Today's Australian Dollar Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy AUD Forex Card 51.3915
Sell AUD Forex Card 50.8928
Buy AUD Wire Transfer 51.6215
Buy AUD Currency Notes 52.0087
Sell AUD Traveler Cheques 49.8291
Sell AUD Currency Notes 51.0725
Buy AUD Traveler Cheques 51.6486
Buy AUD Demand Draft 51.6215

Australian Dollar Rates in Mumbai

Australia is one of the most popular holiday destinations and is also an educational hub. Many students choose Australia for their higher studies. Many Indians also migrate to Australia in search of better opportunity. BookMyForex will help you with exchanging INR into Australian Dollars in Mumbai for any of these purposes and more.

Foreign exchange in Mumbai

BookMyForex is a groundbreaking online foreign exchange booking portal that enables you to check the live Australian Dollar exchange rates today in Mumbai at any time of the day. What’s more, you book your Australian Dollar purchase, sale or remittance at exactly the rates you see on our site through our online order booking facility. Our product portfolio caters to the need of every individual as we provide. every AUD product available including AUD forex cards, AUD currency notes and AUD traveler’s cheques as well as outward remittance products such AUD wire transfer and AUD demand drafts.

In order to provide the best today’s AUD rates, we use the most advanced forex data service in India. Despite the fact that it has now become a de facto standard, the concept of “today’s AUD rate in Mumbai” is actually completely incorrect. Open 24x7, five days in week, forex prices see more fluctuation than most stocks listed on the stock exchange. Having a static forex rate for the entire day necessarily means that you, the customer will be getting a bad deal since these rates always have a large margin added so as to protect the currency exchanger from unfavorable market movements. Money exchange agents introduced the concept of a static “today’s AUD rate in Mumbai” so as to make things easy and more profitable.

Currency exchange for Holiday

Have you packed your bags to visit the breathtaking natural places in Australia and still thinking about the best place to exchange Australian dollars in Mumbai? Well, you have come to the right place. BookMyForex sells AUD at unbelievable rates and with ultimate convenience. In a city like Mumbai where travelling to one place from another is too hectic, why not choose a forex company which can deliver your forex at your door step while you are busy in your other travel related preparations. We deal in all foreign exchange products which you can use while you holiday such as currency notes, travel card, traveler’s cheque and wire transfers. So book your order here and sit back at your home. Your AUD will be delivered within 4 hours of booking.

Currency Exchange for Education

Sending their children abroad for higher studies is dream of most of the Indian parents. More than 3 lacs Indian students fly abroad each year for education and handling their finances is a critical aspect of managing one’s foreign education. No parent would want to face their children any kind of complication. And this is where you will find BookMyForex handy. We even help in transferring funds to your child’s college. Educations fees are high value transactions therefore it is wise to save any amount per AUD you transfer. We also sell travel card at interbank rates during offer period and provide special student discount on remittance. To sum up, we shall take care of your each and every education related forex need.

Currency Exchange for Immigration

If you are migrating to Australia and would like to transfer your funds from here to your account there, we will help you with the transfer via wire transfer. In case you do not have an account there, you can carry a demand draft or a travel card with money loaded in it. We offer the lowest remittance charges in the Industry and provide best guaranteed remittance rate. You need to provide us proof of a better rate for Australian dollars wire transfers or demand drafts from any bank or currency exchange company and we guarantee we'll offer you better rates than that.

There are several other purposes like employment, medical, business travel etc. where you need to exchange your INR to Australian dollars and there is no better option that BookMyForex that is a aggregator of several forex vendors and always provides best deals to you. The company has a strong customer support team who will guide you as to which foreign exchange product to purchase considering the purpose of the travel and also track your order and send you regular updates before the currency reaches your doorstep.