Today's Australian Dollar Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy AUD Forex Card 51.3915
Sell AUD Forex Card 50.8928
Buy AUD Wire Transfer 51.6215
Buy AUD Currency Notes 52.0087
Sell AUD Traveler Cheques 49.8291
Sell AUD Currency Notes 51.0725
Buy AUD Traveler Cheques 51.6486
Buy AUD Demand Draft 51.6215

Australian Dollar Rates in Bangalore

BookMyForex is a groundbreaking online foreign exchange booking portal that enables you to check the live Australian Dollar exchange rates today in Bangalore at any time of the day. We go beyond just displaying the live rates on our site and actually allow you to convert Australian Dollar to Indian Rupees or Indian Rupees to Australian Dollar at exactly the rates shown here. We provide foreign exchange services across every part of Bangalore. Additionally, we even offer office or home delivery in Bangalore. We host a full suite of Australian Dollar products including AUD currency notes, AUD forex cards, AUD traveler’s cheques and remittance products such as AUD demand drafts and AUD wire transfers. The live Australian Dollar exchange rate today in Bangalore for each product is listed here and is always updated in real-time whenever the forex markets are open. Our nationwide tie-up with ING Vysya bank and Axis Bank allows us to fulfill customer orders directly from our partner bank branches across Bangalore at the best AUD exchange rates. today in Bangalore.

Australia – Land down under

Australia has emerged as one of the most popular travel destinations in recent times. The coastal cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth attracts a lot of Indians. Australia is also known as the land down under because it is just below the equator. It is famous for Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, its interior desert wilderness and animal species like kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses. Apart from tourism, Australia is also an educational hub and a big attraction for working professionals. Many Indians migrate to Australia to settle down there. Therefore demand of Australian dollars in India is getting higher day by day. People also look for convenient ways to transfer funds to Australia.

Buy your currency from right place in Bangalore

Since AUD is high in demand in India, you need to be very careful in choosing right platform to purchase the currency. There are many stores of local money exchanges spread in Bangalore but you have to be very cautious while dealing with them. Not only you run the risk of getting high rates, you may end up with fake currency notes as some stores may not be a RBI authorized money changer and you may have no idea about it. BookMyForex is an online foreign exchange marketplace that has only tied up with RBI authorized money changers and large banks. After you book your order on BookMyForex, your product will be delivered at your doorstep along with the authentic receipt. You should keep this receipt along with you during your travel as you might be asked to produce it by authorities at airport. This is the reason why you should never settle down for a forex vendor who is just providing a good rate. Make sure you check all important points before putting up your order.

Buy right product according to your purpose

Purchasing right product according to your purpose is equally important. If you are travelling to Australia for holiday, you need to buy both currency notes and foreign exchange travel card. BookMyForex sells visa Travel card of various banks that is accepted across all merchant outlets in Australia. Carrying a travel card is not only safe but will make your shopping bills cheaper than any credit or debit card. You can get your card loaded in case you have burnt the entire amount in it.

If you are travelling to Australia for education, you should carry demand draft along with you for college fees. You will save considerable corresponding bank charges on your fees. In case you are already in Australia and your parents need to transfer funds to you, wire transfer is the fastest and most reliable option for you. The money reaches your colleges within 24 hours of transfer.

BookMyForex offers

BookMyForex offers special remittance rates to students and charges remittance fees of just Rs. 250 only which is the lowest in the Industry. Most of the banks and money changers charge anywhere between Rs. 1000-1500 as wire transfer fees. In case you are migrating to Australia or going for employment, BookMyForex will help you transfer your funds to your account in Australia or provide a demand draft which you can carry along and deposit in your account after you have opened one there.