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Money Exchange Services

Buy Prepaid Forex Cards, Currency Notes or Traveler's Cheques for personal travel, business travel or international travel for any other purpose. Or sell us foreign currency that you have in your possession.

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Learn More about our prepaid forex cards:
Prepaid Travel Forex Card

Money Transfer/ Remittance Services

Transfer money from India for educational expenses abroad, medical treatment abroad, maintenance of a relative abroad and for several other purposes. Book a remittance order and send your funds through a Wire Transfer from an Indian Bank account to a bank account overseas or make a foreign currency demand draft and mail it abroad

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Learn More about remittances and money transfers from India:
Money Transfer From India
Online Foreign Remittance

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See our live exchange rates for all products and currencies here:
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Currency Exchange City based

Currency Exchange in Delhi
Currency Exchange in Mumbai
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Forex Rates

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Currency Exchange Services

US Dollar
British Pound
Australian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Saudi Riyal
UAE Dirham
Wwiss Franc
Hong Kong Dollar
Singapore Dollar
Swedish Krona
Thai Baht

Currency Converter

Read more about specific currency conversion. See the exchange rates for specific currencies and book a currency exchange/ money transfer order.

US Dollar (USD) - Convert USD To INR or INR to USD
Euro (EUR) - Convert EUR To INR or INR to EUR
Pound (GBP) - Convert GBP To INR or INR to GBP
Australian Dollar (AUD) - Convert AUD To INR or INR to AUD
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - Convert NZD To INR or INR to NZD
Canadian Dollar (CAD) - Convert CAD To INR or INR to CAD
Singapore Dollar (SGD) - Convert SGD To INR or INR to SGD
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) - Convert HKD To INR or INR to HKD
UAE Dirham (AED) - Convert AED To INR or INR to AED
Saudi Riyal (SAR) - Convert SAR To INR or INR to SAR
Swiss Franc (CHF) - Convert CHF To INR or INR to CHF
Japanese Yen (JPY) - Convert JPY To INR or INR to JPY
Thai Baht (THB) - Convert THB To INR or INR to THB
Swedish Krona (SEK) - Convert SEK To INR or INR to SEK

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