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Everything You Should Know About Add-on Forex Cards
November 22, 2023 Forex Card
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Everything You Should Know About Add-on Forex Cards

Everything You Should Know About Add-on Forex Cards


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Summary:- An Add-on Forex card is an essential tool for travelers, with a primary function to act as a backup in case your primary card is misplaced or stolen. However, it offers much more than just a replacement card, read the blog to know more!

Planning an international getaway? When it comes to traveling abroad, Forex cards have become a go-to choice for tourists to carry foreign currency. However, for a second, just imagine losing your Forex card whether through misplacement or theft – the situation can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. Besides leaving you stranded abroad, it can also result in high replacement costs as well as endless hassles. Fortunately, there is a solution: Add-on Forex Cards! 

Understanding Add-On Forex Cards

An add-on Forex card is your safety net, a trusty companion accompanying your primary Forex card on your trip abroad. It serves as a backup if you misplace your primary card or if it gets stolen. But wait, the card has a lot more to offer than just being a backup – it has all the functionalities and benefits of your original card.  

So, if life throws you into a situation where your primary card is unavailable for some reason, your add-on card steps up, saving you not only from the inconvenience of replacements but also offering immediate access to funds so you can take care of your expenses abroad.  Forex card along with an add-on card, is like a financial superhero duo, and it’s the key to an enjoyable trip abroad. 

How do Add-On Forex Cards Work?

Add-on forex cards work just like your primary forex card. You can likewise load your desired currency onto the card. It is also possible to load multiple currencies at once. Once loaded, you can easily make payments abroad at restaurants, stores, and hotels, or withdraw cash from ATMs using your add-on Forex card. If you run out of funds, you can reload the card again as well. The exchange rate will be locked in during add-on card loading, so you won’t have to worry about those annoying rate fluctuations.

How to Activate an Add-On Forex Card

As mentioned above, you can easily get your add-on card activated through the respective Forex card provider. 

For instance, if you have the Forex card & add-on card from BookMyForex, you may send an add-on card activation request to care@bookmyforex.com alongside the primary card number and add-on card number. Note that your primary Forex card will be permanently blocked and will be of no use once your add-on card is activated.

Benefits of Add-On Forex Cards

There are several other benefits of having an add-on card in addition to your primary forex card:

  1. Emergency Backup: Add-on cards can serve as a backup payment option. Losing your primary card during your trip overseas can be very inconvenient. An add-on card gives you immediate access to your funds, saving you from endless hassle.
  1. Cost-Effective: When purchasing a Forex card, you get the option to buy an Add-on card along with it for a very small fee of approximately Rs 250. In contrast, if you choose to replace the Forex card with a separate card after it is lost, you will need to pay replacement charges as well as delivery charges, which can amount to Rs 3000 (if you are out of India). Now do some mental math and analyze what’s better!
  1. Security: With an add-on Forex card, you can conduct your transactions with complete peace of mind. Just like forex cards, these cards are equipped with chip & PIN technology, making them secure and protected against fraudulent activities. 
  1. Authorized User Benefits: Add-on cards are typically issued to authorized forex card users, and users may enjoy the same benefits as the primary cardholder, such as travel insurance, or other perks offered by the card issuer.
  1. Easy Activation: If your Forex card is misplaced, or stolen, and the backup card needs to be activated for any reason, it can be done effortlessly. All you need to do is contact your Forex card issuer and send an activation request.

Wrapping Up:

The significance of an add-on forex card must not be overlooked. These cards serve as an extremely good backup option in case you lose your primary card but also provide the same convenience, cost-effectiveness, and security as that of your original Forex card.

So, make sure to opt for an add-on card when buying a BookMyForex card, ensuring you have peace of mind in a foreign land.


  • Can we return the add-on card if not used?

An add-on card is non-refundable and non-transferable after it has been purchased. 

  • What will be the validity period of the add-on Forex card?

The add-on Forex card may or may not have the same validity as the original or primary Forex card, which is normally 5 years. The validity of the card is mentioned on the physical card. For further information on the precise validity term, it is advised to get in touch with the Forex card provider.

  • Are there any additional charges for an add-on Forex card?

There is often a minimal fee associated with an add-on forex card, which is usually between Rs 200 and Rs 250, that you must pay at the time you place your forex card order. You will receive an add-on card with your forex card kit after paying this additional charge. Note that it becomes a costly affair if you decide to purchase an add-on Forex card when abroad as the cost of producing the card may be between 20-40 USD/eqv. Also, these fees can vary, so it’s best to confirm with the forex card issuer.

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