cheapest destinations
January 16, 2018
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7 Countries Where Indians Feel Rich!

cheapest destinations


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7 Cheapest Destinations Where Indians Feel Rich

Indians are travelling abroad in huge numbers and the number is increasing steadily. Call it the love for travelling or the emergence of many low-budget, economical tourists hubs which are commonly referred in India as “cheapest destinations for Indians”.  Even though the value of Rupee is still on the lower side but that is not stopping Indians from travel. There are so many cheapest destinations in this world that Indians can afford. Some of these cheapest destinations won’t cost you more than ₹50,000. Here we have a list of 7 Cheapest Destinations that will make you feel rich because of the value of Indian Rupee.

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7 Cheapest Destinations from Indian that Will Make You Feel Rich:

7: Algeria

Cheapest Destinations

Algeria is a North Africa country known for its history, its grand ruins and peach-coloured sand dunes. It is very close to Europe and a lot of Europeans crossover for a vacation in this Saharan region.

For Indians, the value of Rupee is very good. For every Rupee that you exchange, you get 1.63 Dinars. Food & Accommodation is very cheap and a 10-day trip will cost you less than ₹50,000

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6: Vietnam

Cheapest Destinations

Vietnam is the fantasy land for many people in the west. The culture, the beaches, the language, people and the food is what makes Vietnam one of the most popular place for travellers especially people who want a budget-friendly destination.

Indians would be surprised at the value of Rupee in Vietnam. Exchanging 1 rupee in Vietnam will get you 334 Vietnamese Dongs. If this figure does not tempt you to visit Vietnam, what else will?

Cost of Trip for 1 person: ₹25000

5: Indonesia

Cheapest Destinations

Very popular and very exotic tourist destination. Indonesia is a land of scintillating beaches and gorgeous countryside landscape. And on top it all it is very cheap. Your whole trip for 10 days wouldn’t cost you more than ₹50,000

The value of Rupee is very high. You get 197 Rupiah for one Rupee. So go over and discover not only Indonesia but your richness.

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4: Paraguay

Cheapest Destinations

You may have heard of their football team. Like Cricket is to South Asia, Football is to South America. But Paraguay is not just famous for its football prowess, it is also for its waterways, countryside landscape, cultural history and the majestic mountains. Language may be an issue as not many speak English here but travelling needs no language only a will to be immersed in the beauty of the place you are in.

1 Indian rupee is equal to 83 Guarani-the currency of Paraguay. Barring the flight costs, a day trip for 2 would cost you around ₹50,000.

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3: Cambodia

Cheapest Destinations

Cambodia is like Vietnam. The collision of the modern and ancient world. This charming yet confounding kingdom leaves visitors in a spell. Go and visit this ancient empire and discover its past in its ruins and enjoy the adventure.

For Indians, this is definitely one of the cheapest destinations. Exchanging 1 rupee in Cambodia will get you 62 Riels. That is very rich, isn’t it?

2: Mongolia

Cheapest Destinations

Lonely Planet defines Mongolia as “Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can experience the nomadic culture and vast, untouched landscapes.”

Made famous by the world-conquering Mongols, the ruggedness will remind you of Ladakh or Morocco but its culture is vibrant, its landscape untouched, its beauty untouched and its culture is steeped into its past. One of the gorgeous places on earth but not thronged with tourists.

One Indian rupee is worth 34 Tugriks. Indian, go and discover Mongolia and feel rich.

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Costa Rica

Cheapest Destinations

Costa Rica is abundant with serene waterways and beaches. There is a popular saying among the tourist and traveller fraternity that if there is an ideal destination in the world, it is Costa Rica. A biodiverse country that has managed to build up a sustainable tourism. Costa Rica is famous for its adventure tourism like Surfing, Rainforest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails. Your 10 day trip to Costa Rica won’t cost more than 50,000 Indian rupees.

You get 8 Collons for 1 Rupee in Costa Rica. So go, visit Costa Rica and Feel rich!!!



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