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Tips to Travel europe
December 15, 2017 Travel
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Tips To Travel Europe On a Student Budget

Tips to Travel europe


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Tips To Travel Europe on a Student Budget

When you are a student, it is the most memorable time of your life. Being a student is not all about studies but meeting people, expanding your cultural horizon, creating new memories and traveling around to explore the world.  Although, it is important that you give enough time to your studies. But your first priority is to graduate from the university and learn as much as you can. But some things can’t be learned in classrooms or in a library. Most students especially in developed countries like the US or Europe take a gap year and travel the world. Like Malia Obama did this year. Traveling teaches you more about life than anything else will. Yes, there will always remain the question mark of whether you can afford it? You will be surprised to know what you can do and how much can travel on a budget. So stop spending money on the new iPhone and buy a ticket and head out to Europe- the ancient centre of culture, tradition, architecture, languages and above all, breathtaking natural beauty.

Here are the tips to travel Europe on a budget:

—Always plan ahead and make a budget. Don’t try to do everything in one go. Give importance to things like first aid kit. Create a first aid kit that fits your needs. If you have any allergies, then carry the medicine related to that allergy. Add a small pocket knife to your first aid kit.

—Travel by trains as train passes are cheaper than taking a flight.

—Don’t take luggage carriers or suitcases. Always take a backpack.

—Explore the city on foot.

—Eat fast food as it is cheaper. It will save you money. You will burn all these extra calories when you travel on foot to explore the city.

Europe is the best place to do a solo travel

—Always carry money in a forex card which is the best option. Don’t carry large amounts of money with you as you will be susceptible to mugging.

—There are plenty of mountain tops with great views in major cities of Europe. Buy a sandwich and climb the top of the mountain and have a nice meal while enjoying the view.

—Shop at the local outdoor markets. You will get some great deals. Also, check with a local about tipping code and ethics so that when you tip at a bar or a restaurant, you don’t go overboard.

Tips to Travel Europe

—While travelling in Europe, check whether there is an opportunity to earn some money. Like working on a farm or in a Vineyard. You can also try bartending. Make some extra cash as this will help you to prolong your journey and have enough money just in case. Also, a lot of bars offer food to its employees. So FREE FOOD.

—Try to eat as much fruit and salads as you can. They are healthy and inexpensive. And stay in a hostel, they are cheap. And you meet amazing people from diverse backgrounds. You also meet experienced travellers. Pick their brains for few tips and tricks for travelling cheap.

—If you want to explore a city or country like a local would try to explore it on foot. It is budget friendly and enriching. PS buy a good pair of shoes, preferably sneakers, that will last you for some time. They are comforting.

—Travel on buses and local trams rather than taxis. Not only will you save money but you get a chance to interact with locals. You may learn about a few amazing places that not many people visit or even find great deals on accommodation and food.  When it comes to food, try to cook for yourself. Ask any experienced traveller and he will tell you the same thing.

Learn some packing tips

—Use WhatsApp/Skype/Facetime to talk to people whether your folks at home or any other friends. It will save you a lot of money. And always check what free things are available like free museum or park tours. Local people or even your hostel will have all this information.

—USE YOUR STUDENT ID CARD. You would be surprised to know how handy your student ID card can be. Almost all hostels, pubs and restaurants in Europe offer student discounts. Make use of them.

—You know what else saves money and is a great way to meet people and make friends—Couchsurfing. If you haven’t couch surfed yet, do it. Learn the art of haggling. You will be surprised to see how much you can save if you know how to haggle. And be organised because it saves money and time.

—Use exchange rates to your advantage. Know where to exchange to get the best value for your money. Buy a forex card from BookMyForex because not only do you get great rates but it comes with free travel insurance.

—Last but most important tip: Just go. Every penny spent today can be earned tomorrow. College years are for the living!

Just Travel…

Travelling the world as a college student is important for so many reasons. With our world becoming more and more connected, it is not unreasonable to have friends from all over the planet who speak several different languages. As a student, your responsibilities are fairly minimal; aside from classes and internships, you have numerous school breaks which allow you time to blow off some steam. Why not use that time to travel the world, cross off a few bucket-listers, take some pictures and make stories from wild adventures? So get out there and make it happen!


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