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Buy AED Forex Card ₹19.85
Sell AED Forex Card ₹19.3723
Buy AED Wire Transfer ₹20.06
Buy AED Currency Notes ₹20.5056
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Sell AED Currency Notes ₹19.3723
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Buy AED Demand Draft ₹20.06

UAE Dirham Rates in Hyderabad

Finding the UAE Dirham exchange rates today in Hyderabad used to be a challenge until BookMyForex came into the picture. But not anymore…Live and real time UAE Dirham exchange rates today in Hyderabad are now available on BookMyForex for currency exchange. You also have the option to lock-in the UAE Dirham exchange rates today in Hyderabad to exchange currency by using the “Freeze the rate” option on the website. Other currency exchangers and websites use the base rate or interbank rate as “today’s AED rate in Hyderabad”, which isn’t actually the rate at which currency is exchanged. Forex dealers keep a significant margin over and above “today’s AED rate in Hyderabad” to hedge against any AED price fluctuation in the global market. So the concept of “today’s AED rate in Hyderabad” is in reality just a farce and a means to exploit the customers. Unfortunately it also is a standard practice in the market.

History of the currency

In year 1966, when the India Rupee devaluation affected the value of Gulf Rupee, the United Arab Emirates introduced its own currency. Actually, in early 20th century, the United Arab Emirates used to transact in British Sovereign gold coins and even Indian Rupee was in circulation. During the Rupee devaluation , first of all Saudi Riyal was adopted as an interim currency and then gradually Qatar Riyal and Dubai Riyal came into use except in Abu Dhabi which had Bahrain Dinar as their currency. It was year 1973 when United Arab Emirates Dirham was established and came into usage completely.

Popularity of UAE

UAE or United Arab Emirates is among the top five popular international destinations among Indians and the popularity of UAE, particularly Dubai has been on a consistent rise. According to a report, 8 in 10 travellers to the emirates from India head for Dubai while 12 % travel to Abu Dhabi and 7 % people to Sharjah. If you are in Hyderabad and have planned your travel to UAE, get your Dirhams without any hassle from India’s first foreign exchange marketplace

Why choose an online marketplace BookMyForex for currency exchange


We offer 100 per cent rate transparency. Retail forex market is full of money exchangers with whom you will have to deal with hidden transaction charges and fees and may have no clarity even on the taxes to be paid for your forex. We not only display currency rates transparently on our site and App but have also provided complete information on the various tax slabs.

User-friendly Model

Marketplace model provides currency at cheaper rates because it is more accessible and user-friendly for both foreign exchange vendors and consumers. Vendors love to tie up with us because this model provides them a level playing field. The orders flow to them fast and in mass. This in return results in more and more competitive rates from vendors for the consumers creating a win-win situation for them.

Consumer is the King

Like any other online marketplace, a forex marketplace model puts the power of choice in the hands of the consumer rather than the seller. It introduces the concept of competition that results in the best value for buyers.

Pick-up location and delivery convenience

There are so many vendors associated with us that a partner location will always be closer to you place for pick-up. Door delivery facility is also available for free for order above 50,000 INR.

Full suite of forex products

While a particular foreign exchange vendor or bank may or may not deal in one or other forex product or product with certain features, we will never disappoint you. For example, a certain Bank’s travel card might have good features but the currency note might not be available there creating a hassle for you to look after another vendor for the currency note but this is not the case with us. We deal with entire suit of products.

No Commission

Most of the vendors or banks will levy commission charges on the transactions but we do not take any charge from the consumers. The service is completely free.

Therefore purchase your UAE here and get complete value of your money.

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