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USD To INR Conversion (US Dollar to Indian Rupees)

Have you arrived in India after holidaying in US or a business trip with leftover US currency and are looking to convert them into Indian Rupees then you have landed at the right place. BookMyForex is the best online company to exchange your dollars to rupees  BookMyForex location or partcipating bank locations in India. It is India?s first marketplace that displays the live rates transparently on its site and mobile app and lets you fix them for 3 working days. There are several benefits that we offer as compared to other places of money exchanging.

Airports a costly affair

While it might look an easy option to exchange your money at airport while coming back from your trip but it?s the costliest thing to do. You might end up getting 5-10% less amount for your dollars. Airport retail outlets pay heavy rent to the authorities and hence huge margin is added on the money exchange. Additionally booking your currency with bookmyforex would take less minutes than waiting at the airport counter. You just need to download our app or simply book on our site to get your INR against dollar delivered at your door-step (less than 50,000 INR). Amount more than 50,000 INR is transferred to your account.

Banks don?t give you a smart deal

Banks might look the safest option to exchange your money but think again! Do you want to end up paying more? We deal only with RBI authorized money changers and hence you can trust us completely. As far as rates are compared banks generally sell at a day?s rate i.e. their rates are not live and therefore you cannot get the benefit of the changing rate during the day and you might end up selling your dollars at a rate loaded with high margin that banks add to cover up the fluctuation during the day. Be smart to book the live rates from us and get more money for your USD.

Don?t risk with local money changers

Some money changers will quote you exceptionally good rates and shall give your door delivery too but you can?t trust them as far as genuineness of currency is concerned and the hidden charges that they might demand later. There are many fake notes in circulation and there have been many stances of fake notes being delivered in exchange of USD. The hidden charges might come in the shape of inflated taxes which they shall not tell you while quoting rates. At BookMyForex, the tax slabs are transparently mentioned on the site.

We are present in more than 650 cities through partner locations and provide door delivery in more than 185 cities. So if you want the best rates and complete convenience in exchanging your USD, book your dollars here and relax.