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March 2, 2017 Study Abroad
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5 Tips For the Students Who Have a Serious Wanderlust!



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High School is over and you’re on the threshold of the University/College education. But you’ve caught the travel bug and you’re itching to start exploring the world beyond the contours of your hometown. You are eager to see all the hidden gems and wonders of the world. But your parents and your school teachers don’t agree with that. You’re going to have to give up on your dreams of going to University/College, right? That is the question everyone seems to ask you.

The good news is, they’re totally wrong.

Quite a significant number of reputable universities are offering distance learning courses, which you can study for a degree from anywhere you choose. Not only that, a lot of Universities around the globe are happy to let their students take a gap year because research/studies have suggested it helps a young person evolve and understand things around him, better. They return a changed person. A gap year will be your first step to become a global citizen, teach you marketable skills, and enhance your employment prospects.

The bad news is, it won’t be easy.

Whilst traveling, you’ll face a whole load of extra distractions and logistical nightmares most students will never have to deal with.

So, to help you balance it all, We’re sharing five top tips for staying motivated and organised over the next few years. Take a look.

1: Pick the right course

A University degree is a major commitment. You’re going to have to spend the next three or four years working on it, so make sure you’re picking the right one for the right reasons. Always go for a subject that you are not only good at but you’re passionate about it because pulling away yourself from a trekking trip or from the beach to study won’t feel like a sacrifice.

2: Invest in some essential technology

Your laptop will be your biggest lifeline during your travels, letting you log into your Virtual Learning Environment, plan trips, and stay in touch with friends and family. Go for a lightweight and small one, so it fits snugly in your backpack. And don’t forget to pack plenty of universal adapters – otherwise even the most hi-tech laptop that money can buy will be completely useless.

3: Be organised

As soon as you’re sent deadlines, online tutorial times, and important course dates, schedule them into your calendar. Try to identify your busiest times and plan your flights, train, buses, and big sightseeing activities around them. If you tend to be a tad forgetful, then download an app and create reminders and a massive to-do list filled with all the ongoing tasks you’ve got to keep track of.

4: Set up your own reward scheme

Been invited to a barbeque at the beach? Sure, but only after you’ve got a thorough essay plan in place. Desperate to go back to that amazing sushi restaurant? Force yourself to finish another chapter of your assigned reading first. Keep setting yourself small goals and rewards, and a busy workload will suddenly feel much more manageable.

5: Look after yourself

Last but not least, look after yourself. Take breaks, have fun, and get plenty of sleep so that you don’t end up stressed or overwhelmed. Yes, you’ve got deadlines, but you’re also lucky enough to be travelling the world, so try to enjoy yourself as much as possible.


Do you have any other top tips for studying whilst travelling? Leave a comment and let us know.



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