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January 24, 2017 Travel
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10 Reasons why you should move to Australia



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The reasons why people might choose to emigrate to Australia can be diverse, but common to all is the idea of a better work/life balance, including better weather and an outdoors orientated lifestyle. Whether migrants choose to immigrate to Australia from India or elsewhere, the appeal of this vast country inevitably draws them to the great cities of Australia, whether it is to Sydney, to Perth, to Melbourne, or to Queensland, all in search of a better life. So why emigrate to Australia? BookMyForex has compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you should consider a new life in this vibrant country.

  1. Amazing Holiday Destinations in your own backyard: Everybody enjoys holidays and vacations. But the lengthy process of getting through border control and, often, boarding an airplane can be annoying. But If you move to Australia, everything is in your own backyard. The Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and fabulous beaches, everything is just around you.
  1. Great Sports Culture: Australians are sport-obsessed and love living an outdoor lifestyle. And Indians and Aussies share a sport- Cricket. Apart from Cricket other major sports in Australia include rugby union, rugby league and Australian Rules football, as well as hockey, Netball, and Soccer. Australians love their sports and they are passionate about them. For a country with such a small population, they have had some remarkable successes
  1. The Health Service: You have options. Australia boasts of a world class health service. You have the option to go for an affordable private health insurance as well as the public one. Australians are now the second longest living people on earth. A baby born in Australia today can expect to live to 81.4 years of age. That’s 79 for boys and 84 for girls. If you want to live longer, go to Japan.
  1. Play areas like parks etc. for children: Children’s play areas and parks are literally everywhere. And not just parks but theme parks. That is the reason Aussies are so obsessed with sports because they have had the time as well as space to play.
  1. Land of Opportunity: Consistently ranked not just the best place to live but work and study. Enough said.
  1. Driving – less traffic, less road rage, and cheaper petrol: Open roads, less traffic, cheaper petrol and no one honking you from behind – isn’t that what Heaven sounds like.
  1. Education System: The schools are very communal and inclusive. Volunteers are always ready to help from teaching to fixing up a sandwich. And If someone bullies your kid, police are called to lecture the bully. Can you believe that? Some of the world’s top ranked Universities are in Australia. Quality teaching and great infrastructure support make it one of the most attractive student destinations too.
  1. Weather: The landscape and climate of Australia are stunning and highly varied. Ranging from the lush rainforests of Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory to Sydney’s Blue Mountains, from the vast outback to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has diverse scenery that attracts thousands of tourists and residents alike every year to explore its varied landscapes, from the shores of Western Australia, to New South Wales and Victoria in the east. Although Australia’s climate is varied, you can always expect an average minimum temperature in the 20s in the summer months no matter where you reside, and in most areas, this average is far higher
  1. Real Estate Prices: Housing is of an affordable, high standard compared to other countries, and the quality of schools, hospitals, and public transport reflect the exceptional quality of life that Australians enjoy. The country’s healthcare provision involves a mixture of private and state-funded systems working in sync.
  1. The quality of Life: Despite all that goes on in Australia, the lifestyle is in fact extremely relaxed and laid back. Class boundaries do not exist is the same ways that they do in countries such as the UK, and a sense of everyone contributing to society in their own way prevails



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