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travel tips Dubai
December 18, 2017 Travel
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Tips For Avoiding Extra Costs & Tourist Traps When in Dubai

travel tips Dubai


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Here is the Travel Tips Dubai Blog post: Everything you need to know to avoid extra costs and tourist traps when in Dubai

Dubai—Middle-East’s answer to New York. It’s massive, flamboyant and designed to impress. The streets are big and super crazy, filled with expensive cars. The buildings are just rising and rising. It’s like “a $1000 bottle of champagne when a cheap sparkling would do”.  Dubai is supposed to be a city of culture because of its history and traditions but it is just one giant modern city filled with neon lights that sparkle like a midsummer dream. Dubai is big and expensive or it appears to be that. The reality is different. So here are the travel tips Dubai that should help you when you are visiting this flamboyant city…

Travel Tips Dubai: Avoiding Dubai Tourist Traps

Dubai was just a barren desert some 20 years ago filled with camels and sand. Today it is a destination for excitement and luxury. Sand has been replaced with wide roads that shame all the magnificent cities of the world. And instead of camels, you will see Lamborghinis and Ferraris. However, there are some major tourist traps you can and should avoid. Here are a few tips to skipping them and enjoying yourself.

Camera- Bring a small one

Every tourist/ traveler carries a camera with them when they visit a new city. But if you brought one with yourself, you may not be able to use it. There are plenty of tourists places that will ask you to stop taking pictures or filming and these places could be anything from a big Dubai shopping mall to an aquarium. Always bring a small camera that isn’t fancy but can take pictures. You won’t get caught and will capture all your favorite memories.

Avoid the Overpriced Burj Khalifa Tower Photos

Don’t be tempted to go for a souvenir photo when you are at the Burj Khalifa Tower. You have the option to take a picture which is straight out of the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movie but be prepared to pay an exorbitant price. They are overpriced, so better skip them unless you have a bagful of Dirhams or own a herd of camels.

The Taxi

Hire a cab that has a meter. And as soon as you are in, ask the driver to start the meter. If the meter is not visible, ask if they have one. If there is a refusal, get out and hire a metered car. Drivers in Dubai tend to overcharge unless you go by meter.


Money Saving Tips for Budget Travel to Dubai- A Travelogue by Arushi Agrawal

Say No To Zoos

People in Dubai keep Lions and Tigers as pets because it is a status symbol. But these wild animals live in extremely poor conditions and are not taken care of properly.  So if you visit any Zoo, you are supporting the treatment of these animals indirectly. If you still want to go to one to see a lion or tiger, visit a reputable Zoo. Check with your hotel and they will have the information on the best ones. Especially ones where animals are treated the right way.


If you are a freelancer or your work is dependent on the world wide web, then you are in for a little worry. Dubai has a policy wherein a lot of websites are blocked like if it has any adult content or alcohol-related content. So before you arrive in Dubai, install a good IP address blocker if you need to access these websites. This can prevent outside websites from seeing your computer’s origin. You can also use services that give you a different IP address, which makes it possible to access the websites you need.

Stop looking at the skyscrapers

Pavements in Dubai are sketchy at best, and non-existent at worst. Keep your eyes on the ground, or take a taxi like the locals do – and gawp to your heart’s delight.

5 Best Ways To Celebrate New Year Eve In Dubai

Taxis are cheap

The Metro is cheaper, but most of the stations are in inconvenient locations. Take a taxi instead – and tip your driver.


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