Terms & Service/ Disclaimers

The user acknowledges that by creating an order on the site he/ she is explicitly giving BookMyForex.com the permission to send out communications to the user via email or SMS regarding the user's order or regarding marketing promotions that are being carried out by BookMyForex.com

The User acknowledges and confirms that he is well aware of the rules & regulations  and the risks involved in booking foreign exchange. BookMyForex will not be   responsible for any data accessed / mis-utilized by any third party due to unauthorized   use of BookMyForex website by third party due to user's neglect or due to allowing   access to personal data to third party intentionally or unintentionally.  

The User acknowledges and agrees that he has read and understood the Terms as well   as all eligibility criteria and other formalities applicable to the Service and   undertakes to abide by the same.

BookMyForex is not an agent of Axis Bank Ltd or ING Vysya Bank Ltd or any currency exchange company or bank listed on the site. The role of banks and currency exchange companies is to only provide   Foreign Exchange products to customers of BookMyForex. Additionally, BookMyForex will not be held liable for any dispute that may arise   between the service provider and the customer including but not restricted to service provider's service standards and order processing flaws by the bank/ exchange company.  

At the time of delivering foreign exchange to the user, the user shall tender the required   documents relating to the purchase of the travel.  

The User specifically agrees that if any discrepancy is detected in the documents furnished   by the User at the time of applying for foreign exchange or the details are incomplete   or not accurate or the Bank finds that execution of the request is in violation of any   applicable laws / regulations / guidelines, changes in Government Policies RBI / Bank   Policies or for reasons beyond control of BookMyForex / Service provider leading to cancellation of   the transaction the service provider shall not process the request any further and it would be fully   entitled to cancel the transaction at its sole discretion. In the said event the amount   deposited by the user for the transaction would be credited to the User's Account within   21 working days after deducting the applicable cancellation charges etc. and in the said   event the User shall not raise any claim against BookMyForex or the service provider or any of its officials,   employees or agents.

The User hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BookMyForex or any of it's service providers or their  directors, officers, employees or agents from and in respect of any loss, damage,   liability, cost or expense that he/ she may suffer or incur by reason of his failing to   discharge his obligations under or acting in breach of any laws, terms and conditions   herein contained.  

The User is advised to seek independent legal opinion on matters relating to purchase   of Foreign Exchange Products from BookMyForex.  

BookMyForex would not under any circumstance be liable for any transactions executed   by the User on websites hosted by any third party.

The User represents that the total amount of foreign exchange purchased from or remitted   through, all sources including through this service is within the prescribed limits set forth by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and   is also as per the Exchange Control Regulations of RBI and the applicable laws in force   from time to time.

BookMyForex shall under no circumstance be liable to the User for non-availability of the   Services or for reasons including but not limited to natural calamities, legal restraints,   network failure, or any other reason beyond the control of BookMyForex. BookMyForex would   under no circumstance be liable for any damages of whatsoever nature sustained by the User   or by any other person on behalf of the User.

The User agrees that BookMyForex may hold and process his Personal Information provided by   the User and all other information concerning his Account(s) on computer or otherwise in   connection with the Service.

BookMyForex shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms at   any time. BookMyForex may communicate the amended Terms by hosting the same on the Website   or in any other manner as decided by BookMyForex. The User shall be responsible for regularly   reviewing these Terms including amendments thereto as may be posted on the Website.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of orders against Non-margin transactions (orders where the rate isn't fixed):  

Under this option the customer is required to confirm eligibility to participate in the requested retail   forex / private remittance transaction but does not require any advance payment and the rates   applied are those that appear on BookMyForex.com at the time of transactions.  

Non margin orders (unfixed rate orders) can be cancelled at any time and there is no charge for cancellation of non-margin transactions.  

The User who opts for booking foreign currency under Fixed Rate transactions category through   BookMyForex is required to pay a fully refundable rate guarantee deposit of 2% of the entire transaction   amount. The said amount shall be paid to BookMyForex via an internet payment   gateway. Further the foreign exchange would be issued subject to User's eligibility as well as   verification of the documents submitted by the user. In the event the User fails to pay the balance   amount within the stipulated period of two business days after paying the 2% booking amount, the said   amount of 2% deposited by the User would be forfeited without any notice. This is notwithstanding   any fluctuations in the Foreign exchange rate. The User has specifically understood and agreed that   while booking the foreign exchange at the fixed rate he shall be obliged to pay the balance amount   within a maximum period of two business days and shall not be entitled to cancel the transaction for any   reason whatsoever even if the transaction is not fulfilled on account of the ineligibility of the   User. The user undertakes that in the said event the User shall not hold BookMyForex or any of its channel partners or any of its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents or affiliates liable for the   said amount being forfeited.