Today's British Pound Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy GBP Forex Card 90.5491
Sell GBP Forex Card 89.8234
Buy GBP Wire Transfer 90.9292
Buy GBP Currency Notes 91.3533
Sell GBP Traveler Cheques 89.1022
Sell GBP Currency Notes 90.3854
Buy GBP Traveler Cheques 90.8649
Buy GBP Demand Draft 90.9291

British Pound Rates in Jaipur

BookMyForex is India’s first online forex portal and we provide live British Pound exchange rates today in Jaipur every minute of the day throughout the year on this page itself. With BookMyForex, you can book the live rates that you see on our site for any British Pound product be it GBP currency purchase or sale or a GBP remittance. We host a full suite of British Pound products including GBP currency notes, GBP forex cards, GBP traveler’s cheques and remittance products such as GBP demand drafts and GBP wire transfers. The live British Pound exchange rate today in Jaipur for each product is listed here and is always updated in real-time whenever the forex markets are open. Our banking tie-ups with some of the largest banks in India, allows us to service customers in every part of Jaipur while providing the best GBP exchange rates today in Jaipur.

In order to provide the best today’s GBP rate in Jaipur, we use the best forex data feeds with minimal latency. As it is, the concept of a static “today’s GBP rate in Jaipur” is anyways wrong. Forex rates fluctuate in real-time just like the price of a stock on a stock exchange. Forex rates that don’t change for the whole day are necessarily loaded with large margins that help insulate money changers from intra-day forex market volatility. A constant “Today’s GBP rate in Jaipur” is the result of this same phenomenon. This essentially means that you as a customer lose out and the currency exchange agents almost always win.

Armed with an experienced team, a solid IT platform and customer focus, we hope to disrupt the foreign exchange space in India and to break age-old myths such as the one mentioned above. To get started with your forex order, use our interactive order entry form below.