’t any chances of having trouble with your currency exchange, however, it is always suggested to get your foreign currency exchanged prior to your travel. Here are a few things you must remember:

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Arriving in Destinations

Important information regarding the major trips you plan:

  1. 1. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Trains to the centre (20 minutes).
  2. 2. Heathrow Airport, London Trains (15 minutes) and tube (one hour) to the centre.
  3. 3. Aéroport de Charles de Gaulle, Paris Many buses (one hour) and trains (30 minutes) to the centre.
  4. 4. Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt Trains (15 minutes) to the centre.
  5. 5. Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome Buses (one hour) and trains (30 minutes) to the centre.
  6. 6. Barajas Airport, Madrid Buses (40 minutes) and metro (15 minutes) to the centre.

(source: lonely planet)

Planning Tips

What to Take:

  • 1. Flip-flops for overnight trains, hostel bathrooms and the beach
  • 2. Hiking boots for Europe’s walks
  • 3. Earplugs – especially helpful in hostels
  • 4. Anti-mosquito plugs – useful in summer, particularly in the Baltic and Scandinavia
  • 5. European plug adapters
  • 6. Unlocked mobile phone for use with a local SIM card/ International SIM card

Buy an International SIM from BookMyForex and Save up to 60% on your International Voice and Data Usage. Choose from Best Plans on offer.

What to Wear:

Clothing requirements vary drastically depending on where and when you’re going. For instance, Northern Norway in January will make it a must for you to have multiple thick layers, while southern Greece in August could get you wandering in a T-shirt only. Do Remember: Europeans are generally considered to be one of the best dressed in the world. Thus, there are some essentials you should remember, follow the saying ‘when in Rome, behave like Romans.’ Although you certainly won’t need a three-piece suit on your next Euro travels, it would be wise to bring at least one pair of long trousers. Otherwise, clothes for comfort.

Checklist before departure

  • 1. Make sure your passport is valid for six months past arrival.
  • 2. Check if you require visas.
  • 3. Inform your debit-/credit-card company.
  • 4. Arrange for appropriate travel insurance.
  • 5. Check if you need an International Driving Permit to rent a car.
  • 6. Check the validity of your mobile phone in Europe.

Flights and Getting there

Here is what you should remember:

  • It’s better to pick a recognized transport ‘hub’. Sometimes tickets to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, İstanbul, Madrid and Vienna are worth checking out.
  • Fly to a Western European hub and take an onward budget-airline flight or train.  *Departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.

Main European airports:

  • 1. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam (www.schiphol.nl)
  • 2. Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt (www.frankfurt-airport.com)
  • 3. Heathrow Airport, London (www.heathrow.com)
  • 4. Barajas Airport, Madrid (www.aeropuertomadrid-barajas.com)
  • 5. Aéroport de Charles de Gaulle, Paris (www.easycdg.com)
  • 6. Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome (www.adr.it)

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