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April 23, 2019 Travel
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Top Budget-friendly Places to Travel this year


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Summers are here and they are too sunny already, isn’t it? Well, planning for a trip might help. As soon as the season changes the hippie heart inside us starts hopping quite actively. After all, who doesn’t like to travel and experience leisure at its best?

Travelling is an experience every heart needs to take for at least once in a year. That too, not just domestically but internationally too, wandering internationally can be more fun, exciting and can open the gates to another world with an introduction to a new set of people, culture, lifestyle and what not!?

However, with the plan of travelling out amazingly, the responsibility of expanding your budget limits comes along. Travelling internationally includes many pre-requisites and all that happens at the cost of hefty expense. Thus, finding out places that cost you almost nothing surely rings a bell. After all, savings don’t harm! isn’t it?

Here’s a list of top ten budget-friendly destinations for you to explore where savings and leisure go hand in hand.


Exchange Rate Best time to visit
1GBP=864.78 Chilean Peso March to May

The first destination to top our charts is CHILE in South America. Known as the mountainside metropolis, Chile can be defined as the nature running free where the soaring peaks meet the rushing river. San Tiago, the capital city of Chile is best to visit during this time. Besides being an economically cheap destination to visit, the experience it offers to you is immeasurable. Exploring Chile is easy if you don’t rush it. Its rich culture, food, hospitality, wine culture is nothing but remarkable. Exploring Chile is like the best of Europe all in one South American country.

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Best Currency to use Best time to visit
Euro May to June

Experience this enchanting seaside city exuberating a boundless culture, with fabled architecture that has the world-class drinking and dining scenes. April is the month of most rainfall early summer and fall are the ideal time to visit, especially May to June to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Despite being one of the most popular cities Barcelona’s prices are surprisingly low. For instance, a three-course mid-price meal at a restaurant may cost you: 40.00€ while a transport ticket may cost you 2.10€, and a stay at a low priced three-star hotel will cost you 60.00€.

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Exchange Rate Best time to visit
1AUD= 16.698 Vietnamese Dong March to May

From being on every traveler’s list to the cheapest yet exotic destination, Vietnam has many more adjectives to its credits, than one can ever think of. Traveling to Vietnam is a sensory overload, a country known for its rich history and culture along with a culinary superpower every traveler wishes to explore. Apart from all this Vietnam is shockingly still cheap to explore. For instance, the best meal of your life will cost you only cost $2. Besides, you can also get cheaper flight rates with your Australian Dollar whence, 1AUD= 16.698 Vietnamese Dong.

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And in case, if you are looking for almost one region with different locations to cover, then South Caucasus is your thing. The region starts from the border of Eastern Europe to Western Asia by covering these three magnificent yet budget-friendly destinations:


Best Currency to use Best time to visit
USD May, June

Georgia is a colorful adventure with its green valleys, vineyards, its old churches. Considered to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Georgia is a marvelous canvas for people who by virtue are walkers, horse riders, rafters and travelers of every kind. Known as the most hospitable and warm citizens, it gives you a friendly experience making it homely as home. Claiming itself to be the birthplace of wine, Georgia is a place where guests are considered blessings and hospitality is the essence of life. Talking about expenses, Georgia is super cheap; surely, you’ll be surprised to find dorms starting at 5 USD to 15 USD a night budget room. Imagine?


Exchange Rate Best time to visit
1USD = 484.06 Dram May- June

Considered to be one of the poorest countries due to its intricate past that is covered with stories of tragedy, Armenia is more than that. From its hazy sunsets to crimson sunrise, Armenia is a country that can be fit for the lovers of rich culture, be ready to be awed by its monuments and get amazed by the landscapes while getting a charm of it’s down to earth local hospitality. Traveling with USD is the best to use here, as 1USD is equal to 484.06 Dram, giving you an upper hand to have the best of best during your journey.


Best Currency to use Best time to visit
Azerbaijani Manats March to May

To felicitate it with a few, Azerbaijan is nothing less of a compliment on the face of the earth. Having known for its thriving cosmopolitan cities, beautiful landscapes and triumphant architecture, Azerbaijan is more than what a traveler can dream of. As a country with a mixed influence of different regions such as Turkish, Russian and others, traveling to Azerbaijan is food for thought. The best time to experience this destination is from April to June. According to expenses, the country offers you one of the most economical stays with its innumerable options, for instance, Backpacker hostels – 7 to 15AZN, Local eateries (a meal) – 2 to 5AZN, Bus Rides in the country – 6AZN. Best currency exchange is with Euros; however, you need to buy the Azerbaijani Manats once you’ve reached there.


Best Currency to use Best time to visit
USD March to May

As soon as the word gets out, the run begins. That’s the case with the Maldives where you are offered about a network of inexpensive places to stay on the islands. The Maldives is the best option any budget-friendly traveler would choose anytime. With costs of typically around US$90 per night with meals, diving, and other activities, Maldives is the best that anyone can get. Known for its very own popular islands for independent travelers that include Maafushi, Rasdhoo, Thoddoo, and Dhigurah rolling here is a sheer example of Chic-Leisure.

Last but not least, the next destination in our list is a tourist spot that has earned its place in our travel list because of its innumerable qualities and beautiful landscapes.


Bes Currency to use Best time to visit
USD, EURO March to May

Synonymous with adjectives like Beautiful, defiant and intense, Argentina successfully places itself amongst one of the most seducing travel options.  Known for its street-side tango, wafting grills, soccer, and the mighty Andes, it won’t be wrong to call it a formidable cocktail of wanderlust. Due to the rising number of travelers the country’s efforts to encourage visitors with some significant savings is a sigh of relief. If you’re an overseas visitor who pays for their lodging with an international credit card will receive a refund on the 21% rate of Value Added Tax, plus there are savings on visa fees for certain nationalities. Besides, the crackling nightlife of Argentina is a bonus for you.

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