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US Dollar Rates in Tiruchirapalli

It is next to impossible for customers to find the actual US Dollar exchange rates today in Tiruchirapalli especially on the Internet. Unlike other websites that provide only the interbank rate or base rate, BookMyForex now provides live and real time US Dollar exchange rates today in Tiruchirapalli. So customers can either buy forex at live rates or select the ?Freeze the rate? option on our website to lock-in the US Dollar exchange rates today in Tiruchirapalli and exchange their currency at that rate within three days. We also offer other forex related products that include USD currency notes, USD forex cards, USD traveler?s cheques, as well as money transfer and remittance services through USD wire transfers and USD demand drafts. Orders are delivered at our own branches or at the branches of our banking partners ? ING Vysya bank and Axis bank.

Unlike other foreign exchange dealers that exploit customers by basing their charges on daily rates or ?today?s USD rate in Tiruchirapalli?, BookMyForex?s offerings are more customer-oriented in terms of price and convenience. The norm of ?today?s USD rate in Tiruchirapalli? for basing forex rates only benefits the currency exchangers and earns them higher revenues. Because the USD is traded across the world electronically just like stocks, its prices also fluctuate. Being a technology company our offerings go beyond the standard ?today?s USD rate in Tiruchirapalli?. Other foreign exchange dealers in Tiruchirapalli are simply exploiting the customers through the concept of a static ?today?s USD rate in Tiruchirapalli. Most money changers charge a fixed rate for a particular currency on a given day, whereas actually the USD rates fluctuate constantly all through the day, as is the case with stocks in a stock exchange. Using it?s strong IT infrastructure to its advantage, BookMyForex offers far better options to customers

A pioneer in the forex markets in India, Mr. Sudarshan Motwani founded BookMyForex to overcome the challenges of a disorganized forex market, widely fluctuating prices and lack of uniformity in forex products and regulations in India. Mr. Motwani successfully established and ran the Foreign Exchange division at some of India?s leading banks and therefore has the expertise to turn things around in the current market scenario. Our services are already available online across India.

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