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For the first time in India, allows you to book an international money transfer order online. A quick 5 minute order booking process is all it takes to book an order to transfer money from India to another country. Whether you need to send money from India for educational expenses abroad, maintenance of loved ones, medical treatment of family members, foreign investments or as a gift or donation, BookMyForex will fit your need.

BookMyForex provides you with two convenient products for money transfer from India:

  • Foreign currency Demand Drafts: A secure and hassle-free way of transferring money. Foreign currency demand drafts are physical paper drafts that can be carried physically internationally or couriered/ mailed to a beneficiary abroad. Demand drafts are perfect for things such as applications to colleges, tenders, school fees among other things
  • Wire transfers: Wire transfers are direct bank to bank transfers where money from an Indian bank account is directly transferred to your beneficiary's bank account abroad. Wire transfers from India are the best and most convenient way to transfer money abroad.

BookMyForex through its exclusive tie ups can offer you the absolute best rates on both wire transfers and foreign currency demand drafts. Both products are offered through our banking partners. Upon completing your booking online, simply walk into the nearest participating bank branch to process your order. And in case you were wondering, you don't need to have an account with any of our partnering banks in order to use our money transfer services.

With BookMyForex you can even freeze the rate at which you want to send your money transfers. Not sure if our services are right for you? Book a no obligation order for absolutely no cost. You wouldn't have to pay a paisa until you decide to actually complete your order. Click on the button below to get started with your money transfer/ wire transfer order.

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