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* Conversion is calculated using the lowest INR-CHF Buying rate


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Exchange CHF to INR online

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BookMyForex's Swiss Francs to Indian Rupee rates are live to the last second and extremely competitive (up to 5% better than the bank rates). And BookMyForex, for the first time, gives you the option to Freeze the Rates you see on the site and get your Swiss Francs or Indian Rupees at the exact rates shown. We also offer a No Obligation order wherein you can complete a booking without paying anything online. If you choose to complete your order, you would still be able to convert your Swiss Francs into Indian Rupees at amazing BookMyForex rates. 

Get a Range of CHF to INR products

BookMyForex provides you with a complete array of Swiss Franc products. Our travel related products include Swiss Franc Cash Currency, Swiss Franc Riyal Traveller’s Cheques, and Swiss Franc Riyal Prepaid Forex Cards. Prepaid forex cards are safer to carry and offer several additional benefits. We also provide CHF money transfer and remittance services using either CHF demand drafts (DD) or CHF bank wire transfers (TT) that are sent directly from an Indian bank to a bank in Switzerland.

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