Today's Swiss Franc Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy CHF Forex Card 69.2856
Sell CHF Forex Card 68.8067
Buy CHF Wire Transfer 69.4857
Buy CHF Currency Notes 70.3325
Sell CHF Traveler Cheques
Sell CHF Currency Notes 69.0911
Buy CHF Traveler Cheques
Buy CHF Demand Draft 69.4856

Swiss Franc Rates in Dehradun

The first money exchange booking portal of it’s kind in India, BookMyForex allows you to view the live Swiss Franc exchange rates today in Dehradun every second of the day. BookMyForex allows you to book your forex order at exactly the rates that you see on our site for every CHF product including Swiss Franc remittances. We stock every Swiss Franc currency exchange product in the market including CHF traveler’s cheques, CHF forex cards and CHF currency notes along with overseas remittance products such as CHF demand drafts and CHF wire transfers. You will notice the live Swiss Franc exchange rate today in Dehradun changing right here on this page whenever the forex markets are open. Thanks to our special banking relationships, we’re able to provide the best CHF exchange rates today in Dehradun. Moreover our relationships allow us to offer the best CHF exchange rates today in Dehradun.

What sets us apart is our use of live rates to execute currency exchange transactions and we use the best forex data services to offer the best today’s CHF rate in Dehradun. As it is, the concept of a static “today’s CHF rate in Dehradun” is anyways wrong. Forex rates fluctuate in real-time just like the price of a stock on a stock exchange. The concept of “today’s CHF rate in Dehradun” was conceptualized by banks and currency exchange companies in order to make the general public believe that forex prices don’t change. In reality, other foreign exchange providers just add a large margin on top of the (interbank) base forex rate. This is both profitable and convenient for these exchange companies but certainly less than fruitful for customers.

Armed with an experienced team, a solid IT platform and customer focus, we hope to disrupt the foreign exchange space in India and to break age-old myths such as the one mentioned above. To get started with your forex order, use our interactive order entry form below.