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December 27, 2016 Travel
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Travelling Resolutions for 2017 and How to keep them?



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Are you the “New year, New me” sort? Well, you’re not alone. There are millions like you. But it isn’t so easy. Old habits die hard rather they hardly die. A lot of us want to go on dieting but we know that it won’t last even a month. But one thing is here to stay, our curiosity to travel, to explore, to see everything out there. Our wanderlust is here to stay.

So, we have made these resolutions which are not only achievable but they’re a joy to keep. Take your pick and make 2017 your best year of travel yet.

  1. Pack light:travel-light

Stop stuffing that big bottle of shampoo into your bag. Which one do you want to be? The one sporting a sweaty back patch and a face riddled with regret. The ‘I’ll manage’ attitude will vapourise into thin air as you drag your luggage up a broken escalator, straining your bicep and stubbing a toe in the process. Worth it? Not so much. Downsize your backpack, Prioritise the most useful things and enlist the help of an experienced traveller.

  1. Take better pictures:take-better-pics

Imagine returning home and showing hastily clicked pics to your friends and family? They aren’t good enough to be worthy of sharing on social media either. Invest a little time and effort, because your pics are your memories, they should be anything but shabby. Read about how to take better pics on smartphones, or enlist in a photography course or better, ask someone who knows how to take better pics for some tips.

  1. Stop putting it off:stop-putting-off

What is stopping you from travelling? Funds, family, or fear? You have one life on this planet, stop making excuses and start making plans. No cash? Then start saving. Worried about your work/boss? Then take a trip that you can boast on your resume.  Don’t know where to go? Ask fellow travellers, check travelling websites.

  1. Learn to unplug:learn-to-unplug

Are you the type who craves constant connection? The impulse to reach for your smartphone and check your social media is hard to resist. But travelling is the perfect antidote. Disable Social Media notifications, delete email apps, rediscover the joy of writing postcards, keep a travel journal and take a walk without Google Maps and see where you end up and what you discover.

  1. Travel responsibly:travel-responsibly

Be a responsible traveller. Know how much your travel choices can impact our planet. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to go green. No plastic bottles, take public transport where possible, reduce your carbon footprints, choose ethical tour operators. Every little thing helps.

  1. Use your time off wisely:use-your-time-of-wisey

Paid leaves are precious. Why choose the marathon family events and closer to home happenings? Escape them if they aren’t that important. They drain your energy. The worst thing is returning to work without seeing something new or experiencing something life changing. You earned your day off, take them and make them count. Plan early and capitalise on national holidays.

  1. Engage with the locals:use-your-time-off-wisely

Dream: Gaining a true insight of a local culture.

Reality: Befriending fellow travellers on Facebook and returning home with a Chinese manufactured souvenir.

Brush up on the local language. A ‘hello’, a ‘please’ or a ‘Thank You’ can take you to places that you would never imagine. Thanks to the sharing economy, it is easier to find homestays, local guides and learn how to make local food.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone:comfort-zone

Travel is a simple yet effective way to shake up your status quo – but even seasoned adventurers can get stuck in a rut. Too shy to go alone? Dare to go alone or join a group tour. You plan a lot? Tear that up and see where it lands you. Say yes often.

  1. Explore your own backyard:explore-your-own-backyard

Seduced by the lure of faraway places, we often lose sights of the gems right under our nose. Buy a travel book and find out what is in your backyard. See your own country from through the visitor’s eye. Try a new place and best, blog about it so that others know.

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